In Dreams, Book of the Month for September!

This is exciting news! hell, anything about my book is over the moon exciting to me! :) treasured tales for young adults has chosen In Dreams to be the book of the month for September!

i hope this means that people will buy it and read it and then discuss it?! who knows.. i've never had a book be a part of a book club before. ha!

just wanted to share!

don't forget that while we're getting the word out about my newest (and first, shhh) release, all of the e-book versions are only $2.99!!! i can't really lower the cost of the paperbacks because they cost money to print and ship. so those prices are fairly set. but the e-readers, they can fluctuate as much and as often as i choose. so i'm currently choose "affordable" as my price! i hope that will encourage people to get the book, if they're on the fence.

my meet and greet is coming up quick! this saturday! eeeeeeek. i hope i don't get all sweaty and anxious. i know, i'm so attractive. :)


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