WOO HOO!!! YOU DID IT!!!! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling


And so I wanted to tell you THANK YOU! so much!!!

Thank you for writing those reviews on amazon and barnes & noble... for telling your friends they "must read" this book, for posting about it on facebook, for tweeting, for writing it on bathroom walls. oops. lol

Just thank you. Sincerely. Your good reviews, your excited word spreading, it's all I can ask for as an author. :)

Now i have to go babysit my friend's kid for a few hours. My life is tres glamorous. lol

ps- we WILL be having a dean carter discussion soon. and I want y'all back here for it! :)

Keep those reviews, posts and emails to me coming- I love hearing from you guys! Every.single.one of you!




  1. SuFrickinSweet!!!! Dean needs some LOVING too and I wish I was the one to give it him but... Oh well!Guess I'll settle for reading about Jenn's bestie giving it to him 8)

  2. Congrats Jenn! Looks like The Perfect Game is up there with the big boys! Thanks for being a great role model for indie authors everywhere. :-)

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    soooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. My outsides and my insides are clapping and smiling for you......... I love your soul, your laughter and your BOOKS. Big Hugs to you. I know that you have put your heart and soul into this. Love ya--CATJACKS

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Goddess-- this is so well deserved!!!! So incredibly happy for you. AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

    Can't wait to get all up in to Dean

  5. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Finally a book with baseball in it and gets it right. You are a flipping writing goddess!!! I am pimping this book to all my girls. I will admit I almost threw my Kindle Fire against the wall, but then I realized that I couldn't finish this book if I did. Now off to pimp your whit!

    Go Cardinals!!!