September 2012 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Chicago is coming!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  The Chicago book signing is FINALLY here!!! I feel like i've been waiting an eternity for the end of September to get here and now...

I leave on Thursday morning!!!!!!!

I can't wait to meet everyone who is going to be at the event. Please, dear God, don't hate me if I don't know who you are right off the bat. Tell me your name. Show me your facebook picture. Seriously, help me out.  :) :)

I'll take a ton of pics because I am a total camera whore!  I can't wait to show you and share when I get back. 

I'm really excited to start prepping for the release of The Perfect Game- with some giveaways that i'm excited about for the release weekend! Make sure you check back here!

Ps- did i mention that i was rooming in chicago with none other then SC Stephens and her man, Kellan Kyle?

Oh yeah. I am. 

Being Inspired

I LIVE to be inspired. by anything. by everything.  beautiful pictures, people, scenery, words... 

As a writer, i'm surrounded by sound lyrics and other people's writing that resonates somewhere deep within me. it's a beautiful experience when that happens. I love words that don't suck.  :)

Anyway- when I read something that makes me want to jump on top of my couch and scream YES YES YES this is SO me!  I print it out as fast as I can and pin it to my dream/wish board! 

You know the one... (it's changed since I took this pic- dramatically, but you get the point)

And I just wanted to share my latest additions with you!  :) 

GOD I LOVE BEING & FEELING INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two thumbs up for inspiration and a full heart and a soaring soul! :)

cheese & rice, putting your book out is like childbirth all over again

You forget how much it hurt.

Man, having released two books already, you think i'd be over the whole nervous nelly bit. But holy crap... am I not.  Like, AT.ALL.

I sent my book to three people last night (one of them being none other than my author soulmate, miss colleen hoover) and i've wanted to throw up ever since.

It's funny how freaking confident I am when i'm writing the book. How much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it after it's done, gone to the editor, come back from the editor.... it's only when I am putting it out there to you strangers and friends that I suddenly start going, "Oh my gosh, what if they all hate it?  What if it totally sucks?!  What if they don't connect with any part of the story and everyone is like, WHY DOES THIS JENN PERSON KEEP WRITING BOOKS?!?!"

Yeah.  That's what happens. In my head. And in my heart. Cause i'm sorry, but some of y'all are freaking mean. Not YOU Y'ALL, cause I assume most of the people here actually like the books I write. LOL But it's scary putting your story out there. All of my books have pieces of reality in them- parts of my life that have really happened, so they're very personal to me. They become a part of you when you write them... the characters, the story, the events... 

So the second you put it out to the world to either love or hate, it's out of your hands.

And it's scary. No, it's TERRIFYING. 

I'd forgotten this part of things. The initial fear. The desire for your story to be liked. Loved even. And then talked about in a positive way. 

I'm not looking for compliments or reassurance, I swear. I'm simply expressing a single part that goes along with being an author and putting your words out there for the world to experience. I know it's normal to be scared. It's normal to feel like you want to curl up in the fetal position until it's all over. I'd just forgotten.  Completely blocked it out of my head and here we are again- 

On October 12th y'all are gonna have to hold me. 



My Wish Board!

I have a wish board. An inspiration board. The board of my soul. Things I want. Things that inspire me. Things that make me smile. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I have one.  And it's been a big hit on facebook (in the 20 minutes ago I posted it. lol)

So I wanted to post it here.  Cause I love the whole IDEA of an inspiration/dream board!  When I pretended I wanted to open up a cupcake shop, I wanted to have a WISH WALL where I planned to put index cards and pens so people could write their wishes and pin them to the wall....

there's something about actually RECOGNIZING the things that you want, hope for, dream about... and putting them in writing... giving them the power to BE

I want y'all to GET the things you WANT.  But you have to know what those are first.  :) 

Anyway, I'm rambling. Not making any sense.  If you've always wanted to start a dream board- START... because I think i'll have a contest after I release The Perfect Game. 

Speaking of, the "real" Jack Carter has a quote (or 2) on the board... see if you can find them!  :)  <3

The Perfect Game Release Date

The Perfect Game will be released on

OCTOBER 12, 2012

exciting!  :)