Chance Encounters *FREE* Today Only! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Chance Encounters *FREE* Today Only!

I went crazy apparently and made Chance Encounters FREE for one day!  It's something I said I wouldn't do- don't ask why. Maybe it's because i've made In Dreams so many times, I was hoping I wouldn't need to do it with Chance.

But the truth is... lots of people still don't know who I am. And i'm going to Chicago with a bunch of super amazeball other authors-  and in the spirit of that book signing, I thought I'd give CE away one day for FREE so anyone who wanted to get to know me and my writing style-  COULD.  And for those people who might not have ever found or heard of me before, might get the chance to do just that.

So it's FREE. But for today only! 

So go get your copy!  Tell your friends! Post it on twitter, facebook, google +, the bathroom wall at your work.  Email your friends and family who read and you think might enjoy this pretend adult book written in typical jennster young adult fashion.  :) 

And thanks.  From the bottom of my butt (it's way bigger than my heart). 






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