The In-Betweens! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

The In-Betweens!

so i finished the first draft of "chance encounters" and i don't know.... something is missing. or something doesn't feel right. i really need to think on it a bit and then FIX IT! :)

but in the meantime, i've realized that if a story is about people in their early 20's, then it isn't technically considered "young adult" anymore, right?

so i've decided to create a new category of books! because i truly don't feel that my books are ADULT, adult books. i still feel like they are young adult, they're just older. like twenty- somethings! so i've decided to call the books where the main characters are just out of college, THE IN-BETWEENS. and i've categorized them that way on my BOOKS page.

so we've got the standard young adults books, and the in-betweens! make sense? stupid idea? ah, who cares- i'm trying it out!

xoxo have a great week!

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