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What i'm doing

I just like pretending you care, so i'm going to tell you what i'm up to. Which really means i'll probably get distracted and tell you how cute my dog PETE is or something. But really, OMG, if you could see his face, you would get distracted too. HE HAS THE BIGGEST FREAKING FATTY LAB HEAD EVER! I totally want to get him a bandana that says BONE HEAD.
Like this (please not, that is NOT my doggy):

Although if I'm being honest... um, it's a good thing I looked up this picture because I didn't realize the dog was supposed to wear it around his neck like a bib??? I would have totally tried to tie it to his head and then been like, "whyyyyy isn't it working??? How do people get it to stay on???"

Clearly i'm the one who needs the bone head bandana. HA

Okay, so this morning i'm updating the paperback version of In Dreams. I wasn't going to, but I can't resist. I MUST have a copy for myself with the new cover! It's too pretty to not physically own! And plus, with all the grammar edits, I'd really like to have those printed. That way I can replace the versions that are in a few stores around town. They'll probably sell more too because the new cover is SO! EYE! CATCHING! Yeah, I seperated eyecatching into 2 words. SO what. lol

I've been editing Chance Encounters and i'm about half way through. I am really trying to finish this week, but i'm not sure that's realistic. It's taking me WAY longer to do these edits than I thought it would take. I think it's because i'm doing huge rewrites. Although they aren't really re-writes per se... more like additions. Yeah, i'm adding (tremendously) to the story. Which is a good thing! But still, time consuming and sort of frustrating when I thought I had the book finished. It's getting better though- and that's what I want for you, the reader. I want to write better stories. I want to develop things more and dive a little deeper. That takes work and I guess sometimes i'm just lazy.

I'm excited to finish this book because I really want to get back to Before the Dreams! I can't tell you how much Cooper, Austen and Katherine invade my brainspace. They are like total stalkers. And I THINK I have a really cool idea for how this story is going to end (it's going to go either 1 of 2 ways)- and then what will follow, so i'm excited to get started!

PS- lots of new facebook "likes" this week, which is awesome! I just wanted to thank everyone who is loving In Dreams (or enjoying it)... Don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends to read it. I seriously can't do this without you. My book goes pretty much nowhere without word of mouth. I know I say that all the time, but it's more true than you realize. So if you're blabbing about In Dreams- THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciate it! :)

Off to write stuff.

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