my first author interview & other stuff! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

my first author interview & other stuff!

my first author interview is at book baby's blog! it's a new blog, but she's awesome, so go show her some love. plus, she took the time to read & review my book and then still wanted to interview me!

it was fun! i like interviews... clearly, i just like talking about myself. ha.

i've been writing lately. or at least trying too. it sucks when you sit down to write and then it just feels all wrong. forced. that's when i have to turn off the computer and walk away. some days, you just can't write. then i spend the rest of the day feeling guilty for not writing.

wtf? my brain is so annoying.

i spent yesterday at the beach! i love love love the beach. it's one of my most favorite places to be... the ocean, the sound of the waves, the water... <3! i also love to take pictures, so combine those 2 loves and you get pics! of the beach & sea creatures! lol :)

dillon beach sunset



dillon beach

the rocky weirdness that is nor cal beaches

happy halloween everyone!!!!!!! :)

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