I know i'm supposed to be editing - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

I know i'm supposed to be editing

but I seriously, CAN'T. STOP. READING. other people's books! lol

Curse you Amazon and your "free" select days! *shakes fist in the air*

My KINDLE FIRE *insert squeals of delight here* is filling up quickly with new young adult books that have piqued my interest. I definitely am learning that I love stories I feel like I can relate too. It's funny to read all the "haters" of the "instant connections" or the "If I read that one more person knew the moment they saw him that there was something different about him..."- all I can say is that it's clear you've never experienced it before, otherwise you wouldn't question it, or hate on it so much.

Cause that type of thing exists.

Soul recognition is real.

And I hope that someday, you'll get to experience what I mean. :)

Anyway, I'm reading so many awesome stories that I want to share a few of them with you! :)

I just finished reading, THE WILLOWS: HAVEN by Hope Collier and it was really awesome! I thought the story was unique, totally interesting, and even if I had a lot of it "figured out" while I was reading- I didn't care. It didn't ruin it at all to know what was coming- it was still completely enjoyable, awesome and entertaining. AND NOW I AM DYING FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES. i love being a bossy author, telling another author to um... you know... WRITE! lol

Right before that, I read the first book in the Destiny Series, called MEETING DESTINY by Nancy Straight. It was a sweet book and I loved it for the connection the main character had with a guy from her dreams. (shocking, i know)- but by the end of the book, things had taken such a different and interesting turn, that I was invested in the series! Thankfully for me, they were all written and I could just keep on reading through them without having to wait. Patience is NOT my strong suit. :) I read all three of the books, and they were definitely different and heading in ways I did not see coming, nor did I expect. I thought they were really good though. And some interesting concepts about good vs evil were portrayed throughout the series, which I LOVED, cause they were really well done. Anyway, this series was really enjoyable and it all wraps up nicely in the end (who doesn't love a happy ending?) :)

By now, I feel like I read THE MIND READERS by Lori Brighton about a hundred years ago! But really, it was probably more like 2 weeks ago. lol I loved this book!! I think I really like the whole "mind reading" concept and I'm going to become a mind reader soon, too. Yep, i'm going to just will it to happen. hahahaha This book was great- a normal girl with a not so normal capability meets a *swoon-worthy* guy... There are twists, turns, deceit and lies- you don't always know who to trust, and the book still ends that way... leaving you guessing who is "good" and who is "bad." Which in essence just leaves you BEGGING for more! The next book in the series will be out soon and I have an AWESOME interview with her that i'll be posting. If you haven't read this book- you should. :)

I've read more books too that I haven't necessarily loved, but have still really enjoyed the story, or the concept of the story- And i'm just really loving the fact that there are so many unique and creative individuals out there. It's an exciting time to be a writer and a self publisher.

I feel super lucky.

I feel even more lucky that I have actual readers who enjoy what I write.

The best part about writing, IS HAVING PEOPLE RELATE TO THE STORIES I TELL. Sure, I started writing In Dreams to get it the frick out of my head- and sure, we can argue that I "published" it for myself as well. But let's be real- I published it so that other people would find it, read it, fall in love with it, relate to it, swoon, and be swept away into something they could feel as they read the words. I wanted people who weren't my friends or my family to like it.
And you have. And that, is what warms my heart, gives me light when i'm in a dark tunnel filled with negativity and self doubt, and makes me feel like i'm on the right path. YOU.

So, as always- THANK YOU. Without you, I truly am just writing for myself. And let me tell you, I get freaking sick of reading these books of mine. LOL

Have a great weekend y'all. Happy Reading! :)


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    A little off-subject, but: how's the Kindle Fire? Just curious to hear about it from people who have one.

  2. jenn sterling8:10 PM

    Hiiiiiiiiii! Actually posting this from my fire right now! Lil. I love it...I think it's awesome. It's my first e reader and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think.it rules!!!!