In Dreams is Featured! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

In Dreams is Featured!

hi y'all! tomorrow is DAY SIX of the Indie Book Blowout...

on 12/17... IN DREAMS will be one of the featured titles of the day!

you still have until 12/24 to pick up your e-book version of In Dreams for only .99 cents.

and per usual, THANK YOU so much for your support.

it's funny, i was talking about support today on my other blog. and how surprising it's been to see WHO has supported me in my book writing and who hasn't. it's been shocking, sad, awesome, happy... all kinds of emotions.

people i expected to support me, haven't.

and people i didn't even think of (like high school friends) have blown me away by their love, support and encouragement.

there's so much that goes into writing and publishing a book. especially if you're an indie / self- published writer like i am. i mean, obviously i have to write my book. and getting a complete first draft takes me a few months. but that first draft is exactly that- just a draft. it changes SO much in between that first draft and what i actually publish. okay, maybe not THAT much- i mean, the story doesn't change, but things get added too- developed more- hopefully it gets better. that's the goal. might not happen. lol

but writing is just the first step because then i have to design and photograph my cover. and format the book for paperback. and format it for kindle. and format it for smashwords. and i know that all sounds stupid, but dammit- it's time consuming! but you already know this because i've talked about it a million times, so i'll shut up now. lol

anyway... it's friday! i have a photoshoot this weekend. two actually. :) and i just found out we're going to steamboat springs this summer for a baseball tournament. FUN! right? anyone there from SS, colorado? lol

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    It's hard from me to find a good book. I have to be pulled in right away or I am done.

    I was upset that I finished "In Dreams" in one setting. I was so amazing I couldn't put it down. I am so excited for your next book.

    You have been an amazing person since High School and honestly everyone from High School that has read the book and even people who haven't are super proud of you....

    Congrats and keep them coming...

    Liz...... =o)

  2. j. sterling3:08 PM

    thank you so much liz- this was the sweetest message ever. it made me cry. lol love you!