2011 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

my new years wish for YOU! :)

i love new years eve!! it is one of my most favorite days of the year! i associate it with new beginnings, the pursuit of dreams and realizations and goals fulfilled... and of course, my most favorite... MAGIC!

new years eve to me is magical. it's an evening filled with wonder. and hope. when our eyes and hearts seem more open than usual to the possibilities of what's to come... what will the upcoming year hold for us?

my wish for everyone in this 2-0-1-2 is...

that we are all blessed enough to follow our hearts. to feel as though we are doing what we are meant to.

that when we hear our soul's call, urging us to do that certain something that seems impossible, THAT WE AT LEAST TRY TO DO IT!

i hope that we all have the doors to our hearts open wide. and when those doors open, we feel things in ways we've never felt before. we see things through clearer eyes. we feel things through a fuller heart.

i hope that 2012 shifts our perspective. i hope we all start seeing our world differently. through heart shaped glasses instead of dollar signs. i hope we see riches defined less with the amount of money in our pockets, and more with the amount of love we are giving and receiving. sure, love doesn't pay the bills at night- but money doesn't warm your soul.

i hope that we are all blessed enough to realize what it was that we were put on this earth, in this lifetime, to do- and that just the realization alone brings us more internal peace than we've ever known before.

i'm really not sure that i can say it better than Oprah did on her finale. it held as much meaning for me then, as it does now. i hope when you read this, you find yourself shaking your head YES in agreement. i hope it speaks to you, the way it spoke to me.

"What I knew for sure from this experience with you is that we are all called.

Everybody has a calling, and your real job in life is to figure out what that is and get about the business of doing it.

Every time we have seen a person on this stage who is a success in their life, they spoke of the job, and they spoke of the juice that they receive from doing what they knew they were meant to be doing. We saw it in the volunteers who rocked abandoned babies in Atlanta. We saw it with those lovely pie ladies from Cape Cod making those delicious potpies. ... We saw it every time Tina Turner, Celine, Bocelli or Lady Gaga lit up the stage with their passion.

Because that is what a calling is.

It lights you up and it lets you know that you are exactly where you're supposed to be, doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing.

And that is what I want for all of you and hope that you will take from this show.

To live from the heart of yourself.

You have to make a living; I understand that.

But you also have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world."

Happy 2012 everyone! let this be the year that we each go out and find what illuminates us, and light up the world with our inner glow!

my next release...

when i first started writing my debut novel, "In Dreams," i never intended for it to have friends. what i mean is, i never realized that it would be a series. but once i finished the first draft- i knew i wanted to write more.

i was in love with my characters and they were NOT DONE with me telling their story. i mean seriously, between cooper, austen, katherine and taylor- it's a wonder i get anything done other than think about them. lol

it became obvious to me what i had to do.

write a book about them that took place in the past. because the past is so often referenced in this first book, it made the most sense. and it felt right to me. i often do things based on my feelings and my gut instincts.

at least i try.

so i am writing this second story. i promise you i am.

it just has not been getting the attention it deserves.

and in all honesty, for whatever reason, i had always intended to release a completely seperate book next (chance encounters). and that book is done and is currently being edited.

but it doesn't seem right to release that book next.

it doesn't FEEL right.

i think the right thing to do is to finish writing the follow up to In Dreams (currently titled Before the Dreams), and release that next.

I will release Chance Encounters, i'm just not sure when. there are still some things about it that i'm not happy with- so... i don't want to release something that i don't feel great about. you know?

i don't want to release anything just for the sake of releasing ...SOMETHING. i want to be proud of what i put out there for y'all to read. something is missing with this story. or lacking. or maybe it's just that everything about that story feels different to me- written with my head instead of my heart.

i don't know.

but i really want to put out Before the Dreams next! so i will be working hard on that story, so i can finish it and get it to my editor! i will tell you- this story is breaking my damn heart.

you're welcome. lol

xoxoxo happy holidays everyone!

