So... - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling


I ended the contest below.

Don't worry, i'll still pick winners and announce who they are. :)

Thank you to everyone who already spread the word and was awesome.

I ended it because well.... I felt douchey. 


I woke up this morning feeling douchey about that post. Feeling like an asshole for asking you all to do MORE for me. To spread the word about paperbacks. 

It didn't sit well with me anymore, even if it was all in the name of funsies.  I know it wasn't greed motivated, but I think it could look that way. And maybe if it wasn't motivated for money greed, maybe it was motivated by WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO AMAZON greed?! 

So yeah.

I apologize for asking y'all to buy more of my crap. And for telling your friends and family to buy more.

I hope you all know how much I appreciate you and how awesome I think you all are.  And how i'd never take you for granted.


I hope you still love me as much as i love you!!! :)  :)  :) 

i'll leave you with this photo of a hot "jack."  Let's pretend that's him. 


  1. Girl! No one thinks you're a douche or twatwaffle for trying to sell your books - that's what you're supposed to be doing! If you can't make your living as an author than we all lose out :(

    1. I know that's what we're "supposed" to do- but I don't know... I just felt like a schmuck. Thanks for understanding though! :)

    2. I totally get it. But just always know, when I find a good author (like yourself), I pass it on to all my book loving friends. Just like many others do :)

  2. Ok, so seriously, I feel like someone needs to give you a hug. Don't feel bad about your contest, but also don't feel bad about ending it. We still love you! You are awesome. But this post made me want to :(. I felt a little sad reading this. You are so adorable. We know that you just like to have fun and I seriously didn't take it as greedy.

  3. What Kerry said! Honestly it's fun to see you get excited, and it's fun to support you. So don't worry. But I love the way you are you, and get concerned about these things. That's why I still, and always will, love you (more) <3!

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    ditto what all above said - we are all happy to help you - you put out a awesome product/stroy and we want to repay you.

    Don't feel douchy at all - please.

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Seriously., you are a talented author that is how you make your living we all understand that., & I will never stop tell my friends and family to buy your stuff even if it's for a contest or not., Your work is worth it's weight in gold., it's truly amazing the stories you tell. what you are doing is call advertising and I don't think there is anything wrong for doing just that contest or other wise.. No need to feel guilty or upset..we all understand and still <3 you :)

  6. Anonymous10:39 AM

    GODDESS... not Douche
    <3 <3 <3
    you know who this is teehee

  7. Just thank you SO MUCH everyone! For understanding and for being supportive. I appreciate you loving this douchebag. LOL :) NO really, thanks for being awesome

  8. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Never feel bad asking for help.....your books are wonderful and should be shared!!! Hugs!!

  9. Don't feel like a Douche Jenn we Love you, your Spunky personality, and your Amazing books!!!! Of course we'd spread the word, share your Awesomeness and purchase your items w/o you asking. We LOVE to share your books and news so no worries!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I didn't feel you were Douchey at all. I though you were amazingly generous! Big hugs!!!!!

  11. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Don't even worry about it that way. Now unless someone told you that then they need to be slapped. It is called networking, and I am sure if the books were no good no one would CHOOSE to spread the word!! It is all a choice we all make.. and I have not had the chance to read your books (not yet at least but I will get to it SOON!!) but BECAUSE people were spreading the word I never would have gotten the opportunity to find out about them. So do not feel bad about it! Plus I am sure many of your fans have spread the word about your books WAY before you offered a giveaway. Because I know when I come across a book I love I tell everyone I can about it!
    keep ya head up and smile because you don't get almost 1400 fans on FB if you are no good! :)

  12. I agree with everyone else, I don't think there was anything wrong in what you did. Advertising is how you get the word out and what better way than through FB, Twitter and blogs? You certainly didn't force anyone to do it.

    I love helping authors out because your books bring me so much joy. I love reading and without authors that wouldn't be possible so of course I do all I can to help out.

    You are such a sweet person. I don't see how anyone can say anything bad about you wanting to get some exposure for your amazing work.


  13. OMG JENN!!!!! You are not douchey...lmfao! That's what you should be doing. There is nothing wrong with pimping out your book and the prizes you were offering are amazing. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! You rock...The.end :)

  14. Christina7:40 PM

    I shared your book because it was a great book not just for the winning ;). It should be shared so the word gets out. You are a great writer and don't you dare feel whatever the hell you called it...douchey. LOL! That is kind of a funny word. Truly it was a great book. It brought out different emotions for me...pissed and sad.

    1. Christina7:41 PM

      maybe that should say anger and not pissed...LOL!