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Being Inspired

I LIVE to be inspired. by anything. by everything.  beautiful pictures, people, scenery, words... 

As a writer, i'm surrounded by sound lyrics and other people's writing that resonates somewhere deep within me. it's a beautiful experience when that happens. I love words that don't suck.  :)

Anyway- when I read something that makes me want to jump on top of my couch and scream YES YES YES this is SO me!  I print it out as fast as I can and pin it to my dream/wish board! 

You know the one... (it's changed since I took this pic- dramatically, but you get the point)

And I just wanted to share my latest additions with you!  :) 

GOD I LOVE BEING & FEELING INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two thumbs up for inspiration and a full heart and a soaring soul! :)

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