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Paperbacks on Amazon!

Okay. I realize that i'm probably a little insane. But we're all a little crazy, right?  right.

I realized today that Amazon has a freaking rankings for paperback sales on books. And I'm sure I should have realized that like 100 years ago, but what can I say... sometimes I'm a little slow.  ha!

Anyway, I looked up the top 100 paperbacks on Amazon and I don't think (cause then again i don't know every single self published author in the world) that a single one of them is a self published author.

And that got me thinking (always dangerous)...

Has a self published author's paperback EVER been in amazon's top 100 paperback sales?!?! 

Well I don't have a freaking clue, so I thought that it would be REALLY fun to see how close we can get!  HAHAHAHAHA

I hope you know that I am giggling while I write this. Because half of me thinks that it isn't possible to get into that list for paperbacks- since they are all really well known, traditionally published authors with HUGE followings and fan bases...

But then the other half of me thinks- well, it IS all based on online sales. It's not like these paperback rankings are from book stores and stuff. So why can't a self published author get on that list?! 

Now before you think that this is some sort of greedy ass ploy- I'll have you know that I literally make like, I don't know, A dollar and some change on each paperback I sell through Amazon.  So it's not about the money.

At all.

But then again, I don't do any of this for the money.

I just thought it would be FUN! 

Fun to see if we could get on that list!  HA!  At least it would be fun to try- and you can win shit just for trying.



Plus, how can you NOT want this gorgeous cover (thank you michelle warren) in your hot little hands?!?! I still want wallpaper of it made. LOL

Go to Rafflecopter to enter to win one of 4, $50 dollar amazon gift cards.  You have until Sunday night at midnight (est)... I'll post the winners on Monday- drawn by rafflectoperrrrrrr!

Let's see what magic we can make happen now!  LOL

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  1. i really need to get a twitter account...

  2. Kellee2:28 PM

    Done!! But I don't have a twitter so I couldn't do it that way!!

  3. Buying my copy today! And me thinks now that you are on the USA today list, the PB sales are very close behind!!

  4. i just think it would be awesome to have a self pubbed author on the list! i'm sure it's been done before, but i've never paid any attention to it!!! lol :)

  5. Done :) I hope you get on the list!

  6. Awesome! ..... Entered both

  7. I know you guys hardly get anything for your paperback books. Makes me sad too. :( They're worth so much more.

  8. Good luck everyone :)

  9. Jenn, you always know how to get a crowd to love you! <3