Early Feedback on CE! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Early Feedback on CE!


Seriously, do I annoy you with my immaturity?!?! I can't help it. I'm seriously like a 17 year old girl, all.the.time.

I gave some advance copies of Chance Encounters to a few book bloggers and fellow authorballs (that's our new name for authors who don't wanna be called authors, cause it's all stuffy and professional sounding) to read. The early feedback is coming in and it's AWESOME!

I'm so excited and happy to read that people are loving the story! I worked really freaking hard on it and put my poor editor through hell.

I'll post all the links to buy it on Thursday when it's all live.

And a quick note that the E-versions will be available Thursday, but the paperback store won't be open for another week most likely. I haven't fully finished with the back cover quotes and then I still need to get a physical copy to make sure there are no printing/formatting errors. So just be patient with the paperback. But get on the e-versions! :)

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