THANK YOU! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling


Just wanted to take a break from my crazy In Dreams rewrites to tell you all THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying, reading and loving Chance Encounters! I really appreciate all the feedback i've been getting and cannot hear enough how much you enjoyed the story and the characters.  :)  It makes all those crazy nights of pounding my head into the wall worth while.

So thank you for choosing to buy my book. I know it's a choice (it's the right one, dur), but you still don't "have" too.  And thanks for writing reviews on Amazon and stuff. I know I say it all the time, but all of us indie authors NEED your reviews. Especially on Amazon. So I appreciate you taking the time to write one. 

And thanks to all of you crazy readerballs for suggesting CE to your friends! I appreciate you spreading the word, cause really- aren't you all sick of hearing me talk about my own books by now?!?!? 

Back to ID rewrites!  I swear i'm almost done!  But it's been fun living with Austen, Cooper, Katherine and Taylor again!!!!  Makes me even MORE excited to go back to the past with them.  :)  :) 

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