In Dreams is Featured!

hi y'all! tomorrow is DAY SIX of the Indie Book Blowout...

on 12/17... IN DREAMS will be one of the featured titles of the day!

you still have until 12/24 to pick up your e-book version of In Dreams for only .99 cents.

and per usual, THANK YOU so much for your support.

it's funny, i was talking about support today on my other blog. and how surprising it's been to see WHO has supported me in my book writing and who hasn't. it's been shocking, sad, awesome, happy... all kinds of emotions.

people i expected to support me, haven't.

and people i didn't even think of (like high school friends) have blown me away by their love, support and encouragement.

there's so much that goes into writing and publishing a book. especially if you're an indie / self- published writer like i am. i mean, obviously i have to write my book. and getting a complete first draft takes me a few months. but that first draft is exactly that- just a draft. it changes SO much in between that first draft and what i actually publish. okay, maybe not THAT much- i mean, the story doesn't change, but things get added too- developed more- hopefully it gets better. that's the goal. might not happen. lol

but writing is just the first step because then i have to design and photograph my cover. and format the book for paperback. and format it for kindle. and format it for smashwords. and i know that all sounds stupid, but dammit- it's time consuming! but you already know this because i've talked about it a million times, so i'll shut up now. lol

anyway... it's friday! i have a photoshoot this weekend. two actually. :) and i just found out we're going to steamboat springs this summer for a baseball tournament. FUN! right? anyone there from SS, colorado? lol

have a great weekend everyone!

being an indie author

means i call myself things like an "indie" author... or that i "self pubbed" ... basically, without asking for it, i'm now part of a club. a group. because i self published, i'm a part of indie authors who also did the same thing.

the thing is- the shift is happening. no longer does self publishing = shitty books. there are some damn good self published books out there. some really great writers who couldn't, or didn't, get representation from an agency, or a publishing house.

it's cool though- because most of the indie authors i've come across? are truly nice people. they are helpful. and inspiring. and encouraging.

we ALL want one another to succeed. because the more indie authors who break the "norm" and succeed, the more regular readers stop to take notice of what's out there.

because honestly, that's the hardest part for me about self publishing.

no one helps you market your books. no one gets a million people to hear about your book and then insists that they buy it. i spend days upon days online doing social marketing for myself and my book(s). i mean that i have to set aside full and complete days when i will do NOTHING else (no writing, no designing, no notes) except comment on blogs, ask people to read and review my book, post on goodreads, facebook, twitter.

it's a lot of work. and i know it may not sound like it to you, but i guess it's just time consuming. and it sucks when you don't seem to get ANYTHING out of it. it sucks when you spend a shitload of time marketing your book, but you get zero book sales out of it.

anyway... the new elite group that i'm a part of (indie authors, remember)... we're having an INDIE AUTHOR BLOWOUT!


hundreds of e-books, all genres, all for only .99 cents!!!!!


i don't even have a freaking e-reader, but i'm going to download some of the books because there are some fantastic sounding books on this list! (i think i can read them on my phone, or computer, maybe??)

my book, IN DREAMS, will be featured on DAY SIX of the blowout!

anyway, it's a great way to discover new independent authors and maybe find some great stories! you can also enter to win a kindle! pretty cool eh?

help spread the word... or shout it out on twitter?

you guys are the only help we have. so THANK YOU.

if you buy from indie authors... thank you for the support.


xoxo j

links to other blogs/authors in the #indiebookblowout


tweet. tweet.

i keep forgetting to ask y'all if you are on twitter! so... are you?

of course you are!

well follow me, so i can follow you back and we can TWEEEEEEET about things like cupcakes, puppies and the vampire diaries! eeek! :)



12 days of christmas- indie authors!

hey everyone! it looks like the 12 days of christmas E-Book EXTRAVAGANZA is set to start in the next week or so!

there are hundreds of e-books of all genres for only .99 cents!

woo hoo! i am participating and my book will be featured on day 6!

links to the blow out soon!!!!! :)

please note- these apply to kindle/amazon linked books.... support your indie authors!


what NEW tv shows are you watching?

it's been enough time for us to decide what new tv shows we love! and what ones we think suck! ha!

what are you watching this season that you're loving?

for me, on monday nights, i've completely fallen for hart of dixie! i loved this show from the get go! i've missed rachel bilson and i <3 my girl, jaime king... i think the show is really cute, sweet, with likeable characters. i sort of want to live there. we NEED a show like this- a show that reminds us about community, family, eating good food and tradition. it makes me smile. :)

i also am really liking the secret circle (right after my MOST FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD RIGHT NOW, the vampire diaries on thursday nights) because it's about witches and spells and magic! and did you know i'm writing a witch series? i started thinking that i didn't want to watch this show because the first episode was EERILY similiar to how my book starts, but after watching it more, we're not on the same path. lol so i like it! it's fun, although the opening music terrifies the hell out of me!

revenge on wednesday's is the bomb. even though i find it COMPLETELY predictable at times, i still find it RIDICULOUSLY enjoyable. i think it's unlike any other show i've seen before. i like the premise and i love the outlandish characters. it's entertaining and i'm hooked!

last but not least, i'm in love with once upon a time on sunday nights. i don't know what exactly it is about this show, but i freaking A-D-O-R-E it! i think it is SO creative, clever and puts a twist on every single fairy tale we've ever known or heard of. it's brilliant. i love it. i have no idea how or where it's going to go, but i'm excited to follow!

so yeah! those are my shows!!! what are you watching and loving? i wanna know! :)

ps- i still totally dvr and watch pan am and ringer, but the truth is- they both bore me. i just haven't quit them yet.

