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I'm going to disappear for a few days!  It's a good thing!  It means I AM FINALLY WRITING!

I haven't written a single thing since the release of Chance Encounters. Ahem, that was 2 months ago. 

I feel like a bad author, but then again- i've had a lot of stuff going on. I lost my house, had to find a new one, pack up and move all in a 28 day time span.

May was a very stressful month.

But May's over! 

And hell, June's almost over!  Which is crazy because I am so not ready for summer to EVER end.  Like, ever.  lol

So anyway, I have some time- and i'm going to use and abuse it. Here's to hoping I make some serious progress on Before the Dreams.  I really am hoping for a September release, but knowing me... that means it will be freaking November. HA...

I will tell you it's been extra fun in my head lately. Cooper, Austen and Katherine have been around more than normal lately.. they are dying for me to tell you the rest of their story.  Well the lifetime that happened BEFORE the one you already know about. Everynight they sit there harassing me. Cooper and Austen mostly. Katherine's so polite. lol

Wait, you haven't read In Dreams yet?  Silly rabbit, go get it while it's still only .99 cents!!! 

Alright-  i'm out!  See if you in a few days!!  wish me luck.  Gosh I wish my books wrote as quickly as I thought of them!  :) 

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