April 2012 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

In Dreams FREE!

To celebrate the *NEW* story revisions and rewrites I just completed on In Dreams, I've decided to make it FREE for two! full! days! on Amazon.

So starting tomorrow, Thursday, April 26th- In Dreams will be FREE to download on all Amazon sites!!!  If you downloaded an earlier version but haven't read it yet... delete that sucker and grab this one instead. I mean it.

This updated kindle version includes NEW story revisions, edits and formatting! 

Thursday - Friday... grab In Dreams for FREE on amazon.  And tell your friends!  :)



Just wanted to take a break from my crazy In Dreams rewrites to tell you all THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying, reading and loving Chance Encounters! I really appreciate all the feedback i've been getting and cannot hear enough how much you enjoyed the story and the characters.  :)  It makes all those crazy nights of pounding my head into the wall worth while.

So thank you for choosing to buy my book. I know it's a choice (it's the right one, dur), but you still don't "have" too.  And thanks for writing reviews on Amazon and stuff. I know I say it all the time, but all of us indie authors NEED your reviews. Especially on Amazon. So I appreciate you taking the time to write one. 

And thanks to all of you crazy readerballs for suggesting CE to your friends! I appreciate you spreading the word, cause really- aren't you all sick of hearing me talk about my own books by now?!?!? 

Back to ID rewrites!  I swear i'm almost done!  But it's been fun living with Austen, Cooper, Katherine and Taylor again!!!!  Makes me even MORE excited to go back to the past with them.  :)  :) 

Oh yeah, this is happening

You guys?  Really, you guys?  Are you listening?  Cause this is serious. 

In Dreams keeps me up at night. 

It's true.

You have to understand that I had no idea what I was getting into when I wrote that book. I just wanted to write the story.  I wanted to "tell" that story.  Those characters... that story... that book... it's part of my heart.  So when I put it out and it got ripped.to.shreds.-  well, that killed a small part of me. 

But what I couldn't see then... that I can see now... is that I didn't write that book very well.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that story and I think it is AMAZEBALLS!  But, I'm not sure I actually told it very well.

We all know how after the bad reviews started rolling in, that I found an editor and she did grammar and formatting edits for me. That was enough- at first.

But it's not enough anymore.

It's completely f'ed up that everytime someone tells me they are reading In Dreams, I cringe inside and assume they'll hate it. I'm genuinely SHOCKED when they say they liked it.  SHOCKED.  That's how screwed up I am from all these negative reviews.  Not to mention from everything i've learned so far about writing. 

I mean, if you read In Dreams and then you read Chance Encounters- I would hope you could see the difference in the storytelling.  I've grown.  Even if it's just a little- I've grown.  But mostly, my editor keeps me focused.  She challenges me and pushes me to be better.  To write more descriptively.  To stop telling and SHOW people.  To stop changing point of view every 2 sentences.  Apparently that's hard for me, cause um... I write the way I see things in my head. And I think she was spot on when she told me that I write like a director-  I write my book like a screenplay. 

I can't tell you how much sense that makes to me.

So anyway- the point i'm trying to make is...  there is absolutely NO REASON ON THIS GREEN EARTH that In Dreams should stay the way it is. I feel like I owe it to my story, to my characters and to myself- to do some rewrites on it to fix the issues.

The story itself isn't going to change. But there are things that need to be addressed. And I guess the bottom line is, at this point, I want to change them.  I want to fix it.  Because I want people to read it and not think it sucks. 

Otherwise, I'm always going to have this book out in the world that I think is only ok.  That I know I could have written better, if i'd only known then what I know now.  It hangs over my head and I literally think about it in my sleep. 

So that's it.  Before I start on Before the Dreams, I'm going to rewrite In Dreams.  And it's going to be awesome.  lol

Chance Encounters is LIVE!

It's finally here! The big release day! :)

Chance Encounters is LIVE and AVAILABLE for purchase on Amazon! Here's the link.

ps- I know the thumbnail looks WRETCHED. I saved the photo with the wrong color format. I've tried to upload the newer version, but Amazon takes awhile to update those things sometimes. So I apologize in advance that the cover looks crazy. It makes me sad too cause I think the cover is SOOOO pretty!

