February 2012 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

I know i'm supposed to be editing

but I seriously, CAN'T. STOP. READING. other people's books! lol

Curse you Amazon and your "free" select days! *shakes fist in the air*

My KINDLE FIRE *insert squeals of delight here* is filling up quickly with new young adult books that have piqued my interest. I definitely am learning that I love stories I feel like I can relate too. It's funny to read all the "haters" of the "instant connections" or the "If I read that one more person knew the moment they saw him that there was something different about him..."- all I can say is that it's clear you've never experienced it before, otherwise you wouldn't question it, or hate on it so much.

Cause that type of thing exists.

Soul recognition is real.

And I hope that someday, you'll get to experience what I mean. :)

Anyway, I'm reading so many awesome stories that I want to share a few of them with you! :)

I just finished reading, THE WILLOWS: HAVEN by Hope Collier and it was really awesome! I thought the story was unique, totally interesting, and even if I had a lot of it "figured out" while I was reading- I didn't care. It didn't ruin it at all to know what was coming- it was still completely enjoyable, awesome and entertaining. AND NOW I AM DYING FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES. i love being a bossy author, telling another author to um... you know... WRITE! lol

Right before that, I read the first book in the Destiny Series, called MEETING DESTINY by Nancy Straight. It was a sweet book and I loved it for the connection the main character had with a guy from her dreams. (shocking, i know)- but by the end of the book, things had taken such a different and interesting turn, that I was invested in the series! Thankfully for me, they were all written and I could just keep on reading through them without having to wait. Patience is NOT my strong suit. :) I read all three of the books, and they were definitely different and heading in ways I did not see coming, nor did I expect. I thought they were really good though. And some interesting concepts about good vs evil were portrayed throughout the series, which I LOVED, cause they were really well done. Anyway, this series was really enjoyable and it all wraps up nicely in the end (who doesn't love a happy ending?) :)

By now, I feel like I read THE MIND READERS by Lori Brighton about a hundred years ago! But really, it was probably more like 2 weeks ago. lol I loved this book!! I think I really like the whole "mind reading" concept and I'm going to become a mind reader soon, too. Yep, i'm going to just will it to happen. hahahaha This book was great- a normal girl with a not so normal capability meets a *swoon-worthy* guy... There are twists, turns, deceit and lies- you don't always know who to trust, and the book still ends that way... leaving you guessing who is "good" and who is "bad." Which in essence just leaves you BEGGING for more! The next book in the series will be out soon and I have an AWESOME interview with her that i'll be posting. If you haven't read this book- you should. :)

I've read more books too that I haven't necessarily loved, but have still really enjoyed the story, or the concept of the story- And i'm just really loving the fact that there are so many unique and creative individuals out there. It's an exciting time to be a writer and a self publisher.

I feel super lucky.

I feel even more lucky that I have actual readers who enjoy what I write.

The best part about writing, IS HAVING PEOPLE RELATE TO THE STORIES I TELL. Sure, I started writing In Dreams to get it the frick out of my head- and sure, we can argue that I "published" it for myself as well. But let's be real- I published it so that other people would find it, read it, fall in love with it, relate to it, swoon, and be swept away into something they could feel as they read the words. I wanted people who weren't my friends or my family to like it.
And you have. And that, is what warms my heart, gives me light when i'm in a dark tunnel filled with negativity and self doubt, and makes me feel like i'm on the right path. YOU.

So, as always- THANK YOU. Without you, I truly am just writing for myself. And let me tell you, I get freaking sick of reading these books of mine. LOL

Have a great weekend y'all. Happy Reading! :)

somebody that i used to know

I posted this on my facebook page, but IT NEEDS TO BE POSTED HERE TOO! I'm completely obsessed with this song- and this version is pretty awesome!

I tried to embed it... can you see it? lol I think blogger gets weird with embedded things. And by weird, I just mean that it hates it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-M that's the link. Can we just talk about the guy on the far right for a second? He makes me laugh really hard in this song. I think it's because he doesn't do much of anything and his facial expression is funny to me. lol And really, the guy who does the tapping on the guitar is awesome- I love watching his fingers.

