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social media...

facebook made changes that are not only freaking crappy... they make it really hard to understand. i don't get why places do that? when the interface and everything is perfectly awesome and NO ONE is complaining about it- why do they change the way the entire thing looks, works, etc?

WHY mess with something that isn't broken?! dear facebook headquarters, are you simply bored or what?! all this perfection, you just have to screw with it?!?!?

i mean, i have google+, but that confused me EVEN MORE THAN THE NEW FACEBOOK DOES!!!!

speaking of confusing, why does it feel like i'm the only one who doesn't get goodreads?!? i mean, I LOVE the site- but i feel like i don't really understand how to interact with everyone. the message boards and groups are weird, or hard to find, or i just haven't spent enough time there. i want to be super active there, but everytime i log in- i cry and log out.

okay, i don't really cry.

enough complaining. back to writing. i was working a lot on "before the dreams" but lately i've been all about "chance encounters." i honestly think that will be my next release. it's about following your heart, when your heart breaks. it's a love story through and through. :)

i hope you will love it. xoxo


  1. Its all easy, but unlike you, I dont have a life so I have enough time to spend on both.

    Goodreads- Some groupd are packed with topics. You need a GPS to get around them, but its fairly simple to interact with people, just comment on their page, status updates samething as other networks.

    Facebook- As I said on my website. Didn't change much. Honestly they didnt change at all, they just upgraded. Simple additions.

  2. Anonymous6:53 AM

    first world problem....but i love you anyways