I've uploaded the book to Barnes & Noble for you Nookers out there- I swear I only know of 1 of you. LOL As soon as that's LIVE, i'll post the link. :)


The paperback's aren't quite ready yet. I still need to get a proof copy and comb through it line by line to make sure it prints okay. As soon as it's available for order, i'll let you know. But this is the link to the store. I won't be doing anymore orders through myself anymore. It's too time consuming, so for now, this is the only place where you can get a paperback copy of the book.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope you'll get a copy of the book and I hope you like it! If you do, please please please don't forget to leave me a review on Amazon. It's super helpful and it really does matter. :)

You guys are the best! xoxoxo jenn

Chance Encounters Cover Reveal!

Thank you

Just a quick shout to say thank you to all the book bloggers and author friends of mine who took the time to read Chance Encounters in a rush!

I'm so happy to report that people are actually ENJOYING it. I know that sounds dumb, because I should be all "of course you love it- it's awesome! i mean, hello... jackson anyone???" But I don't think y'all realize how freaking scarred I am from everything that went down with In Dreams. You know- how half of you hated it, while the other half of you loved it.

The half of you that hated it... it hurt.

So I think subconsciously i'm bracing for y'all to hate this one too. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? It's written so much better than In Dreams (which makes me really sad because ID deserves to be written superbly) and I think that makes a huge difference.

I'm proud. I sincerely worked my ass off on this book in the editing process. Which you should know because you read me complaining daily about how much it sucked. haha It was hard to edit. My editor pushed me. She challenged me. She demanded that I demand more from myself. And she was right. The book is in so much better shape than I ever could have done without her.

So anyway- here are a few things that people are saying so far...

"Sometimes you *need* to read a good book about love at first sight, broken
hearts, and making tough decisions. This book has all of that!" - book absorption

"This was an emotional ride and I was there with Caroline, Jackson and Clay all the way. It had the angst associated with love triangles and I thought the author did a great job of bringing it all together." - jenny, some crazy readerball from australia

"Possibly the greatest instant connection between two characters i've ever read. It will make you think twice about doubting the existance of soul mates." - Colleen Hoover, authorballs of Slammed

Thanks so much to everyone for your support. TWO!!! MORE!!! DAYS!!!!

Early Feedback on CE!


Seriously, do I annoy you with my immaturity?!?! I can't help it. I'm seriously like a 17 year old girl, all.the.time.

I gave some advance copies of Chance Encounters to a few book bloggers and fellow authorballs (that's our new name for authors who don't wanna be called authors, cause it's all stuffy and professional sounding) to read. The early feedback is coming in and it's AWESOME!

I'm so excited and happy to read that people are loving the story! I worked really freaking hard on it and put my poor editor through hell.

I'll post all the links to buy it on Thursday when it's all live.

And a quick note that the E-versions will be available Thursday, but the paperback store won't be open for another week most likely. I haven't fully finished with the back cover quotes and then I still need to get a physical copy to make sure there are no printing/formatting errors. So just be patient with the paperback. But get on the e-versions! :)


It's officially ONE WEEK until I release Chance Encounters!!!! Dear goddess of writing and readers, please don't let this book suck. LOL

I've talked about this a million times already, so i'm sure you're sick of hearing it- but it's just that this story didn't come from my guts the way In Dreams did, so it just doesn't feel the same. I'm not as connected to the story if you know what I mean.

But I tried to write a story that was touching. A story that would make you feel with characters you would like and relate too. So I hope that translates.

It's out with some book bloggers as we speak and their reviews should be up before the release date. Unless they hate the book, then i'm going to pay them to keep their mouths shut and their fingers from typing. LOL

I'm excited to release this and then get back to work on Before the Dreams. And I'm 95% sure that there will be a third book in the Dream Series. But it will be a little different, and it will take place in the lifetime of the next story..... so, we'll see what happens when I start writing it.

I always plan for certain things and then it just doesn't work out that way. My characters have minds of their own. I sort of love them for that.

How can you not? :)

Author Interview with Colleen Hoover!

So.. first of all, I'd like to welcome this hot piece of ass to my blog. :) Oops, I cussed. It's going to be all downhill from here folks.