I got Chance Encounters back briefly with some lots of suggestions and notes. Not story notes, but you know- my writing. I fully agree with what she said and i've let it all sink in for quite a few days before I even tried to do anything. I know now how I want to approach the notes and how I want to go about writing and re-writing things.

I'm really excited!! It's going to be a little time consuming, but I'm excited for what this means! It means that this book will be BETTER!!!! I think. LOL

You know what sucks?

You know, there are so many awesome things about self publishing. Like the fact that I don't have to wait to publish the books I write. I can put them out whenever I'm ready! I love that I have control over my stories and characters and I can basically write whatever and however I choose.

I've learned a lot about In Dreams. Don't get me wrong- I absolutely love that story. It's so close to my heart and soul that it hurts a little when people hate it. Because I wrote about something so personal to me, in a fictional way, people assume it's all made up.

It isn't.

But that's not the point.

My point is- i've learned about where I fall short as a writer. I've learned what I need to improve on. That I need a real editor and not just a really good friend who is awesome at punctuation and grammar. lol

I found someone (thanks to J.A. Templeton) and she's awesome. But let me tell you- she definitely reinforces the fact that I still have a long way to go. And while I can write in a fun, breezy and youthful manner- some of my other mannerisms of writing leave a lot to be desired. So i'm learning. Trying really hard to fix where I suck.

And it's hard because I'm so impatient and I can't even tell you how freaking crappy it is to know that I have a book "done" but I can't release it.

Because I shouldn't.

Not until I fix it. And make it better. But it's so hard because as a self published author, you want to put more books out as soon as you have them ready! I want to put it out, but I have to FIGHT with my pride, ego, or whatever the hell it is- and let sanity take over.

I know it will be worth it in the end. The last thing I want is to have another case of what In Dreams has turned into. Which is where I wish I had a professional editor from the start- so I could have fixed certain things and made the story better. I'm not happy with the way I wrote it now and I'd love to rewrite it so that everyone who read it would love it. But I can't do that. I have to let it go. I have to walk away from it and move forward. But it feels sort of crappy knowing that you aren't 100% pleased with something that you've put out for people to buy.

Anyway, I don't want that to happen with Chance Encounters. And I don't want it to happen with Before the Dreams. I want every book from here on out to just get better and better. But I have to work, research, learn, observe, read and write A LOT MORE for that to happen.

So have patience with me. Because I still have a lot of work to do on Chance Encounters before I'll be happy enough to release it. I don't want to look back and wish I could fix it, or update it, or change it. I want to feel good about it, even after time has passed. You know what I mean?

So in the meantime, I'll be reading some- taking some notes- and trying to figure out how to incorporate some writing magic into my writing. It's going to take me a little longer than I planned to do it, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

But just so you know, I really, really, really, really, really, freaking hate making you wait for my next book. I just want it out NOW!!!!! lol

I guess I better get back to work. :)

Before the Dreams- Sneak Peak


“"I can’t believe you’re carving our initials into this tree, Mister Dailey,”" Katherine teased playfully, and touched the top of his head. Her eyes followed the traces of muscles flexing against his black shirt as he jabbed the blade into the tree.

Austen immediately dropped the knife to his side and looked at her. Her long brown hair blew lightly in the breeze and the sun illuminated her very being. "“Did you want me to stop?"” he asked.

She smiled with love and softly replied, “"No. I think it’s sweet.”"

"“I think you’re sweet, Miss Johns."” His mouth crooked into a smile and her heart fluttered. Katherine had loved Austen for as long as she could remember. There were times she felt as though breathing took more effort than being with him did. Their mothers had been close friends and so Katherine, Austen, Taylor, and Blake had always been together.

Katherine looked around from her seat in the tree and caught glimpses of her home in the distance. It was almost completely hidden from view behind the magnolia trees, their magnificent branches draped with long gray wisps of Spanish moss.

The main house was two spacious stories of wood painted a brilliant white with dark blue plantation shutters that framed each window. The front of the house had five snowy marble columns that spanned from the veranda all the way to the roof perched above the second floor.

