My Jack Carter - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

My Jack Carter

Calm down ladies... not the "real" jack carter... but the one i'm CLAIMING RIGHT HERE AND NOW if (let's just go with WHEN) this book becomes a movie, I am praying to the baseball gods that this kid can act.

Cause ladies...

How perfect is this little hottie for Jack?!?!?!?  Meet Bernardo Velasco. I'm seriously in love.

Isn't he freaking adorable?!?!?!?!!  The only correct answer here is YES.  :)

So um, that's my Jack Carter-  who would you cast for the others?  I'm dying to know what actor's you see playing the characters you read about?!  :) 

This is fun right?  RIGHT! 


  1. Perfect JFC!! Just PURRRFECT!! Will have to think about the others! First I have to take my eyes off of Bernardo here!! lol

  2. Emma Roberts as Cassie!

  3. Emmy Rossum as Cassie!!

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    emma watson as cassie!

  5. Melodie5:52 AM

    He is super cute ! But I don't knwo I thnk I had pictured Jack a little bit differently !