.99 cents Holiday Special!

just a quick note to let y'all know that i'll be participating in the 12 days of christmas .99 cent kindle book sale! i'll have more details for you as we get closer, but spread the word! .99 cents for 12 days! hundreds of books!

pretty cool! :)

and congratulations to amanda hocking- who reached the MILLION sales club at amazon- selling over a million copies of her e-books! incredible and well deserved!!!! :)

New Book Teaser!

i spent yesterday working on the follow up book to "In Dreams." it's called "Before the Dreams" and it takes place in the past. we get to see all of the characters we've grown to love in another lifetime- what we experience with them there, gives more clarity to the things that might have left us confused, or uncertain from the first book.

have you ever wondered why some people affect you the moment you meet them? why you have strong feelings of like, or dislike without knowing a single thing about them? how you can feel a pull towards someone in a way you can't explain? obviously i believe in the idea of past lives, reincarnation and the concept that our souls live on and have the ability to recognize people from our past. it just makes sense to me. but i totally understand that for some people, that entire concept seems way too far fetched.

with that in mind... here is a quick excerpt from Before the Dreams. I was a mess yesterday when i wrote this- bawled my freaking eyes out. i feel this story, and these characters, in the pit of my stomach when i write about them. i'm trying so hard to get this story out. to finish it, but it takes a certain frame of mind for me to be able to write for this. it's weird because the other stories take a particular frame of mind as well, but they're not as intense. i don't know, it's hard to explain. clearly i'm a crazy person. :)

anyway... here you go. i hope you enjoy it!

In a day where everything had changed, Katherine longed for something to feel the way it used to. Her eyes scanned her bedroom like a wild animal in search of prey. She could feel herself about to break and fall apart. She imagined tiny pieces of her scattered across the cold wooden floor. There had to be something she could do that wouldn’t feel wrong or out of place. Anything that would remind her less of how much had changed. She was desperate for a piece of normalcy, no matter how small.

Then she saw them. Her stationary sat neatly stacked on her nightstand where she had last left them. Shaking hands grasped at the paper and pen. With tears streaming down her face, her heart aching beyond measure, she slid to the floor beside her bed and began to do the one thing she had done so many times before. The one thing that made her feel like everything was as it used to be. She wrote to him.

i'm not dead

clearly i just play a dead author on this blog!

argh. i've been working at a talent agency the last couple of days and i'm beat! i can't do any writing or reading when i'm working all day long. which is a bummer, cause i really do want to get some writing done. i had a friend reading "chance encounters" and she LOVED it (she claims). ha.. but i'm waiting on notes from her so i can make it better.

i don't know what it is about it, but i feel like SOMETHING is missing. i'm not sure what, but i am racking and racking my brain trying to figure out exactly what it is.

it will come to me.



i just want to make it BETTER! and i feel like it's lacking. maybe because this story came more from my head, whereas "in dreams" clearly came from my soul. does that make any sense?? so it just feels different in general.

moving on. lol

i'm excited for friday. it's 11/11/11!!! ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN! FUN! i don't know about you, but i am totally one of those people who always sees 11:11 on the clock everytime i look at it! ha

okay, i promise to try and write more here! i sort of suck at it, i know.

i will try to suck less! :)

xoxo j

my first author interview & other stuff!

my first author interview is at book baby's blog! it's a new blog, but she's awesome, so go show her some love. plus, she took the time to read & review my book and then still wanted to interview me!


it was fun! i like interviews... clearly, i just like talking about myself. ha.

i've been writing lately. or at least trying too. it sucks when you sit down to write and then it just feels all wrong. forced. that's when i have to turn off the computer and walk away. some days, you just can't write. then i spend the rest of the day feeling guilty for not writing.

wtf? my brain is so annoying.