Everyone welome Colleen Hoover- superstar author of the Slammed series. Which is so freaking brilliant by the way, that if you aren't reading them... well, I don't have anything nice to say about you. You're dumb if you don't read these books. You're crazy if you don't like them. LOL okay, fine- i'll stop being mean.

Onto the interview of greatness!!!! :)

Dear Colleen (my new bff), I read somewhere that you came up with the idea for Slammed while you were at your son's acting rehearsals. Is that right?

Why, yes dearest best friend Jenn. It is true. I had to sit night after night in the auditorium while they rehearsed, so I would bring my ipad and read. I'm pretty sure the thought 'Slam' came to me initially because that's what I felt like doing with my head up against a brick wall. The rehearsals were monotonous. (Although very worth it in the end.) I had been watching 'slams' on youtube while I was there, bored, and thought it would be interesting to read a book where some of the characters slammed. After not being able to find one, I decided to try and write one.

So have you always wanted to write a book, or did you literally wake up one morning and say, "i'd like to write a book that rocks people's socks off?"

I've always wanted to write a book, but honestly, I love t.v. too much. I'm a (used to be) reality tv junkie. So I never made time to try and write, until the idea for Slammed came. I suddenly stopped watching tv cold-turkey and wrote and wrote until my hand literally fell off. Literally. I didn't know if the book would rock people's socks off or not.

As a fellow writer (I cannot bring myself to call myself an "author" ha), I'm totally jealous at how quickly you seem to bust out your books and the fact that you don't have a professional editor (right?) and your stories are written SO well. So let's talk about your writing process a little- after you've written your first draft of a story, what follows?

I edit as I write. And I read and read and read and read my chapters and read them again and again and again. Then when I'm done I read them some more. I change and correct so much as I go along that by the time I get to the end, it's all been edited to an extent. However, as with anyone, I'm still finding mistakes. Just today I uploaded an edit because I found a word the said 'be' when it should have said 'me.' DAMMIT! It never ends. I've only been doing this a few months and I have so freaking much to learn. But it makes me feel good to know that you are a little jealous. Maybe that means I'm doing something right. Or maybe it just means you are blinded to my mistakes because of your incredible love for me.

I loved your interview over on Behind the Books (http://www.maryse.net/behind-the-books-interviews/behind-the-books-interview-with-colleen-hoover.html) and could SO relate when you talked about having no intentions on writing a sequel to Slammed. I felt the exact same way about In Dreams. So now that you've written Point of Retreat, do you think you'll write another book, or is Lake & Will's story really done?

Lake and Will's story is done. But that doesn't say the other characters' stories were done....That's all I'm going to say about that.

What about short stories, or books on some of the other characters? You know, like EDDIE?

I'm sorry. I couldn't hear this question. Could you type your question a little louder please?

Okay, so I've heard you say that most of the characters aren't really based on people you know. But clearly, this is a lie, because I am SO TOTALLY Eddie- and somehow you channeled that into your books and you summoned me to you. Right?

Right. (Abso-freakin-lutely)

So. If the people in your stories aren't really based on anyone in particular- then what about the events? The little things... Like the pink balloon story?

Nope, didn't base that one off of anything from my own life. Not a whole lot in the books were. Maybe a few names here and there, and the snowman scene happened with my boys. But characters and their likenessess were fictional. Except, of course, Eddie...who is totally you. Even though I didn't know you when I wrote the book. But yeah...totally you.

And what about the idea for the stars in the vase. Which I freaking LOVED by the way!!!!! Such a cute, creative and clever idea. Where did that come from? I swear if you have no influences other than the your own personal amazeball-ness, I might stab something.

That was actually a gift my niece made for my sister. Here, I blogged about it: http://colleenhoover.com/2012/03/06/

How did you come up with Kiersten? She cracks me the hell up- and also scares me a little.

Kiersten is the kind of child I wished I was. And the kind of daughter I would totally raise. Care-free, to the point and with a mouth like a sailor!

What character did you have the most fun writing?

You know, I had the most fun writing from Will's point of view in Point of Retreat. I was nervous at first, thinking I wouldn't be able to pull off a guy's perspective. But honestly, it was easier than a girls perspective. When a girl is writing things from a girl's POV, for me it was hard to separate what I would do in situations as opposed to what the character Lake would do. I kept having to re-write things as she would say or do them, not as I would say or do them. With Will, it was so much fun getting inside his head and writing from that perspective, because I only had his characteristics to go by. I think my favorite scene was his drunk journal entry.

