May 2012 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Somebody That I Used To Know

No. I'm still NOT sick of this song.  I love it.

And all of these things are rad.. not that you'll watch all of them, cause maybe you can't listen to the song a hundred times in a row like I clearly can. lol

2 cute kids lip synching... the girl makes me laugh. she looks so sour all the time. lol

walk off the earth's amazing rendition!

this wouldn't be complete without adding GLEE's version!


How Gorgeous is This?!?!

I have to share this with y'all today because
#1- I took the photo for this cover
#2- it's my nephew and his girlfriend
and #4- cause I can't wait for this book to come out so I can get it!  :)

If you like fantasy books with time travel and super cool magical type concepts- then please, please, please give this series a try!  Wander Dust is the first book (which is currently only .99 cents by the way).  Protecting Truth is the second book that will hopefully be out this summer!  *crossing fingers and toes*

Yeah, so here it is.  One sick.ass.cover.  I love it so much! :)


That's just me growling.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I have so much going on with my house. It got sold in an auction. Which totally sucks- especially since we were in the middle of a short sale. A short sale that was going to give us more time to try to find a new place to live that will allow dogs. 

But the auction means it's sold NOW.  And we need to leave ASAP.  And no one wants doggies in their homes.  Which blows.

So i've been stressed out. 

And packing.

A lot.

And what that all really means, is that I haven't been writing.  Not a lick. 

And I freaking can't stand that!  I just want to write. I want to work. But my brain is broken.  It won't stop stressing out about the house and the move and and and and....

So I just wanted to check in. And tell you taht I swear everything is going to come together and be fabulous. And as soon as I move and get settled, I'm getting back into writing mode!  Cause I have stories to tell!  And they don't write themselves!  :)

Thanks for all the support on Chance Encounters. Thank you so much for spreading the word- and telling people to read it and buy it. You guys are making it a huge success and I can't thank you enough for it. Don't stop!  Tell everyone!  I mean, EVERYONE!  Even your mailman.  LOL

Happy 1 Year Blog-o-versary TTFYA!

Treasured Tales for Young Adults is an awesome blog!  She has supported me from the very beginning and i'm proud to be included in her 1 year celebration! 

Here's a link to the interview I did over there:

Go wish them a happy blog'o!  :)

Cooper vs Jackson- An Interview

When Lori asked if she could interview Cooper AND Jackson for her book blog- I leaped for joy!  No really. I leaped.  :)

What a great idea, I thought!  And it turns out- that it was.

The adorable Lori got the guys to open up, turn to mush and talk about things like The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl?!?!!??!  How did that happen?  :) 

Read the interview here: