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my next release...

when i first started writing my debut novel, "In Dreams," i never intended for it to have friends. what i mean is, i never realized that it would be a series. but once i finished the first draft- i knew i wanted to write more.

i was in love with my characters and they were NOT DONE with me telling their story. i mean seriously, between cooper, austen, katherine and taylor- it's a wonder i get anything done other than think about them. lol

it became obvious to me what i had to do.

write a book about them that took place in the past. because the past is so often referenced in this first book, it made the most sense. and it felt right to me. i often do things based on my feelings and my gut instincts.

at least i try.

so i am writing this second story. i promise you i am.

it just has not been getting the attention it deserves.

and in all honesty, for whatever reason, i had always intended to release a completely seperate book next (chance encounters). and that book is done and is currently being edited.

but it doesn't seem right to release that book next.

it doesn't FEEL right.

i think the right thing to do is to finish writing the follow up to In Dreams (currently titled Before the Dreams), and release that next.

I will release Chance Encounters, i'm just not sure when. there are still some things about it that i'm not happy with- so... i don't want to release something that i don't feel great about. you know?

i don't want to release anything just for the sake of releasing ...SOMETHING. i want to be proud of what i put out there for y'all to read. something is missing with this story. or lacking. or maybe it's just that everything about that story feels different to me- written with my head instead of my heart.

i don't know.

but i really want to put out Before the Dreams next! so i will be working hard on that story, so i can finish it and get it to my editor! i will tell you- this story is breaking my damn heart.

you're welcome. lol

xoxoxo happy holidays everyone!

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