The Fisher Brothers

3 Stand-Alone Romance Stories. Each book is named after a popular drink at their bar. Have you met the boys yet?  

Please note that these books do NOT have to be read in order, although it is recommended for maximum enjoyment.  :)

No Bad Days- Nick's story
Guy Hater- Fank's story
Adios Pantalones- Ryan's story 


"What new adult was always meant to be. Sterling goes back to her roots for this one."

"If you loved The Perfect Game, you will devour No Bad Days! It shouldn't be missed!"

I'm the hottest guy at State. It's not cocky when it's the truth. Girls want to date me. Guys want to be me. Cliche, I know, but welcome to my life. 

There's more to me than what they all see though. Isn't that usually the case? No one knows the reality of my life. They think they do, but they have no idea. I hide it well. I have to or it will break me. 

Jess Michaelson is gorgeous, ambitious and totally wants me. She doesn't hide it well. Honestly, I'm not sure she even tries. Jess thinks I'll give up pursuing her... but I won't. She thinks this is just some game I'm playing at... but it's not. 

Jess belongs with me and I'm going to make sure she knows it. 


"A must read. 5+ stars! One of my all time favorite stories." 

I might be the quiet one, but I hear everything. The women who come into my bar aren't at all silent about their wants or desires. And I'm one of them. They call me "sexy, alluring and mysterious." They want to be "spanked by Frank." Hell, there's even a hashtag. But none of that matters until she walks through my doors.

My body reacts.
My whole world shifts.

I want her, but I can't have her. And if she finds out the truth about me, I'll lose my shot forever. That's not a chance I'm willing to take. I just hope I'm strong enough to do what needs to be done before it's too late. 


Adios Pantalones is a Stand-Alone Contemporary Romance coming March 7th, 2018! 

I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm done with one night stands and women who mean nothing to me. My dating for the sake of dating days are over. My brothers make fun of me for it, calling me "Princess" and "Cinderella" every chance they get, but I couldn't care less. I know what I want and I refuse to settle. 
I'm ready to find "the one." 
You know exactly what i'm talking about.

I think I've met her, but she can't stand me. I want to get to know her better, but she keeps pushing me away. I just need one chance to show her that I'm not the guy she thinks I am, but she won't let me get anywhere near her. Too bad I won't give up that easily.

Sofia thinks she can keep me away from her, but she's never been more wrong