i spent yesterday at the beach! i love love love the beach. it's one of my most favorite places to be... the ocean, the sound of the waves, the water... <3! i also love to take pictures, so combine those 2 loves and you get pics! of the beach & sea creatures! lol :)

dillon beach sunset



dillon beach

the rocky weirdness that is nor cal beaches

happy halloween everyone!!!!!!! :)

the Fear of writing

you know what's funny? ever since i've written and published my book, SO MANY PEOPLE have come out of the woodwork to tell me that they've always wanted to write a book. they have a story to tell. whether it's non-fiction based, or fiction- they can't let the story go.

so then i ask every one of them the same question... "well why haven't you?"

and you know what's the most interesting part? every.single.one of them has the same type of response, "i'm afraid of rejection." "what if people hate it?" "i'm terrified to put my thoughts out there." "it's scary to be judged."

and they are totally right.

i mean, it IS terrifying.

but the best part for me (or maybe worst part depending on how you look at it), was that those thoughts never even crossed my happy little mind until AFTER i'd already released the book and put it into the universe.

only once i realized that other people were actually reading it, did i want to throw up constantly. that fear of rejection crept in and with each rating, email, text message, review i got- i was terrified that people were going to hate the story i created.

i guess i never realized how truly personal writing a story can be. even when it's completely fictional. it still comes from somewhere inside of you. and "In Dreams" came from somewhere deeply buried within my subconscience. not to mention my heart, soul and what feels like my guts.

so i'll be honest- when people don't like it, it freaking hurts. and while my mind constantly reminds me that i can't please everyone and that of course people are going to hate it and think it sucks- my emotions go through the ringer each time it happens. i'm sure i'll get better at letting that type of criticism go- but it's still hard. and it makes me question what the hell i'm doing sometimes. like what i'm thinking.... writing books- you're an idiot jenn, look, these people hate what you wrote, why would you keep writing?

so i get why people who want to write books are scared to. i understand where the fear comes from. but you have to think- who are you writing for? i mean, i didn't honestly write this book pandering towards one group of readers or another. i didn't really write this book FOR other people. i wrote it for myself. because i wanted to write it. i had a story i had always wanted to tell and i finally had the time to tell it. so if you have a book that has been inside of you for years (like this book has been for me) and it hasn't gone away, you should give it life. even if it's just for you. write it, put it out there, and you never know what might happen. other people might actually L O V E it. and how fantastic would that be? :)

listen, i know i haven't written some amazingly beautiful piece of prose. i've never taken a writing class, i don't know anything about how to realistically write a book the way a professional writer would tell you how. i probably break all the "rules" when it comes to book writing. but if you want to know the truth- i don't want to write exactly like everyone else. i don't want to follow some formula.

all i know is that i write with my heart. i try to tell stories that make people feel something. i write the way i talk. i write stories i'd want to read. i try to create main characters that i'd fall in love with, want to be friends with, or at least not want to throw off a cliff.

i'm over the freaking moon when people enjoy the story i've written. that fills my heart with happiness. sincerely. the same way that my heart breaks a little when people don't like it, or think it's complete crap.

but i'm happy that i didn't really think about those parts before i published the book- because i might not have.

the same way some of you aren't writing or putting your book out there.

but we all have to remember, that no one else can love what we've written if we don't share it with them. no one else can learn from our lessons, meet our characters, or fall in love with the perfect guys we create, if we don't put our books out there. what if every musician, singer, movie maker, writer, tv producer... what if they were all too scared to put their final product out there because of their fear of rejection?

we'd have nothing to watch or listen too.

bottom line of this post- YES, it hurts when people don't like your book. but i can't even tell you what it feels like when people DO like it.

so write. it's worth it.

xoxo J

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The In-Betweens!

so i finished the first draft of "chance encounters" and i don't know.... something is missing. or something doesn't feel right. i really need to think on it a bit and then FIX IT! :)

but in the meantime, i've realized that if a story is about people in their early 20's, then it isn't technically considered "young adult" anymore, right?

so i've decided to create a new category of books! because i truly don't feel that my books are ADULT, adult books. i still feel like they are young adult, they're just older. like twenty- somethings! so i've decided to call the books where the main characters are just out of college, THE IN-BETWEENS. and i've categorized them that way on my BOOKS page.

so we've got the standard young adults books, and the in-betweens! make sense? stupid idea? ah, who cares- i'm trying it out!

xoxo have a great week!

Looking for Bloggers to Review my book!

