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it's been slow for me lately. i mean, as far as writing goes.

it so sucks sometimes. i mean, i wish i could type as quickly as my brain thought, you know? it would be so much easier to write then! ha! :) it's just such a long process to write even the SIMPLEST action.

i know i want/need something to happen. i can sum that something up in my head in like .2 seconds. but in the writing world- it needs to be developed. that thing can't just "happen" out of nowhere and have it all make sense.

so things take time.

and clearly my writing is one of them.

not to mention the fact that i have FOUR books right now that are in various stages of being written. FOUR!

no wait.

yeah, that's right. FOUR.

and i know i should focus on one at a time, but you try to insisting that your characters WANT to be written on any given day! it just doesn't work like that! i'll sit down with the intention of writing more about cooper, austen and katherine... but then jackson and caroline and clay will YELL AT ME and the next thing i know, i'm writing more of Chance Encounters!

it's chaos in this head of mine!!!

chaos i tell you!

but i'm thankful. i mean, at least i have characters who are begging to be written. at least i have worlds upon worlds of stories in my head just dying to get out! it's way better than having a deserted town where there's no one there but maybe a lone tumbleweed and some horse looking for water.


right. :)

thanks for bearing with me as i learn, develop and grow on this journey! and thanks for reading, loving, sharing and talking about IN DREAMS! i can't do it without you! :)

xoxoxo- j

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