somebody that i used to know - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

somebody that i used to know

I posted this on my facebook page, but IT NEEDS TO BE POSTED HERE TOO! I'm completely obsessed with this song- and this version is pretty awesome!

I tried to embed it... can you see it? lol I think blogger gets weird with embedded things. And by weird, I just mean that it hates it! that's the link. Can we just talk about the guy on the far right for a second? He makes me laugh really hard in this song. I think it's because he doesn't do much of anything and his facial expression is funny to me. lol And really, the guy who does the tapping on the guitar is awesome- I love watching his fingers.

I got Chance Encounters back briefly with some lots of suggestions and notes. Not story notes, but you know- my writing. I fully agree with what she said and i've let it all sink in for quite a few days before I even tried to do anything. I know now how I want to approach the notes and how I want to go about writing and re-writing things.

I'm really excited!! It's going to be a little time consuming, but I'm excited for what this means! It means that this book will be BETTER!!!! I think. LOL

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