The first level was a wide veranda with steps that led to the wide, double-door entry. The second floor had a balcony that matched and spanned the length of the house. That’s where Katherine spent most of her time. She often enjoyed the warmth of southern evenings and wrote letters to Austen by lamplight while she gazed at the stars.

“"All done.”" Austen smiled and lifted Katherine with ease out of the tree. He gently set her on the ground to admire his handiwork.

She smiled when she saw ‘AD + KJ’ surrounded by a heart. She traced the carving with her finger, feeling every bump and rivet in the tree’s bark.

"“May I kiss you?"” he asked her politely.

"“I don’t know, Mister Dailey. Do you deserve it?”" She toyed with him, but he didn’t mind.

"“I most certainly think so. I just spent a good, what..."” He glanced at his pocket watch before continuing, "“twenty minutes carving our initials into this here tree so the whole world could see how much I love you.”"

"“Well then,"” she smiled. “"You may."”

He laughed as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. His lips touched hers softly at first before the kiss grew in intensity. The connection between them was so raw and instinctual, they almost couldn’t control it. It had always existed between them, so they never questioned it. To Austen and Katherine, the way they felt about each other was just the way it was supposed to be. They didn’t know any differently.

Footsteps crunched against fallen leaves in a hurried pace. Austen gently pulled his lips away. He held Katherine’s face in his hands as Cooper ran up, breathless. "“I’ve been looking for you everywhere, Aus. Something’s going on in town with Danny. We need to go.”"

Cooper glanced at Katherine; the slightest hint of jealousy flickered in his worried green eyes. “"Afternoon, Katherine,”" he said politely, as he tipped his hat.

"“Afternoon, Cooper.”" She smiled sweetly at her boyfriend’'s best friend.

Austen looked at Katherine and with one last kiss promised, “"I’ll be right back.”"

He turned back to Cooper.

“"Let’s go.”"

Before the Dreams- Coming Fall 2012

Leaving on a jet plane


People, I am "tye tye" (which just means in annoying jenn.ster speak that i'm tired) lol. I've been up the last two nights until 4 and 4:30am editing Chance Encounters.

I have been busting my ass editing this book so I can... SEND IT TO MY EDITOR!?!?!?
What the heck? Why do I suddenly feel like the woman who cleans her house because the housekeeper's coming? I cannot be the only writer who does this. I just want it in the best shape possible because I don't want my editor to hate me and never want to work with me again. I have that fear. That she'll be like, "Holy crap Jenn, your books are WAY! TOO! MUCH! WORK! so you'll have to find a new editor."

Why did, "he's just not that into you" suddenly come to mind?

I know, I know... I'm not normal.

I think it's because I am fully aware of how much I still have to learn as a writer. How much further I can grow and push myself to give you, the reader, my stories in a BETTER way. I know I can improve my writing and the thing is... I WANT TO. I want to give you better stories. I want to give you better writing.

Don't get me wrong, I love throwing my emotional vomit all over the pages for you to read (you are so welcome for that visual) and I honestly don't want the way in which I write to change... because I like the emotions that come from within me. I literally sit behind my computer and freaking bawl when I write certain scenes. THEY HURT! And I don't want my style to change.

I just want to grow.

For you.

And I promise that I will. With each book I write, I aim to write it better, fuller, richer and deeper.

I think i'm really tired. This post is depressing me.

Alright, I'm headed down to San Diego for some much needed rest and relaxation at a super fancy villa thing (thanks to my rockstar friend). I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to my 5 star massage on Saturday. *swoon*

You guys are the best. Thanks for spreading the word about In Dreams and posting positive things about it online. I know I say it all the time, but my book doesn't sell without you. So thank you. I appreciate it. :)

NEW Kindle Only Cover for In Dreams!

I know, I know- I should be done talking about this book by now, right? The last thing I should be doing is updating the freaking cover.

Don't I have another book I could be working on? Yes.


But anyway- I've had the Kindle version of In Dreams updated with a FRESH! NEW! cover! The very talented Michelle (this is her website) designed it for me. She's awesome and amazing- and I think even thought I tried really hard to not be a total pain in the ass, I think I still was. One day she'll forgive me. *fingers crossed*

So, here it is!

NEW! Cover for Kindle!

Do you like it?

