The Perfect Game- Teaser #2 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

The Perfect Game- Teaser #2


here's another teaser for your reading pleasure.  :)

“Dean! What are you doing over here?” Jack’s sultry voice echoed throughout the student union, and I felt my stomach lurch. My gaze settled upon his eyes, my annoyance clear.

“Oh, kitten. I see you’ve met my little brother,” Jack winked before placing his hand on Dean’s shoulder and squeezing.

“Thank God he seems nothing like you. I might actually be able to tolerate him,” I tilted my head and smiled sharply before taking a bite of my turkey sandwich.

“You need me to work some of that aggression out of you?” Jack offered with a sultry smile.

“I’d rather eat dirt,” I sassed, mouth full.

“I almost want to see that,” Jack chuckled and one dimple appeared on his cheek.

“You would. Go torture someone else,” I begged, eating more of my sandwich before looking away.

“But I like torturing you,” he said with a grin and moved to sit next to me.

“Uh, no!” I shouted before throwing my bag right where he was about to plop his perfect little ass. He stopped short and stood back up.

“Why so angry, kitten?” he whined.

“Why so annoying, jackass?” I mimicked his tone.

I took a bite of my pickle when Jack’s breath in my ear stopped my chewing. “You’ll come around. You’ll see. You can’t resist me forever.”

I wanted to spit my half chewed food all over his arrogant face. As I struggled to swallow, he walked away smiling.

The Perfect Game, coming Fall 2012


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  5. sexual chemistry galore.