November 2011 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

what NEW tv shows are you watching?

it's been enough time for us to decide what new tv shows we love! and what ones we think suck! ha!

what are you watching this season that you're loving?

for me, on monday nights, i've completely fallen for hart of dixie! i loved this show from the get go! i've missed rachel bilson and i <3 my girl, jaime king... i think the show is really cute, sweet, with likeable characters. i sort of want to live there. we NEED a show like this- a show that reminds us about community, family, eating good food and tradition. it makes me smile. :)

i also am really liking the secret circle (right after my MOST FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD RIGHT NOW, the vampire diaries on thursday nights) because it's about witches and spells and magic! and did you know i'm writing a witch series? i started thinking that i didn't want to watch this show because the first episode was EERILY similiar to how my book starts, but after watching it more, we're not on the same path. lol so i like it! it's fun, although the opening music terrifies the hell out of me!

revenge on wednesday's is the bomb. even though i find it COMPLETELY predictable at times, i still find it RIDICULOUSLY enjoyable. i think it's unlike any other show i've seen before. i like the premise and i love the outlandish characters. it's entertaining and i'm hooked!

last but not least, i'm in love with once upon a time on sunday nights. i don't know what exactly it is about this show, but i freaking A-D-O-R-E it! i think it is SO creative, clever and puts a twist on every single fairy tale we've ever known or heard of. it's brilliant. i love it. i have no idea how or where it's going to go, but i'm excited to follow!

so yeah! those are my shows!!! what are you watching and loving? i wanna know! :)

ps- i still totally dvr and watch pan am and ringer, but the truth is- they both bore me. i just haven't quit them yet.

.99 cents Holiday Special!

just a quick note to let y'all know that i'll be participating in the 12 days of christmas .99 cent kindle book sale! i'll have more details for you as we get closer, but spread the word! .99 cents for 12 days! hundreds of books!

pretty cool! :)

and congratulations to amanda hocking- who reached the MILLION sales club at amazon- selling over a million copies of her e-books! incredible and well deserved!!!! :)

New Book Teaser!

i spent yesterday working on the follow up book to "In Dreams." it's called "Before the Dreams" and it takes place in the past. we get to see all of the characters we've grown to love in another lifetime- what we experience with them there, gives more clarity to the things that might have left us confused, or uncertain from the first book.

have you ever wondered why some people affect you the moment you meet them? why you have strong feelings of like, or dislike without knowing a single thing about them? how you can feel a pull towards someone in a way you can't explain? obviously i believe in the idea of past lives, reincarnation and the concept that our souls live on and have the ability to recognize people from our past. it just makes sense to me. but i totally understand that for some people, that entire concept seems way too far fetched.

with that in mind... here is a quick excerpt from Before the Dreams. I was a mess yesterday when i wrote this- bawled my freaking eyes out. i feel this story, and these characters, in the pit of my stomach when i write about them. i'm trying so hard to get this story out. to finish it, but it takes a certain frame of mind for me to be able to write for this. it's weird because the other stories take a particular frame of mind as well, but they're not as intense. i don't know, it's hard to explain. clearly i'm a crazy person. :)

anyway... here you go. i hope you enjoy it!

In a day where everything had changed, Katherine longed for something to feel the way it used to. Her eyes scanned her bedroom like a wild animal in search of prey. She could feel herself about to break and fall apart. She imagined tiny pieces of her scattered across the cold wooden floor. There had to be something she could do that wouldn’t feel wrong or out of place. Anything that would remind her less of how much had changed. She was desperate for a piece of normalcy, no matter how small.

Then she saw them. Her stationary sat neatly stacked on her nightstand where she had last left them. Shaking hands grasped at the paper and pen. With tears streaming down her face, her heart aching beyond measure, she slid to the floor beside her bed and began to do the one thing she had done so many times before. The one thing that made her feel like everything was as it used to be. She wrote to him.

i'm not dead

clearly i just play a dead author on this blog!

argh. i've been working at a talent agency the last couple of days and i'm beat! i can't do any writing or reading when i'm working all day long. which is a bummer, cause i really do want to get some writing done. i had a friend reading "chance encounters" and she LOVED it (she claims). ha.. but i'm waiting on notes from her so i can make it better.

i don't know what it is about it, but i feel like SOMETHING is missing. i'm not sure what, but i am racking and racking my brain trying to figure out exactly what it is.

it will come to me.



i just want to make it BETTER! and i feel like it's lacking. maybe because this story came more from my head, whereas "in dreams" clearly came from my soul. does that make any sense?? so it just feels different in general.

moving on. lol

i'm excited for friday. it's 11/11/11!!! ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN! FUN! i don't know about you, but i am totally one of those people who always sees 11:11 on the clock everytime i look at it! ha

okay, i promise to try and write more here! i sort of suck at it, i know.

i will try to suck less! :)

xoxo j