And what character do you love the most? And don't say you love all of them the same. It's like kids- we lie and say we don't pick favorites, but we so totally do!

I totally agree...even mothers have favorites. (Quit lying to yourselves, Mom's)

My kids often ask me which one of them I love the most. But like my own mother once said, it depends on the situation. If one of them is sick, or is having a bad day, or is being incredibly adorable, I favor that one at the moment. Sort of like my characters. If I'm in a particular mood or listening to a particular song, I tend to like certain characters over other ones. More often than not it's Will, though. I have a fictional crush on him.

This question is like a 4 parter.
#1- why are you so emotionless? Are you really a zombie?

I don't know why I'm so emotionless. It's not that I just don't cry, I also don't get super excited. I'm pretty even keel ALL of the time. It's kinda weird and I've often wondered that myself. If people can be super depressed, super emotional, super delirious, super hyper...then why can't we be super even keel? That's me. And no, I'm not a zombie. Unless your brain is made of lindor truffles.

#2- did you cry at all when you wrote your stories (I bawl like a freaking baby when I write mine)?

No, I didn't cry. If I would have wrote something that made me cry, I probably would have re-written it, thinking something was wrong with it.

#3- has ANY movie or book made you cry or tear up? If so, WHAT ONES?

Sometimes I start to tear up, but nothing comes of it. But if this is your way of wanting to know what movies I like, let me think.

Funniest movies ever:
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Jerk
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Greatest movies ever:
The Color Purple
Forces of Nature (I have no idea why I love this movie so much. Weird, I know.)
American History X
Mean Girls (I have an eclectic taste)
Dead Poet's Society

And #4- Are you really a zombie? lol


What has been the best part about self publishing? And what has suriprised you the most?

I started out dumb as dirt when it comes to the whole 'publishing' aspect. I initially had no clue I could even self-publish. Once I figured that out, I uploaded it almost immediately, thinking I could query the project later. Once I started querying, it became evident that perhaps I shouldn't have self-published first. lol. Oh well, live and learn. I queried several agents and actually have 'fulls' out on request right now. But considering the success of the two books over the last few weeks, I'm pretty positive I made an amazing inadvertant decision to self-publish. I didn't realize a book could reach the amount of readers it has reached being a self-published book, so I'm stoked about it. I'm so glad I was dumb.

Who designs your covers, or how do you come up with them?

I just use stock photos from createspace. That's really an area I need work. I wanted an image on Amazon so I used their self editing tools to slap a cover on it. If anyone has any better ideas...I'm open for suggestions.

Are you shocked at all the hooplah surrounding your book? Did you ever think you'd touch so many people with your words, or is what happening the very thing you always hoped would? Good lord, did that sentence even make sense?!? lol

Everything you say makes total sense, Jenn. We are author soul-mates. Not to be confused with platonic soul-mates...my Jamie already has that title.

How can I answer this question while maintaining a confident, poised display of author professionalism? Ummm.

HELL NO! I had NO IDEA people would read my book. Are you kidding me? I'm still in shock. Complete shock. I mean, I live in a trailer house. Seriously. I'm a month behind on pretty much every single one of my bills. I wrote this book because I was bored and I love to write...not because I was hoping for the next best seller. I fell in love with my story and kept going so I could entertain a few friends. If you told me four months ago that the words I was writing were going to eventually reach hundreds, if not thousands of people...I probably would have freaked out a little bit and stopped writing it. Seriously. But let me tell you, I am loving every single second of it. Especially the moments that bring me to other amazeballs writers like yourself.

What do you have planned in the future? What can we look forward to next?

Tomorrow we're having Easter. Monday I'm going to work. That's as far as I've got.

Anything else you want to say to all your supporters and fans?

Oh. My. Freaking. Word.

How to put my appreciation into words?

When I started writing Slammed, I had no idea how involved I was going to get with my characters and their story. It was intense. I completely understand why authors refer to their stories as 'their babies.' It was my baby. And letting my baby out into the world to be judged and reviewed by people was a very scary thing to do. So when people fall in love with it the same way I did? It melts my heart. In fact, I love the readers so much I...could...cry. Seriously. You guys are bemazing and are the sole reason for the constant perm-grin I've had on my face for three straight weeks now.

