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Designing a Book Cover

is freaking HARD! Oh my gosh, all I freaking do is complain on this blog huh? Editing is hard. Choosing a book cover is hard. Writing is hard. WAH. lol

I photograph all my own book covers. That way I won't have what other people seem to be running into- the same photo on multiple covers. I totally get why that happens and if I couldn't shoot my own covers, i'd fall victim to the i-stock photo craze too. But I can't always get what I want with one photograph- so they usually become a mish mash of so many things.

The Chance Encounters cover is no exception! For the love. As of yesterday, I had 3 seperate covers to choose from. I say choose, but I really mean that I complained and made requests and my poor amazingly wonderful cover designer obliged and then by the end of the day, I had multiple covers to choose from.

And guess what?

You already know what's coming, huh?



I feel like the worst person ever!

But now- I am so freaking excited because I love it!!!! So if you hate it, be gentle. Say nice things. Talk behind my back instead. Cause I really like this cover and you have no idea how much time, effort and vision goes into creating it. And hell, I feel like I only know half because the REAL talent lies within the hands of my designer.

She is fantastic! :)

Okay- so... cover reveal coming soon! Actual book to follow! We're getting closer! :)

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