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Love Baseball Romances?

With the baseball playoffs here again (Go Dodgers!), Amazon has put both The Perfect Game and The Game Changer on sale for only $1.99 each!  That is a HUGE markdown from their regular price-  one that I have zero control over.

So if you've been waiting to meet Jack F'n Carter-  get on the train now! There's no better time than a huge amazon sale to do so!  <3

I promise- you're gonna love him. But you're definitely gonna hate him first. Sorry about that, but ... life.

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Happy Ending is LIVE!

It's here!  The 4th and final story in the Fisher Brothers books has arrived!  You are going to LOVE going beyond the pages of the boys original happily ever after's and see what happens next. There's so much more love to be had... and drama... I mean, what do you expect? lol :)  


What readers are saying:
"It's so much more than I expected but exactly what my heart needed!"

"5+ stars for this final Fisher brothers story. The smile still hasn't left my face."

"It was so much fun and had the perfect amount of everything in it. I want to read it again!"

Grab your copy of Happy Ending Now:

*** I've been getting a lot of emails asking why Happy Ending isn't in Kindle Unlimited. The other 3 books are on their way out of it, so I couldn't put Happy Ending in. All 4 books will no longer be available in KU soon and will be making their way to other retailers for the first time ever. That means that Nook, Ibooks and Kobo readers will soon be able to meet the boys. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. *** 

The Boy is off to college

*insert long sigh here*

The boy moved out this past weekend. He's playing baseball at a Division-1 school in California and I couldn't be more proud. You all have no idea how hard he's worked toward this goal- not only his whole life, but especially this past summer. It's way too much to get in to, but just know that he made this happen for himself. He worked his ass off to make sure he qualified to play this upcoming season. He's a rockstar. :)

And now he's gone.

And my house feels so big.
And quiet.
And clean.
And empty.

Everyone wants to know how I'm doing. I had a countdown going over on my Instagram page until he moved out where I posted throwback pictures of him each day. It was fun! But I think it gave people the impression that I was a hot mess just waiting to happen. lol I get it. Blake's my only child. And he's the only person I've lived with the past 20 years... and now he's gone.

I'm going to be straight up because I've gotten a lot of emails from other mom's asking how I am, and they're worried they won't be able to get through this when the time comes for them. It's a weird thing realizing that he's moved out..... it's a different sort of feeling than knowing he's just going to be gone for a week, or visiting someone, or on vacation or something. I can feel it in my guts that he doesn't live here anymore. There's a small hole inside my stomach now that's filled with sadness. I can FEEL it if I think about it for too long.

And that's weird.

I think the worst part is the worry. It's shifted now. Where I used to not be able to fall asleep until I heard him walk through the front door (so I knew he was home and alive), now I worry if he's making good decisions, not putting himself in bad situations and staying safe. It's hard not knowing what he's doing, if he's okay or if he's happy. I think that will fade with time but it's the most prominent feeling that I have right now. (That and my hole of sadness 😂)

But there are other emotions too... there's hope and excitement!! For both Blake and for myself. :) I'm so excited for him to start this chapter of his life. I know how much my college years meant to me.. how life changing they were... how amazing that time was, so I hope it's the same for him.

And while I'll miss him not being here and getting to see him in person everyday, I know it's for the best-  for him and for me. We both have so much to look forward too and honestly? I can't wait to get started on my part!  <3

HAPPY ENDING is coming in fall!

That's right!  The last Fisher brothers book will be released on September 10th!  That's a little over a month away!! I'm so excited for you all to read this fun novella and I hope it gives you all the things you've been emailing me and asking me for.  :)

Here's the cover!  Yep, that's Ryan again- which means the story is from his (and Sofia's) point of view. It's really fun. You're going to love it!

All the links to purchase can be found below. It's up for pre-order on all major retailers and as soon as the rest of the books are OUT of kindle unlimited, they're coming along too. Which means that you Nook'ers, iBook'ers and Kobo'ers won't be out of luck for much longer.  :)  Thank you for being so patient. 

Bring on SEPTEMBER 10th!