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Interview with Lori Brighton!

After reading "The Mind Readers"...
You're welcome.

I contacted stalked Lori, the author, until I forced her into becoming my friend! I told her how much I loved her book and then I interviewed her because i'm normal clearly obsessed.

Below is our interview of awesomeness! :)

“The Mind Readers" is your first Young Adult book, after many successful books written for adults. What made you decide to start writing for a younger audience?
Some of my favorite books growing up (and even still now) were for young adults. Anne of Green Gables was one of my first loves. I also really enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia. When I first started writing, it was never my intention to write just one genre. I love so many that I could never pick just one. And there’s something very sweet and promising about writing YA. The characters are young enough that they still have the whole world at their feet, yet it’s also usually a time in a person’s life when they really start to understand the complexities of world. So YA books can be very emotional reads, even more so than adult books.

I absolutely LOVED this book and felt like the main character Cameron was completely relatable. Were your intentions for writing her to make as normal of a teenager as possible? Talk a little about what/how you wanted readers to feel about her.
Definitely. I like to write characters who grow in a book, yet are also somewhat normal. Some readers don’t like that. They want a character who can kick ass from the get go, but I like to make it a little more realistic and let the reader see my characters grow.>/span>

I've read mixed reviews in regards to the way readers have felt about Lewis. Personally, I really liked him. I loved his and Cameron's relationship. Can you talk a little about Lewis and I HAVE TO KNOW, will he bein the second book (please say yes, please say yes)? :)
I’ll be totally honest with you, it was never my intention to make any character purely evil. In real life there are few people I would consider purely evil. The point was to show the truth… what one person thinks is right(or good) another person might find horrible (or evil). Some readers have gotten this, and it’s so awesome when I read a review and see that a reader totally understood what I was trying to do.

Lewis has been brainwashed since he was young. He’s been brought up a certain way and told certain things and to him (and through his experiences), they’re totally true. I know some people don’t like him, but it’s who he is. That doesn’t mean he won’t change. So yes, he will be in book two, although it won’t be until the last 1/3 of the book.

I really enjoyed the idea of being able to read minds- did anything specific influence that concept? Can you read minds? lol
Well, I can’t really tell you if I can read minds because then the government might abduct me and do experiments, but between you and me, yes, I can read minds.

lol. No, I can’t, and to be honest that’s probably a good thing. The idea came about from two things. One, there was a Buffy the Vampire (best show ever!!!!) episode in which Buffy could read minds. But also, one day I thought about how I wished I knew what someone was thinking. But of course then I realized maybe I didn’t really want to know.

This is one of my favorite lines in The Mind Readers:

Okay, so maybe my opinion of Trevor was influenced by the fact that he thought my breasts were too small for his liking. Although I’m happy to report he’d still “do me,” as he’d thought the other day.

I love it because it shows you exactly what would happen if you could read minds… you’d know every horrible thing a person thought about you and others. So yeah, not so sure I’d want to be able to read minds

What can you tell us about the second book? Anything you can spill, you know, like WILL LEWIS BE THERE?

Yes, as mentioned, Lewis will be in the last 1/3, but just to warn you… he dies. Joking! lol.
To be honest, there’s an evil part of me that wants to do that, write a book and kill
off everyone at the end just to piss people off. lol. See, there is some evil in the world. But anyway… spoilers… let’s see...Maddox will be in the book quite a bit, and yes, you’ll also meet Cameron’s father. There will also be another new and important female character added to the storyline. And sorry… if you hated the minor cliffhanger ending in book one, it’s not good news because the second book will have one too.

Anything else you'd like to tell your new readers and fans?

First, I just want to thank you for letting me visit your blog! Second, I love, love, love how into the book readers are! And I adore those emails people send telling me they loved the book or asking when book 2 will be out! You don’t know how much I appreciate your kind words! And three, I have and will still be posting small excerpts of The Mind Thieves (book 2) on my blog, so make sure to check it out.

That's it for the interview! Lori is amazeballs! If you haven't read THE MIND READERS, you should GRAB IT NOW BECAUSE IT'S FREE ON AMAZON!!!!!!! And then brace yourself, because you'll be freaking dying for the next book- like I currently am!

You can connect with Lori and tell her how awesome & pretty she is here:

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