A Message from Jack - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

A Message from Jack


It's come to my attention that you all want to see me in Boston with Jenn for the book signing. I guess you're emailing her, tweeting her and whatever else you do to her, asking if she's bringing me. It's pretty cool that you want me there. Even if i'd just be eye candy with Kyle and whoever else is coming along. I mean what do you ladies want- to take pictures with my abs? 

Makes sense to me.

But i'll be at Spring Training. So I can't come with her. Maybe some other time, although honestly ladies, i'm pretty much ALWAYS playing baseball. You know, when i'm not harrassing the living shit out my Kitten. But I'm sure Jenn would love nothing more than to be my messenger at her book signings. Right Jenn? So if you have anything you want to pass along to me, just tell her. She'll make sure I get it.  Or.... kill me off in the next book.

Maybe I can send Dean instead? 

#23 on the field...#1 in your heart,
-Jack C.

*"kyle" refers to kellan kyle, author s.c. stephens rock god*

Not sure what Jack's talking about? 
I'll be in BOSTON on MARCH 16th for a book signing at the OMNI hotel!
The event is free, but you HAVE to register to attend. Go here for details:


  1. Mélodie9:05 AM

    I really wish I could meet you ! Love you book ! But I'm leaving too far from Boston !!!