And there are a few fans I would like to give a quick shout out to.

"Yeh gals es the best! Yeh know who yas are? You bangs like a dunny door in a hurricane!"

Gotta love this woman! Sweet baby Jesus knows I do. The best part about being an indie author is meeting other authors who ROCK! I mean, I love finding good books by new, indie authors. But then when I stalk them to tell them how much I enjoyed their books or their stories- it makes me SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY when their personalities don't suck!!!! :)

Now really, if you haven't read Slammed, go get it! It's truly a beautiful story. But i'm a sucker for good romance and unlike Colleen, I have a heart. And feelings. And emotions. She's really a robot. lol :)

Chance Encounters Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to finally show y'all this cover! It's literally been months in the making. If you only had any idea how crazy and how much work it is to freaking shoot a cover- and get every little detail right.

My cover designer is truly an angel. One talented, crazy hot, angel. lol

Just so you can appreciate a little bit- these photographs were taken at 2 different times... in 2 different parts of California (northern & then southern)... in 2 different seasons... at 2 different times of the day... with people who were nowhere near each other when each photo was shot.

So without further adieu (i think i just like saying that word ha)... I give you, Chance Encounters. Coming April 19th!

I hope you like it as much as I do. And if you don't- this is one of those times where you should lie to me and tell you do. lol

xoxo- jenn

the best books you aren't reading (but should be)

Since becoming a writer. Yes, let's call myself a writer instead of author. Author sounds so professional and insinuates that the person doing the writing actually knows what the hell they're doing.

I clearly, have no clue what I'm doing.

Anyway- since i've started writing books, i've read more than i've ever read in my life! I mean, i've always read books, but now I feel like if i'm not writing, i'm reading. And I have found some seriously amazing books by other Indie Authors. They're authors. I'm just a writer. lol

Are you reading these books? If you're not- you should be. Because they're awesome. And the women who write them are even MORE awesome! Just when I thought i'd found everyone in the world I was going to love- i've gone and fallen for these super fun, rad personalitied, awesome story-telling chicks! There's always room in my life for more girls! who! rock! :) <3

The Star Crossed Series by my seperated at birth, dialogue writing sister-friend, Rachel Higginson. You should start with the first book. It's free!!!! How can you not read a free book? Well, it could suck. But this series... doesn't suck! lol

And then there's this book. Which holy crap- not only and I in love with the characters, i'm in love with their author too. She likes when I say things like that about her. You should be reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

The Deepest Cut was an awesome read! I loved the first 2 books of this series and can't wait for the last one! It's coming soon! And the author introduced me to my editor. Have I mentioned how amazing and wonderful other Indie Authors are? So yeah, The Deepest Cut? I loved it. It's romancey, so if you don't like that instant connection (or are going to complain about it the whole time) then don't read this series. lol

I've already talked to you about books like The Mind Readers & The Willows: Haven & Meeting Destiny.

So why are you still here? Get to readin'!! :)

xoxo -jenn

Designing a Book Cover

is freaking HARD! Oh my gosh, all I freaking do is complain on this blog huh? Editing is hard. Choosing a book cover is hard. Writing is hard. WAH. lol

I photograph all my own book covers. That way I won't have what other people seem to be running into- the same photo on multiple covers. I totally get why that happens and if I couldn't shoot my own covers, i'd fall victim to the i-stock photo craze too. But I can't always get what I want with one photograph- so they usually become a mish mash of so many things.

The Chance Encounters cover is no exception! For the love. As of yesterday, I had 3 seperate covers to choose from. I say choose, but I really mean that I complained and made requests and my poor amazingly wonderful cover designer obliged and then by the end of the day, I had multiple covers to choose from.

And guess what?

You already know what's coming, huh?



I feel like the worst person ever!

But now- I am so freaking excited because I love it!!!! So if you hate it, be gentle. Say nice things. Talk behind my back instead. Cause I really like this cover and you have no idea how much time, effort and vision goes into creating it. And hell, I feel like I only know half because the REAL talent lies within the hands of my designer.

She is fantastic! :)

Okay- so... cover reveal coming soon! Actual book to follow! We're getting closer! :)