Okay! so i'm looking for amazon reviewers.. or nook reviewers.. or reviewers on goodreads, facebook, bloggers, etc to read and review my book!

you don't have to be a book blogger- you can be a mom blogger, a non mom blogger, a groupie, a sports nut, a life blogger, a fashionista blogger- i don't care! but i'd love to have normal, everyday people read my book and then talk about it on their blog! :)

if you're interested in getting an E-READER version ONLY at this time (it's just way too expensive for me to continue sending out paperbacks), leave me your email address in the comments section of this blog post and i'll get back to you!

and THANK YOU! :)

xoxoxo jenn

New! Magical! Website!

i feel like my freaking eyes are bleeding. gross, huh?

but it's because i've been staring at this computer non stop for HOURS, designing and redesigning my website! :)

i hope you like the new look! it feels more FUN to me! more filled with magic, and hopes and dreams and fantasy!!! which is what reading books is for, right?

i'm working on new banners for all my book pages- but other than that, the design is done. i hope you like it! :)

social media...

facebook made changes that are not only freaking crappy... they make it really hard to understand. i don't get why places do that? when the interface and everything is perfectly awesome and NO ONE is complaining about it- why do they change the way the entire thing looks, works, etc?

WHY mess with something that isn't broken?! dear facebook headquarters, are you simply bored or what?! all this perfection, you just have to screw with it?!?!?

i mean, i have google+, but that confused me EVEN MORE THAN THE NEW FACEBOOK DOES!!!!

speaking of confusing, why does it feel like i'm the only one who doesn't get goodreads?!? i mean, I LOVE the site- but i feel like i don't really understand how to interact with everyone. the message boards and groups are weird, or hard to find, or i just haven't spent enough time there. i want to be super active there, but everytime i log in- i cry and log out.

okay, i don't really cry.

enough complaining. back to writing. i was working a lot on "before the dreams" but lately i've been all about "chance encounters." i honestly think that will be my next release. it's about following your heart, when your heart breaks. it's a love story through and through. :)

i hope you will love it. xoxo


it's been slow for me lately. i mean, as far as writing goes.

it so sucks sometimes. i mean, i wish i could type as quickly as my brain thought, you know? it would be so much easier to write then! ha! :) it's just such a long process to write even the SIMPLEST action.

i know i want/need something to happen. i can sum that something up in my head in like .2 seconds. but in the writing world- it needs to be developed. that thing can't just "happen" out of nowhere and have it all make sense.

so things take time.

and clearly my writing is one of them.

not to mention the fact that i have FOUR books right now that are in various stages of being written. FOUR!

no wait.

yeah, that's right. FOUR.

and i know i should focus on one at a time, but you try to insisting that your characters WANT to be written on any given day! it just doesn't work like that! i'll sit down with the intention of writing more about cooper, austen and katherine... but then jackson and caroline and clay will YELL AT ME and the next thing i know, i'm writing more of Chance Encounters!

it's chaos in this head of mine!!!

chaos i tell you!

but i'm thankful. i mean, at least i have characters who are begging to be written. at least i have worlds upon worlds of stories in my head just dying to get out! it's way better than having a deserted town where there's no one there but maybe a lone tumbleweed and some horse looking for water.


right. :)

thanks for bearing with me as i learn, develop and grow on this journey! and thanks for reading, loving, sharing and talking about IN DREAMS! i can't do it without you! :)

xoxoxo- j


it's important to me that i take a pause here... to stop self promoting, shamelessly plugging, etc.

i remember like it was yesterday when those towers fell. i remember how it felt to get the news. the rush to turn my tv on. my mind racing to everyone i knew and could possibly know inside those towers.

and then the pentagon.

and then flight 93.

i remember the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and hopefulness all at once. the feeling of unity... the sense of an unspoken bond... floods of words and emotions spoke only through looks and glances on the freeway.

i hate what happened that day. my heart cracked so deep it can never be fully repaired again.

and in all honesty, i don't want it too. it's a reminder. of how fragile we all are. of how it can all end in the blink of an eye.

you want to know what i miss though? i miss the way it felt to be a part of something.
not THAT something, but a part of this country.
there was a feeling here that was indescribable. if you didn't have a flag or a sticker on your car declaring your love for your country, you stood out. it seemed like everyone was feeling the exact same thing.

i miss the feeling where we all seemed to CARE about one another. we stopped our busy, hectic, self important lives, to genuinely ask our neighbors how they were. we valued what truly mattered. we took stock of what was important and how we wanted to live our lives from that day forth.
some of us changed careers.
some of us stopped waiting for that someday, knowing that someday may never come.

it was like a national eye opener... but into our hearts and souls. what made us tick? people mattered. friendships mattered. love mattered. not work. not money. not the same old bullshit.

