August 2012 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

NEW merchandise store open!

The Perfect Game MERCHANDISE store is now open!

I know it's a bit premature, but there are some stuff there that you can get if you wanna. cause really, who doesn't want that book cover on EVERYTHING you can get it on?!!? LOL

there you go!

Go get some!  :) :)

Did You See It?

Did you see the big reveal on all the blogs and facebook this morning for The Perfect Game?!

Tell me how much you LOVE this freaking cover!!!!!!! 


Isn't it AMAZING?!?!?!!  I am in love with it! I can't wait to release it!  The book will be out in early October.....  it's not finished yet, but soon. *knocks on wood*
And for those of you who like to buy the paperback copies... look at the full cover!  it's even better when you see the WHOLE thing!!!!

i'm going to go have a heartattack of epic porportions now. I can't take the gorgeousness!  CAN'T! TAKE! IT!

The Perfect Game Cover!

The cover for The Perfect Game is almost done and let me tell you....

I have never been more excited for a cover before as I am for this one! 

It's freaking GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I'm going to let some blogs and bloggers reveal the cover before I do! 

So if you're interested, let me know!  :) 

But for sure, the cover will be seen at:

The Indie Bookshelf

Totally Booked

Lori's Book Blog

Becky's Blog

Melissa's Book Blog

I'll let you know when as soon as I set up a date!  :)

Jack on Cassie- The Perfect Game Teaser #3

This is from Jack's point of view.

Prove it were the two words she said to me before hopping out of my car and running through her apartment door that night. She didn’t trust people either. Or more to the point, she didn’t trust me. Cassie Andrews didn’t need rescuing, but I still wanted to save her.

She wanted me to prove that she was different from all the other girls I’d been with. Apparently she didn’t realize she already was. I asked her out on a date and I never ask girls out. Hooking up at a party or a club was one thing. That’s easy. I can do anything with a beer in my hand, or an audience watching.

But asking Cassie out in the daylight, dead sober, with no one around…that was something I’d never done before. She made me nervous as hell. I knew she wasn’t like other girls the moment I saw the disgusted look on her face after I called her kitten. Most girls would have creamed their pants if I called them that. But not Cassie. She looked like she wanted to punch me in the jaw.

And I’ve wanted to kiss her ever since.

The Perfect Game, coming Fall 2012

Chance Encounters *FREE* Today Only!

I went crazy apparently and made Chance Encounters FREE for one day!  It's something I said I wouldn't do- don't ask why. Maybe it's because i've made In Dreams so many times, I was hoping I wouldn't need to do it with Chance.

But the truth is... lots of people still don't know who I am. And i'm going to Chicago with a bunch of super amazeball other authors-  and in the spirit of that book signing, I thought I'd give CE away one day for FREE so anyone who wanted to get to know me and my writing style-  COULD.  And for those people who might not have ever found or heard of me before, might get the chance to do just that.

So it's FREE. But for today only! 

So go get your copy!  Tell your friends! Post it on twitter, facebook, google +, the bathroom wall at your work.  Email your friends and family who read and you think might enjoy this pretend adult book written in typical jennster young adult fashion.  :) 

And thanks.  From the bottom of my butt (it's way bigger than my heart). 






Bloggers- this one's for you!

Our Chicago event is coming up at the end of september! the list of authors is UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!! and i'll be there too! don't ask how. LOL

so bloggers, if you're coming-  if you're local-  if you wanna show up-  there's a special time slot just for you with everyone! Anyone with a blog is welcome to sign up! 

I hope you guys can make it! I'm getting super excited and I can't wait to not only be there, but meet everyone! :)

New Interview

The fabulous Andrea Randall interviewed little ole me over at the Indie Bookshelf...

You can read it here

Interviews are fun! And I think i'm part sane person, part insane. Which part is more?  lol

Have a great weekend everyone... i'm off to my writing cave to lose myself in all things Jack Carter and Cassie Andrews.  Pray I don't cry. Thanks.


Holy crap, i've literally spent the ENTIRE FREAKING DAY building these merchandise websites and then creating the merchandise for them! 

I should have been writing people.  WRITING!  But no.  NO!  I'm making cutesy merchandise that makes me laugh and makes me smile. 

So here we go!

Merchandise store for In Dreams is NOW OPEN here:

Merchandise store for Chance Encounters is NOW OPEN here:

And YES- there will be merchandise for all future books....THE PERFECT GAME included!  I've already started working on em!  Who doesn't want a Jack Carter jersey shirt?  *swoon*

Go check it out!  If there's something you want- a different quote- a picture you see on something you don't see-  just let me know. If I can make it work, I will!  But i'm not a mind reader, so you just gotta tell me!  :)

Y'all are the bestest.  Now get your Cooper, Austen & Jackson love on! 


The Perfect Game- Teaser #2


here's another teaser for your reading pleasure.  :)

“Dean! What are you doing over here?” Jack’s sultry voice echoed throughout the student union, and I felt my stomach lurch. My gaze settled upon his eyes, my annoyance clear.

“Oh, kitten. I see you’ve met my little brother,” Jack winked before placing his hand on Dean’s shoulder and squeezing.

“Thank God he seems nothing like you. I might actually be able to tolerate him,” I tilted my head and smiled sharply before taking a bite of my turkey sandwich.

“You need me to work some of that aggression out of you?” Jack offered with a sultry smile.

“I’d rather eat dirt,” I sassed, mouth full.

“I almost want to see that,” Jack chuckled and one dimple appeared on his cheek.

“You would. Go torture someone else,” I begged, eating more of my sandwich before looking away.

“But I like torturing you,” he said with a grin and moved to sit next to me.

“Uh, no!” I shouted before throwing my bag right where he was about to plop his perfect little ass. He stopped short and stood back up.

“Why so angry, kitten?” he whined.

“Why so annoying, jackass?” I mimicked his tone.

I took a bite of my pickle when Jack’s breath in my ear stopped my chewing. “You’ll come around. You’ll see. You can’t resist me forever.”

I wanted to spit my half chewed food all over his arrogant face. As I struggled to swallow, he walked away smiling.

The Perfect Game, coming Fall 2012

I went to Colorado

And all i got was...

altitude sickness.


Seriously though- why didn't any of  y'all warn me that ALTITUDE SICKNESS could happen!??!  So weird.  It sucked. I felt "off" for like 4 freaking days. FOUR DAYS! blah.

BUT, let me tell you- Steamboat Springs is where the crazy Olympic ski people practice their jumps. It was IN-FLIPPING-SANE watching them do this!!!! 

So this is the jump thing. I wish you could tell how TALL and HIGH on the mountainside it was. But you can't. Anyway... not only did the guys have to try to kill themselves on this insane jump thing- once they were at the bottom they had to CLIMB A MILLION STAIRS WITH THEIR SKIES IN THEIR ARMS to do it all over again!!!!!!

Really people, can't you install a escalator to the top or something?!?!!?  Good lord. All I kept thinking when they walked up the stairs was how I would flipping DIE if I had to do that. 

See?!?!? Stairs of death. Plus, they were so hot walking up the stairs of death, they had to fold down their weird unitard thingies. So basically, a bunch of guys walked up a billions stairs topless and I took their pics. Yep. Not creepy. At all.  lol

So once the crazy boys are at the top, they have to put their clothes back on and attach their skis!

Holy shit, now that they are FINALLY up there and all reclothed, they can do what they came to do! FLY DOWN THAT CRAZY THING!!!!!

Crazy right?

I don't think i'll ever get over the stairs.  THE STAIRS!

dedication. That's the one word that comes to mind. Well that or INSANITY.