You are awesome! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

You are awesome!

So we didn't get on the Amazon Top 100 this weekend, BUT WE DID KNOCK THE MOTHER F'N SOCKS OFF OF BARNES & NOBLE!!!!!!  who knew?!  I'm definitely feeling the love for Barnes & Noble as I wake up this morning!  :)

I am still giving away the three $50 dollar Amazon gift cards!  Why?  Because it would be shitty if I didn't. And because y'all REALLY kicked butt spreading the word and you deserve it!!!!! Thank you for telling everyone to buy the book. I hope that if you loved it, you'll still continue to talk about it.

I am not giving up my dreams for the AZ Top 100 (and as of right now WE ARE SO CLOSE! holy cow #118!!!!!!!!!). I know it probably seems like i'm a tad "obsessed" with this whole concept, but you have to understand that this is my third book. It's not my first. And the last few years of my life have been somewhat difficult on the career front (I got fired and as a result of that we ended up losing our house).

So this whole self published road has not been paved with gold plated stones for me the second I hit "publish" a little over a year ago. It's been a journey that i've had to work through- flailing my arms like a wild banchee at times, but constantly growing and learning from all my mistakes. Trust me, I don't mind doing hard work- it makes the reward that.much.sweeter.  


Thank you all for blowing my mind this past weekend with your love and support and words of awesomeness! I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to hear so many of you enjoying Jack & Cassie's story. I simply LOVED telling it.

The winners?  Oh, here they are!!!!! Drawn by Rafffffflecopter of awesomeness!
Ladies, please email me your address to  and I'll get those in the mail to you!  CONGRATULATIONS and thanks again everyone!!!!!!  :) 
I freaking love y'all!  For reals!  


  1. I love you Jenn, and am loving the book. I cheated a bit to read about Fred, but pulled back once I realized I had strayed into spoiler land. I am so wearing a bow tie next time I see you, baby girl! I admire your spirit, your sweet reading, and that awesome butt of yours. Not necessarily in that order ;-)

  2. I meant to say "your sweet writing," although I'm sure your reading is very nice too, oops!

  3. OMG FRED!!!!!!!!!!!! you're at the END!!! for the love!!!!!!! LOL now finish the book so i hear what you think of it! eeeeek