No One Knows What It Means - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

No One Knows What It Means

but it's provocative! ha!

Dear everyone,

In Dreams has officially been edited (twice!) and is currently waiting to go live on Amazon!!!! I am so excited to have a gramatically correct version out there for everyone. Not to mention the fact that we did a little bit of formatting to make things easier to read- helped break up where the dreams are with *** and hopefully it will help with the flow of the book overall.

I sent an email to Amazon asking about the new version. I want to make sure that anyone who bought an older version will be able to download the newer one. I've also added in a sneak peak to the first chapter of Before the Dreams. I'll post that here as well, but it's mostly for all of the new readers- to let them know that more books are coming! You (current blog reader) already know this! :)

So, as soon as it goes LIVE on Amazon, i'll update the sales page. I really hope that this will eliminate all the negative feedback in regards to people's inability to read the book because of all the errors. Now they'll just hate it because my characters are too "perfect." HA! It's fine with me if people don't like my writing, or my characters, or the story- in all honesty, it just means that my books aren't for them. And that's okay. Because I have lots of other people who do like my stories and my characters. And my books ARE for them! :) <3

On another note, I finished The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton this morning. I really, really, enjoyed that book/story! Clearly, I have issues with girls in love with ghosts. Have you noticed?

Amazon has made the newly edited version of In Dreams LIVE! When I click on "look inside this book" the information still isn't updated, so I've sent them an email regarding it. If you are able to download the newest version, please make sure it says "KINDLE UPDATE" in the header of the book (very top of each page), as well as including the Sneak Peak into Before the Dreams at the end of the book. If either of those things are missing, it is not the newest version. Please let me know if that's the case so I can make sure it all gets fixed. :)

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