July 2011 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

The Latest Update Is...

I am currently waiting for my PROOF copy of IN DREAMS to hit my mailbox! Once it does, i'll give it a once over and if everything looks good (please goddess of rainbows & puppies let it be flawless), we will have a BOOK FOR SALE before we know it!!!!!!!

But um, if something is wrong with it- then I have to start over and fix everything and re-upload all the formats, and we'll be delayed a few weeks! I really, really don't want that!

So cross your fingers for a great proof copy. Maybe with slight and subtle errors I can live with releasing and you can live with reading. Is that bad? Probably, but it's hard waiting!

In Dreams Excerpt!

Hi everyone! In anticipation of the book release, i've posted an excerpt from Chapter One in the In Dreams section of the website!!!

I hope you like it!

I'm getting really excited and I hope you are too. Thank you for your support and for telling your friends. I need YOU to help make my book a success. :)

In Dreams NEW Cover!

After an AWESOME photoshoot this past week... and HOURS (literally) this morning and afternoon editing, editing some more, and then editing more (my eyes might be bleeding)...

I have my finished cover!

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed and helped make the cover a reality! It took more than one talented photographer and more than one willing model. Thank you again!

Here it is! I hope you love it as much as I do!

In Dreams- Final Cover

beach/bench photo by Aaron Hatch @ www.dedleg.com
Additional photography & Cover Design by Jenn Sterling Photography & Design
Cover Models: Kaki & Andrew

Getting Closer!

This weekend i'll be in Santa Cruz, California doing a photoshoot for my book cover! So by Monday, I should have the cover completed!!! I'm excited because it just means i'm one step closer to releasing In Dreams!!!!

Here's to hoping we get a release date within the next 10 days! I SAID IT! :)

Thanks for all your support and general awesomeness! Have you seen Harry Potter yet? IT ROCKS! Go see it!