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Thankful and Happy

I'm not sure if i've mentioned it on this blog yet.. probably not, cause i've been super busy moving and crap.  Have I mentioned that I LOATHE MOVING?!?!?!  Probably. I enjoy complaining.  And I'm easily distracted.  Holy crap, I realized during this move how easily distracted I am! 

It's probably a disorder. 

Or something.

See? I already forgot what I came to blog about and I had to look at the title of this post to remember.  HA

Since I released Chance Encounters, I have been making enough money each week to replace the income I no longer have.  You know, cause I got fired and all.  Wait.  I just totally wrote that wrong. I mean, I have been making enough money as if I was working a PART TIME JOB.  *knock on couch pillow*


Which freaking RULES people! 

And I swear to the Goddess that if I just freaking jinxed it all, i'll never blog about money again!

Okay, so- seriously.. I AM SO THANKFUL that this is happening!!!!  I am SOOOO happy that this is happening!  It's helped me realize that the financial goals I have for myself (to replace my old, full time salary) is TOTALLY POSSIBLE!

I can reach my goals to WORK FOR MYSELF! I CAN LIVE LIKE I WAS PRIOR TO GETTING SHIT CANNED-  and not have to deal with idiot bosses who suck at life. 

Do you have any idea how incredible that feels?! 

Well it feels freaking amazeballs!  And I owe it to every single one of you who reads my books and likes them. Every one of you who PAYS for them (doesn't download them for free, or read them and then return them- which totally freaking sucks by the way. stop doing it. it's stealing too.), tells other people to read them, etc. 

I just wanted to say thanks!  And I hope beyond all hope that this is just the beginning. That my star is still rising-  my success, still growing... 

I'm so freaking excited to go on this ride with all of you.  :)

oh yeah- and on this ride.. i'll be riding this:

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