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Chance Encounters coming FEBRUARY!

i've decided that Chance Encounters is coming out next! sometimes i'm a crazy person. i really hoped i could release it on valentine's day, but my editor can't make me any promises that she'll have it done by the end of the month- so i'm hoping that she'll have it done in time for me to release it in FEBRUARY sometime!

so, that's it! i'm releasing my second book in february! that's a month away! WOO HOO!!!1 i really need to get it together and get a cover i like. the cover i shot and designed, is missing something. i think a hot guy needs to be in the distance- or holding her hand, or something. the girl all alone just isn't working. so i'm brainstorming. so much, my brain hurts. ha

i'm going to try to start featuring some other indie authors on my blog- we all need to support one another. i mean, there are SO MANY talented story tellers out there who don't have agents, and don't have publishers- but their books are still good. their stories are still enjoyable. so i want to spotlight some of them! so that will happen... soonish. lol

also, i joined KPD select- that means that all of you who don't have a kindle (or the kindle app), you won't be able to download e-books of In Dreams for at least 90 days. i'm exclusive to amazon right now, to see how things go. i really hate the idea of cutting people off from nook, and i-books- but when 95% of my e sales are from amazon, it was a no brainer really.

with that being said- my first FREE download day is this friday. i believe it's midnight thursday to midnight friday. so i'll be talking about that more later in the week! :)

until then, here's a brief excerpt from Chance Encounters:

"He gave her aquick glance before throwing his arm around her waist and pulling her into him,“Oh I do, do I?” His arms were muscular and his chest and shoulders were hard, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t remember the last time she was so attracted to someone. Her entire body was aware of his. She briefly thought about Clay, but only to compare the differences between him and her new friend. She kept telling herself to stop touching this stranger, stop flirting, stop doing everything she wouldn’t want Clay to be doing. But her body and emotions had their own agenda."


  1. Elizabeth Ribera2:21 PM

    I can not wait...... Yippee.... Feb please please please..... =o)

  2. I'm excited about your newest book coming out. Can't wait to read it.