the best books you aren't reading (but should be) - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

the best books you aren't reading (but should be)

Since becoming a writer. Yes, let's call myself a writer instead of author. Author sounds so professional and insinuates that the person doing the writing actually knows what the hell they're doing.

I clearly, have no clue what I'm doing.

Anyway- since i've started writing books, i've read more than i've ever read in my life! I mean, i've always read books, but now I feel like if i'm not writing, i'm reading. And I have found some seriously amazing books by other Indie Authors. They're authors. I'm just a writer. lol

Are you reading these books? If you're not- you should be. Because they're awesome. And the women who write them are even MORE awesome! Just when I thought i'd found everyone in the world I was going to love- i've gone and fallen for these super fun, rad personalitied, awesome story-telling chicks! There's always room in my life for more girls! who! rock! :) <3

The Star Crossed Series by my seperated at birth, dialogue writing sister-friend, Rachel Higginson. You should start with the first book. It's free!!!! How can you not read a free book? Well, it could suck. But this series... doesn't suck! lol

And then there's this book. Which holy crap- not only and I in love with the characters, i'm in love with their author too. She likes when I say things like that about her. You should be reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

The Deepest Cut was an awesome read! I loved the first 2 books of this series and can't wait for the last one! It's coming soon! And the author introduced me to my editor. Have I mentioned how amazing and wonderful other Indie Authors are? So yeah, The Deepest Cut? I loved it. It's romancey, so if you don't like that instant connection (or are going to complain about it the whole time) then don't read this series. lol

I've already talked to you about books like The Mind Readers & The Willows: Haven & Meeting Destiny.

So why are you still here? Get to readin'!! :)

xoxo -jenn

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    See what you get with google alerts? Holy crap I don't 'like' it when you say things like that about the author. I 'LOVE' it! <3 Let the stalking commence....from both ends.