but like most things, that feeling has faded with time. people have forgotten. or moved on. or put what they felt that day in the past. it's so easy to go back to the same old routine.

and i think that makes me the most sad.

for me... my life changed that day. my way of thinking didn't change- it just got thrust into the forefront of my mind- always lingering.. sometimes shouting at me. and i've never let it go. i can feel how i'm supposed to live my life. i KNOW what truly matters to me. i'm just trying to make my soul and my wallet meet somewhere in the middle. :)

*deep breathe*

i can't believe it's been 10 years. i hope that you're living your life the way you are meant too. and if you're not, i hope you're happy. and loved.

skyline comparison-  pre and post 9/11

Book Signing Tomorrow!

tomorrow is my first meet & greet and local book signing! I'm super excited... and in all honesty, sort of convinced that no one will show up. i should have promised cupcakes, or puppies or something.

wish me luck! :)

In Dreams, Book of the Month for September!

This is exciting news! hell, anything about my book is over the moon exciting to me! :) treasured tales for young adults has chosen In Dreams to be the book of the month for September!

i hope this means that people will buy it and read it and then discuss it?! who knows.. i've never had a book be a part of a book club before. ha!

just wanted to share!

don't forget that while we're getting the word out about my newest (and first, shhh) release, all of the e-book versions are only $2.99!!! i can't really lower the cost of the paperbacks because they cost money to print and ship. so those prices are fairly set. but the e-readers, they can fluctuate as much and as often as i choose. so i'm currently choose "affordable" as my price! i hope that will encourage people to get the book, if they're on the fence.

my meet and greet is coming up quick! this saturday! eeeeeeek. i hope i don't get all sweaty and anxious. i know, i'm so attractive. :)


first (and hopefully not my last) book signing!

i booked my first meet & greet (book signing) yesterday!!!!

i'm really hoping that i can find some other bookstores in specific areas (los angeles, san diego, reno) that i can do the same thing at! i'm going to look into that. right after i finish this blog post. :)

please keep spreading the word about In Dreams. it means the world to me that you all reading it and falling in love with the characters the same way i have. i am working on writing the follow up book to this one (although it takes place in the past- that in itself is a MAJOR spoiler!!!) tell your friends about the book, write a review on amazon if you can, write a blog post about it, post it on your facebook page!!! i know i keep asking you guys to help me out, but without word of mouth, this book will be dead in the water.

simply put- i can't do it alone.

i need you.



so yeah... book signing! september 10th from 1:30-3:30 at Copperfield's books in Petaluma, Ca. omg, what if no one comes? HAHAHAHAH

xoxo j

win a free copy of In Dreams!

candace, over at Candace's Book Blog is having a giveaway for my book, In Dreams! you can enter to win either an e-version of the book, or a signed hard copy! :)

head on over there and enter!!!!! i'm super excited to read the comments over there and see people excited for the premise of the story. thank you Candace!

also, i've just gotten my first review by someone who doesn't know me in real life!! I know that sounds weird, but all the other review (which i freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way) have all been by people who know me. so they read my book and they can hear me saying the dialogue, you know? basically, i totally think they're all biased. lol

this review brought tears to my eyes because it touched me so much (and clearly i'm pathetic). seriously though, to read that she was touched the way i was when i wrote the book- it just means a lot. as a writer, i found how extremely personal the writing experience is. i'm in love with my characters... i love their story... they were born in a very deep part of me, so it's such a personal thing to put it out into the world. the fact that i laughed and i cried when i wrote the book- and that translated in my words to the reader... well, that's all i can hope for really. that i made a stranger FEEL something. so thank you alishia for the beautiful review. here's to many more! not from you alishia, but from other people! lol

have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo j

and a post on why i'm an idiot

I'm sitting here, smacking myself in the head. Okay, not really- because i loathe being hit in the face. More on that some other day. Or not.

I think when I first started this website, I just wanted to be able to give simple updates. Little blurbs about what was going on with the books I'm writing, where to buy them, etc. And so I made the comment section disappear. Because I felt like I could have dialogue with everyone on so many other places (goodreads, twitter, facebook)...

