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My Wish Board!

I have a wish board. An inspiration board. The board of my soul. Things I want. Things that inspire me. Things that make me smile. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I have one.  And it's been a big hit on facebook (in the 20 minutes ago I posted it. lol)

So I wanted to post it here.  Cause I love the whole IDEA of an inspiration/dream board!  When I pretended I wanted to open up a cupcake shop, I wanted to have a WISH WALL where I planned to put index cards and pens so people could write their wishes and pin them to the wall....

there's something about actually RECOGNIZING the things that you want, hope for, dream about... and putting them in writing... giving them the power to BE

I want y'all to GET the things you WANT.  But you have to know what those are first.  :) 

Anyway, I'm rambling. Not making any sense.  If you've always wanted to start a dream board- START... because I think i'll have a contest after I release The Perfect Game. 

Speaking of, the "real" Jack Carter has a quote (or 2) on the board... see if you can find them!  :)  <3

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  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Love it! I used to have a bulletin board like that! Well, not EXACTLY like yours but you know what I mean. :) I should probably re-start one. As far as the Jack Carter quotes, I know which one ISN'T from him: "I am not a girl who can ever be defined..." lol :)

    P.S. You ARE gonna be a rich & famous author pretty soon! :)