Thank you - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Thank you

Just a quick shout to say thank you to all the book bloggers and author friends of mine who took the time to read Chance Encounters in a rush!

I'm so happy to report that people are actually ENJOYING it. I know that sounds dumb, because I should be all "of course you love it- it's awesome! i mean, hello... jackson anyone???" But I don't think y'all realize how freaking scarred I am from everything that went down with In Dreams. You know- how half of you hated it, while the other half of you loved it.

The half of you that hated it... it hurt.

So I think subconsciously i'm bracing for y'all to hate this one too. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? It's written so much better than In Dreams (which makes me really sad because ID deserves to be written superbly) and I think that makes a huge difference.

I'm proud. I sincerely worked my ass off on this book in the editing process. Which you should know because you read me complaining daily about how much it sucked. haha It was hard to edit. My editor pushed me. She challenged me. She demanded that I demand more from myself. And she was right. The book is in so much better shape than I ever could have done without her.

So anyway- here are a few things that people are saying so far...

"Sometimes you *need* to read a good book about love at first sight, broken
hearts, and making tough decisions. This book has all of that!" - book absorption

"This was an emotional ride and I was there with Caroline, Jackson and Clay all the way. It had the angst associated with love triangles and I thought the author did a great job of bringing it all together." - jenny, some crazy readerball from australia

"Possibly the greatest instant connection between two characters i've ever read. It will make you think twice about doubting the existance of soul mates." - Colleen Hoover, authorballs of Slammed

Thanks so much to everyone for your support. TWO!!! MORE!!! DAYS!!!!


  1. CAT JACKS9:50 AM

    CAN NOT WAIT to reread it and see your changes. I read it before you edited and parts gave me goosebumps. I can't wait to read and see how much better you have made it.

  2. Jenny9:55 AM

    Hi from the crazeball reader from Australia! All I can say is I freaking LOVED this book. If you want an emotional ride that will at times grip at your heartstrings then this is the book for you! It will suck you in from the beginning with the "realness" of the situations and confrontations. Don't delay! Go and buy it! First thing Thursday morning!! This book takes the premise of what would you do if you were with the one you loved but accidentally met what could possibly be your soulmate! Take the chance?
    Well read the book and see. I can say you won't be disappointed that you did.
    A great read Jenn! You are amazeballs!!