Holy Crap

I'm sort of sick of talking about my book. LOL Is that weird? Probably. I'm usually pretty weird.

I went to shopping today and bought a new pair of jeans. I swear the only jeans that work on my body are the Long & Lean's from GAP. And while I love them... I always end up ripping them. You know, right when they're at that perfect point of worn-in-ness and you're totally in love with them everytime you put them on. Yeah. That's when they rip. Huge, gaping rips. So I had to get some new ones. And I'm sitting here in my living room, trying to do like yoga stretches and bends so that these freaking things will stop suffocating me and S-T-R-E-T-C-H out. Don't laugh- new jeans are super tight at first! Then they stretch all willy nilly and fit perf. :)

I look forward to stupid things. Like tonight, I know we're going out to dinner at a Mexican place and all I can think about is the fact that I get to eat salty chips & salsa later.

Seriously. I'm drooling right now just thinking about it.

Clearly, I have issues. This shouldn't be news. lol

My head hurts. Sometimes I wonder what's going on inside my head- like, do little people live in there with hammers and stuff and they just chip away at things? I think they must. Cause that's what it feels like sometimes.

Speaking of my head- I read a book the other day called The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton. Holy crap, it was FANTASTIC!!! I totally loved this book so much. The concept was awesome- about a girl who can read minds, but was raised not to ever tell anyone because "people" are out to get her, and those like her. So she's always kept it to herself... until this guy comes to school who can do the same thing. There's WAY more to the story than just that, but anyway. It was awesome. I can't wait for the second book to come out. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. :)

Alright. i'm off to play with my doggies. And kiss my puppy (not a puppy) on his smooshy, fat, face. I can't get enough of that face. I mean really, could you? <3 him!!!!


Have a great weekend everyone! I'll think of you while i'm stuffing my face with chips & salsa later! lol
xoxo- jenn

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Wicked Sinners- FREE today!

It's important to me, as an "indie" author, to support my fellow Indie authors who are helpful, kind and wonderful. This writer just happens to be one of them! :)

Wicked Sinners by Charity Parkerson will be free for download on Amazon Feb. 1st and 2nd.

Here is a snippet:

A line of blood appeared across Jacques’ throat, and a drop ran down the side of his neck. He was immortal, but the wound didn’t heal, and Jacques gasped loudly against the pain. He scrambled and fought to escape the blade, but it continued to press against him. “Do you think to harm her? I will see you dead first.”

“I did not recognize her, as belonging to you,” Jacques gasped out, through clenched teeth.

“Please, Julien,” Adriana whispered.

Jacques slid to the floor landing in a heap, and Julien focused on her for the first time. She realized then, that not all his anger was directed at Jacques.

“You may leave us,” Julien’s words were for Jacques, but his eyes never left hers. With a snap of Julien’s fingers, Jacques disappeared.

“You left me,” he said calmly, but she could feel that he was anything but. “Why would you do that?”

“Because I am so very stupid,” Adriana cried. “I thought that if I gave you everything that I possessed. If I gave you the pages, you were searching for all these years. If I gave you my heart you would walk away from all that anger and hatred,” pausing she swallowed past her tears. “I guess that sounds vain doesn’t it? How could I ever be enough for someone like you?”

His voice came out sounding deadly, and she almost took a step away, as the power crackled around him, making the hair stand up on her arms. “What do you mean someone like me?”

Even knowing all the things that he had done over the years, she had never feared him before that moment. “You are this powerful man, who has lived thousands of years, and has been worshiped by people all around the world, but look at me. I’m just this small town girl, who has never done a thing, and is loved by no one.”

The room filled with a bright glow, and she was surrounded by an intense heat. The room was on fire, but not a single flame burned her skin and no smoke filled the room. Adriana turned in a slow circle looking at the flames in awe. They were real, but they weren’t, and it was unlike anything she had ever seen. It was his fury come to life. She met his eyes once more. His voice shook with the power of it and his eyes glowed with the same flames.

“You are loved by me.” He took a step towards her, and she had nowhere to go with the fire raging at her back. Grabbing the front of her shirt, he towed her against his body. “You are loved by me,” he repeated.