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Hunger Games Movie Review!

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First thing you need to understand is that i'm pretty critical when it comes to movies. Sometimes. Nah, most of the time. Having worked in the entertainment industry for FOREVER- I don't know, I guess i'm impressed with the things most people don't notice, or unimpressed with the things that people tend to love. lol

Everytime I saw the Hunger Games trailer, I was so. freaking. excited! I actually thought to myself, "omg, the movie might actually be better than the book!" And I really did think that. Because the trailer looked SO EXCITING! And EVENTFUL! And awesome!!!!!

But in all honesty... I thought it was really s l o w.

Listen, I know how hard it is to adapt a book to the big screen and still make sure that people who didn't read the book understand the movie. And those who did read the book, still enjoy it. I also know that there is no possible way to put every single aspect of any book into a movie because it just doesn't work that way. We can't always translate the things we write onto paper into movie form.

With that said- I just thought that the whole time until we got to the Games themselves was rather uneventful. Don't get me wrong- the beginning was fantastic, with fantastic acting (great casting by the way), great costume design and incredible set design.

Basically, I found myself waiting (LONGING) for the games to start so I could finally have some action. Because I remember feeling like that book had a lot of action- a lot of intensity- a lot of stuff going on... but once the games started... I don't know... it just lacked.

The intensity wasn't there. It would get intense for brief moments and then cut away completely and allow us to catch our breath and relax. Too much so, for my taste. I felt like that Games in the book was pretty scary almost the whole time, you know?

And I had completely forgotten that the freaky beast creatures were the dead tributes- and they didn't put that in at all. I mean, the freaky beast creatures were in there, but not the eyes, not the reference to WHO they were supposed to be. That definitely should have been in there somehow.

Overall- all the movie did for me- was reinforce the fact that the book is SO! MUCH! BETTER (and I wasn't even crazy, head over heels in love with the book)! But the book is developed really well... with characters you root for and against... with scenes you can envision and picture in your mind... with intensity and emotions that sometimes only well written words can do.


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Movies never live up to the books. I don't think I can name a single movie that I preferred to the novel. That said, I also thought the book was a little slow in the build-up and wished they'd gotten to the Games quicker. I'll still watch the movie though! Thanks for the review!

  2. Very well put. I have never found a book adaption to be better than the book itself either. I'll still watch the movie too, I want to see the story on the big screen.

  3. Jenn Sterling12:17 PM

    There are actually 2 movies that come to mind that I thought were WAY BETTER than the books were! The Notebook being one of them. Hands down that movie MADE the book better. :)