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Paperbacks and Amazon

I had my superstar cover designer ( update my paperback, so I could make them available for people. Plus, I REALLY wanted one of my books looking THAT gorgeous! :)

Look how pretty!
my NEW! paperback cover!

I also think i'm going to stop offering the signed copies of paperback books and solely sell my them on Amazon & Createspace. It will just be a lot of easier for me- and for you. It's sort of a pain to deal with the payments (sometimes I get notified via email that someone has bought a book, sometimes I don't), and the post office (it's crazy far and always crazy busy) and the amount of time it takes to do it all. It basically keeps me running from one end of this town to the other and all the time i'm spending doing that means i'm not writing. And I feel like I have such a limited amount of time during the day to write as it is.

So i'll be updating my website soon to reflect the changes. A quick note too, just so you guys know- selling my paperbacks on Amazon means i'm making pretty much nothing on each sale. I apologize in advance for the "higher" price, but it's the only way I can even make a couple of bucks on each book (IF that, literally). Traditionally, self published authors have to have higher paperback prices in order to turn ANY sort of profit. We have to pay for the book by size, type of paper, type/style of cover, a certain cost per page, and I think that's it. But it all adds up to a base price that's already sort of high. And if I want to actually MAKE A LIVING being a writer, I have to attempt to make money. Otherwise i'm pretty much paying y'all to read my books. lol

So... that's why my paperback prices are what they are.

Thank you in advance to anyone who buys ANY of my books, in any format. I sincerely appreciate it. I know I say that all the time, but it's the truth and I don't want you to forget. :)

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