Jack on Cassie- The Perfect Game Teaser #3 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Jack on Cassie- The Perfect Game Teaser #3

This is from Jack's point of view.

Prove it were the two words she said to me before hopping out of my car and running through her apartment door that night. She didn’t trust people either. Or more to the point, she didn’t trust me. Cassie Andrews didn’t need rescuing, but I still wanted to save her.

She wanted me to prove that she was different from all the other girls I’d been with. Apparently she didn’t realize she already was. I asked her out on a date and I never ask girls out. Hooking up at a party or a club was one thing. That’s easy. I can do anything with a beer in my hand, or an audience watching.

But asking Cassie out in the daylight, dead sober, with no one around…that was something I’d never done before. She made me nervous as hell. I knew she wasn’t like other girls the moment I saw the disgusted look on her face after I called her kitten. Most girls would have creamed their pants if I called them that. But not Cassie. She looked like she wanted to punch me in the jaw.

And I’ve wanted to kiss her ever since.

The Perfect Game, coming Fall 2012


  1. It sounds so good. I am excited for the release of the book. :-D

  2. fuck i luv it when he says KITTEN ....& i luv the "cream their parnts " line lol .....u know I would of "cracked a moisty" instead tho if he called me Kitten lmao

    luv this mate can not wait ......omg that totally rhymes !!!!!
    shit im clever sometimes lmao .......GO TEAM AWESOME !!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I CAN do anything with a beer in my hand or an audience! - JC

    1. Omfg !!!! JACK is that u ????
      Ohhhhh myyyy goddddd call me kitten pretty please ..... I will buy u a beer to see what u WILL DO ;)

  4. Love it. Can not wait for your new book

  5. Makes me want to meet this guy that's for sure!!! Love this and Super Xcited to read it. Aren't the guys POV's the best?? So much Hotter!!

  6. He can ask me out any time! LMFAO

  7. OM.FG. Jackkkkkkkkkkk. This guy's awesome. A hot pig but an awesome hot pig.