BUT HELLO STUPID. (that's me by the way, not you)

I WANT dialogue here on the blog. I mean, I tell y'all to come read my latest blog posts and then I give you no place to comment on them? No place to ask me questions pertaining to the blog post? No place to yell at me, give me feedback, tell me you want the book, tell me ANYTHING?!?!?!

see? IDIOT.
so now i've remedied that. and you guys, i tried... i really did... but i hate typing blog posts with capital letters. i don't think you have any idea how hard it was for me to write a whole book with proper capitalization. ha it's just not my thing. lower cases... i dig em. so yeah. all my blog posts will be in lower cases letters. unless you guys go nuts and tell me you can't read the blog posts anymore because it drives you absolutely nutballs, or something.

then i'll probably consider writing properly. but i won't like it. lol

omg, i've totally strayed from my original point. which isn't so shocking really cause my brain? let me tell you... it is all over the place. right now it's stuck on scenes of ryan gosling's hot self from the movie "crazy, stupid, love." if you've seen it, you KNOW what i'm talking about. rahr.

i'm meeting with someone at a local bookstore to get copies of "in dreams" on the shelves there. which is super exciting! and we're hopefully setting up a meet & greet as well. which is on one hand, SUPER exciting- and on the other, somewhat terrifying because what if no one shows up? i'll be sitting there all sweaty with anticipation and no one will come. rad.

have i mentioned enough how hard parts of this whole self publishing thing are? i'm really proud of the work i've done. i love my book cover and i honestly can't wait to design my other ones. i'm pretty happy with my website and the way each book has it's own color theme. as much as i love designing my website, it is ridiculously time consuming. and don't get me started on the book formatting for all the different types of books i offer (paperback, kindle, other e-formats). stuff takes forever. and then the hardest part is just waiting for people to buy your book, talk about your book, and spread the word. i mean, i can only talk about my own stuff for so long before my opinion doesn't matter, right? it's all word of mouth. i think for any indie author, we rely on word on mouth to help us get our product out there. i guess the hardest part is feeling like people AREN'T talking about it. i know the book just came out and i didn't expect an overnight sales explosion... it's just that the self publishing world is a hugely saturated market right now. especially for young adults. and don't get me wrong, i love love love that people are writing- and people are buying and reading books... it's just... i don't know- i guess i want everyone to love MY book(s).

which really can't be that much different than any other author out there in the world. okay, i'm shutting up now. really. :)
xoxox -j

don't forget that you can get e-versions of my book for only $2.99 right now (at smashwords and amazon)! no coupon code needed! spread the word, eh?


Right now you can get your e-version copy of In Dreams for only $2.99!

This is a limited time offer, so get your little tush's over to Smashwords and enter Coupon Code: NB75J at checkout!

And feel free to spread the word on facebook, twitter, goodreads, etc!

direct smashwords link is here!

xoxo j


In Dreams has been out for 2 weeks already and I feel like things are just getting started! Thank you to everyone who has bought the book, downloaded it, or read it in some form or another. It means the world to me that people are reading this book and loving it just as much as I do. Really, how can you not love yourself some Cooper Donovan, or Austen?

If you're a fan on facebook, we're talking about which team you're on, so come on over and add your two cents! :)

To really make this book a success, everyone who reads it and loves it- has to tell people. Being a self published author is hard when it comes to getting the word out about your book. I definitely need YOUR word of mouth to help me reach as many people as possible. So if you've read the book and you told your friends, thank you. If you haven't, how can i bribe you too? lol

Hope everyone is enjoying what's left of their summer! In this house, summer's over and school is in! booooooo

Off to write!

xoxox J.

Buy Your Copy of In Dreams NOW! :)

The links below will take you to whatever version of the book you'd like to buy! First off, THANK YOU so much for buying a copy. If you like it, tell your friends... tell your neighbor... tell your enemies... tell the dog next door who reads... i need your help to make my book a success! traditional publishers do a lot of work for you, but self publishers need all the word of mouth they can get! :)

Signed Paperback Copy- In Dreams $10.99
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The Latest Update Is...

I am currently waiting for my PROOF copy of IN DREAMS to hit my mailbox! Once it does, i'll give it a once over and if everything looks good (please goddess of rainbows & puppies let it be flawless), we will have a BOOK FOR SALE before we know it!!!!!!!

But um, if something is wrong with it- then I have to start over and fix everything and re-upload all the formats, and we'll be delayed a few weeks! I really, really don't want that!

So cross your fingers for a great proof copy. Maybe with slight and subtle errors I can live with releasing and you can live with reading. Is that bad? Probably, but it's hard waiting!

In Dreams Excerpt!

Hi everyone! In anticipation of the book release, i've posted an excerpt from Chapter One in the In Dreams section of the website!!!

I hope you like it!

I'm getting really excited and I hope you are too. Thank you for your support and for telling your friends. I need YOU to help make my book a success. :)

In Dreams NEW Cover!

