win a free copy of In Dreams! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

win a free copy of In Dreams!

candace, over at Candace's Book Blog is having a giveaway for my book, In Dreams! you can enter to win either an e-version of the book, or a signed hard copy! :)

head on over there and enter!!!!! i'm super excited to read the comments over there and see people excited for the premise of the story. thank you Candace!

also, i've just gotten my first review by someone who doesn't know me in real life!! I know that sounds weird, but all the other review (which i freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way) have all been by people who know me. so they read my book and they can hear me saying the dialogue, you know? basically, i totally think they're all biased. lol

this review brought tears to my eyes because it touched me so much (and clearly i'm pathetic). seriously though, to read that she was touched the way i was when i wrote the book- it just means a lot. as a writer, i found how extremely personal the writing experience is. i'm in love with my characters... i love their story... they were born in a very deep part of me, so it's such a personal thing to put it out into the world. the fact that i laughed and i cried when i wrote the book- and that translated in my words to the reader... well, that's all i can hope for really. that i made a stranger FEEL something. so thank you alishia for the beautiful review. here's to many more! not from you alishia, but from other people! lol

have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo j


  1. Sage888810:58 PM

    I want to hug you everyday... Your book is awesome, I remember tearing up last year while reading hurriedly downloaded chapters into google docs so I could "edit" my hard copy, lol. You have really inspired me to rewrite some old stories I had stored away and I have even begun writing new stuff! If you are lucky I won't as you to read it:) I heart you Jenn ster and j sterling and whatever else you want to go by...everyone has at least one good story in them, some of the special peole have more... You have more and therefore are special... Blahblahblahlongestcommentonyourblogeverblahblahblah

  2. scotty.. you are awesome! i am SO happy that you are writing!!! i love to hear that. i'm proud of you and love having such a good friend in my life. keep writing- don't stop. can't wait to see and read what you come up with. you can do ANYTHING you want... never forget that. :)