After an AWESOME photoshoot this past week... and HOURS (literally) this morning and afternoon editing, editing some more, and then editing more (my eyes might be bleeding)...

I have my finished cover!

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed and helped make the cover a reality! It took more than one talented photographer and more than one willing model. Thank you again!

Here it is! I hope you love it as much as I do!

In Dreams- Final Cover

beach/bench photo by Aaron Hatch @ www.dedleg.com
Additional photography & Cover Design by Jenn Sterling Photography & Design
Cover Models: Kaki & Andrew

Getting Closer!

This weekend i'll be in Santa Cruz, California doing a photoshoot for my book cover! So by Monday, I should have the cover completed!!! I'm excited because it just means i'm one step closer to releasing In Dreams!!!!

Here's to hoping we get a release date within the next 10 days! I SAID IT! :)

Thanks for all your support and general awesomeness! Have you seen Harry Potter yet? IT ROCKS! Go see it!

In Dreams Trailer!

It's finally here!

The official IN DREAMS book trailer! I know you might be thinking, "what? a book whaaaat?" but trust me when I tell you, they're all the rage! :)

We now have an official YouTube Channel (RealJSterling). So make sure if you're an avid tuber, you add us and keep up to date with all our videos and stuff!
Okay, okay, here it is...
The In Dreams Trailer

ps- the book is releasing via paperback first. It's what i've formatted for first and I want to get it out there as soon as possible. So paperback (with signed and non-signed options) and then e-books to follow shortly after. :)

Still working!

Waiting on pages from my editor... the moment she gets any pages to me, i'm done in like an hour and then she's like, "slow down!!!"

But I can't!

Cause i'm too excited and I want to edit and then format and get the book out there! Plus, i'm a bit scared to try and write my other stories while I have to rewrite parts of In Dreams, you know?

So thanks for hanging in there with me! I promise.. a FOR SALE/RELEASE DATE is coming soon!

Blame my editor. :)

It's Official!

I finally made a difficult decision between whether to self publish or publish traditionally. (I might mention that a fair number of rejections helped me with my decision- ha) After literally weeks of researching and reading everything I could get my eyes on... I've decided that self publishing is the current route for my books! I'm incredibly excited to have made this decision, which in essence means.... IN DREAMS will be out sooner, rather than later! So now the real work begins- cover design, e-book formatting, marketing, publishing, etc... I should have a release date for you soon. I'm really excited for this next step and can't wait for you to meet the characters in In Dreams. :) xoxo

Bio & Newsletter!

Hi everyone- another quick note to let you know that the BIO section of the website is now complete with a ridiculous amount of information about J, as well as a recent picture!

We now have a NEWSLETTER! Please join our newsletter, and you'll get updates on any news, book releases, etc sent straight to your email inbox! Sign up on the CONTACT page of the website! (please note that you can opt out of the emails at any time after signing up)

Thanks as always for your support. Don't forget to spread the word on Facebook. Tell your friends to like us. Pay your mom. Pay your sister. Bribe your babysitter! They won't mind. :)

More news and updates coming soon.. stay tuned!

xoxo ♥

quick update!

I'm still working on editing and rewriting some of my debut novel, In Dreams! Then the real work begins.. deciding on whether or not to go the traditional publishing route, or to self publish! I'd like the book out there sooner rather than later, so you all can love my characters as much as I do (I hope!). :)

Also in the works, the follow up to In Dreams.... and a third, completely seperate novel. It's all about love and the choices we make when it comes to it.

"Sometimes hearts have to break to keep yours intact."

Until next time.. xoxo J ♥


We hope you like the new look here at J-Sterling.com! We've been working hard to make it pretty and fun!! :)

We also hope to have news for you soon on where you can buy the first book, "In Dreams."

Don't forget to like us on facebook and help us spread the word! Thanks so much for your support!


Welcome to the all new website of young adult author, J. Sterling. We appreciate you stopping by. Check back often for updates on J's first novel, "In Dreams."

IN DREAMS follows college freshman Katherine Johns and her roommate Taylor Dailey. When Katherine starts dreaming of a mysterious guy, the friends are determined to find this "dream man." In walks Cooper Donovan, hockey superstar and all around nice guy. Katherine starts to fall for Cooper but is still pulled towards the mystery guy from her dreams, until she finds out who he is. What follows is an intense love story full of emotional twists, heartache and tragedy as Katherine has to figure out how to continue living her life, and with which guy.