2013 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Thank you for Spreading the word

First of all, I just want to thank each and every one of you who has read The Game Series (it's weird calling them that) of books and fallen in love with Jack F'n Carter. I appreciate all your excitement so much!

I get a lot of emails asking me how you can help spread the word about the books and how we can get them made into movies, etc.  The whole movie thing is a completely different world that I wouldn't even know where to tell you guys to start. I mean, I do know where to start actually, but the last thing I want to do is harass anyone in the industry. Just the fact that so many of you want to see this series on the big screen is flattering to me beyond all belief.  So thank you for that. Maybe at some point it will get optioned for film and i'll celebrate by eating my weight in peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and screaming so loud only mermaids could hear. lol   :)

There are some things that you can do to help me (and ANY self published author really) that are really easy things like-  write a review wherever you purchased the book from. Reviews on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble really do help potential readers make a decision on whether or not they'd like to get the book. Your reviews hold a lot of power. You may not realize that, but they truly do.

Talk about the book on Goodreads (if you're a member there) and encourage others to start reading the series.

And last, but definitely not least is WORD OF MOUTH. When you tell other people to read a series, they most likely will. Your word of mouth is my biggest blessing. When you talk about my books, you get other people excited. When you make those gorgeous little picture and quote things and post them, people get intrigued. You talk, people listen. 

I appreciate all the help, support and love I can get. I've realized in this business that it doesn't only take a village to raise a family, it takes a village to sell books. I can't sell them all on my own. My voice only travels so far. So THANK YOU for all of your help. Thank you for helping spread my voice a little farther, for extending my reach to places I never could have reached on my own. I couldn't do this without you.


The Perfect Game (book #1) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C3M26TQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00C3M26TQ&linkCode=as2&tag=youaduautjste-20
The Sweetest Game (book #3)

The Sweetest Game is Here!!!


It's live. The last book in Jack & Cassie's love story is here!  I hope you all love this story as much as I do. Personally, I feel like it's the perfect conclusion to them... as sad as that is to write.  Thank you all so much for all the love and support for Jack and this series. It has literally meant the world to me.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that good stuff.  :)






Pre-Order Links Are LIVE!


only six more days until JACK F'N CARTER!!!!!!!!

i'm so excited you guys! I cannot wait for you to read this!!!!!!!!  :)

Oh, Linde! You Temptress, You!

That K.A. Linde is a piece of work, eh?  Man does she put us readers through the ringer! If you're ever in the mood for a love triangle that will have you flip-flopping between the sides like a pancake on a hot griddle, this is your go-to series! (yeah, I said that)


This book isn't easy. Hell, this series isn't easy. And I've never experienced a more rabid fan base, more evenly split down the middle as to which "team" they're on, then with these books. Usually we authors push you to root for one of the two guys far harder than the other. We want you on the same team we're on. But hell, while i'm reading these books I have no idea WHOSE TEAM K.A. Linde is on! 

But that's what makes these so great... they're not predictable. But they are painful. So if you want a series that paints the world with rainbows, unicorns and clouds of cotton candy -  AVOID these books at all costs. You might be TEMPTED, but it's my RESPONSIBILITY to tell you that you'll probably cry. Or pull all your hair out. Or ask to be COMMITTED somewhere soft and fluffy. Don't say I didn't warn you.  :)

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to enter Kyla's awesome Rafflecopter contest!  :)

Title: Avoiding Temptation

Author: K.A. Linde

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover By: Okay Creations

Photo By: Toski Covey Photography

Two years after walking out of Jack’s wedding, Lexi has finally put her past behind her. She has made up her mind about where her life is headed. This time, she is sticking to her guns, no matter what.

That is, until a phone call shatters the fragile grasp she has on her new life. Lexi is forced to question everything she thought she knew about what she wanted, and life-changing events push her to reevaluate the very plans she holds so dear. Nevertheless, Lexi has to choose her true path. That might just mean deciding, once and for all, that she doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself.

In this highly anticipated final installment of the bestselling Avoiding series, follow Lexi as she juggles a new career, a new city, and the burgeoning affections of three very different men.

About the Author

K.A. Linde graduated with her Masters in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012. She also has a bachelors in political science and philosophy. She wrote her the Avoiding Series while struggling through advanced statistical modeling and writing her thesis. She enjoys dancing and writing novels that keep you guessing until the very end.

She currently resides in Georgia with her boyfriend and two puppies, Lucy and Riker.

Connect with K.A. Linde

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/authorkalinde

Twitter  https://twitter.com/authorkalinde



Purchase Links


Avoiding Commitment

iBooks  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/avoiding-commitment/id550925507?mt=11


Avoiding Responsibility

iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/avoiding-responsibility/id585947872?mt=11


Avoiding Intimacy 


Avoiding Decisions


Avoiding Temptation

Amazon UK <--- http://amzn.to/1djqgKX

B&N <--- http://bit.ly/1djHBU3

iBooks <--- http://bit.ly/18FIMje

Paperback <--- http://amzn.to/1clICJ8







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9 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I posted this on facebook and figured i'd post it on my blog as well. Why? Cause it's fun!  :)

Nine things you might not know about me:

1- I used to work for Disney. Not DisneyLAND, but Disney- the company. I worked in the building that the dwarfs hold up in Burbank. I LOVED working there. It was pretty f'n magical.

2- I was a DJ... on the radio during college at the campus radio station. I played music that scared the living piss out of me because it was dark and angry and filled with screaming lyrics i couldn't understand. So there would be all this YELLING and then i'd be all chipper and happy like "HI! It's jenn here! And that was... uh.. holy crap, i can't even pronounce their name or song title. My bad." lol

3- I love to take pictures and I love having my picture taken. What can I say? I'm sort of a ham.
4- I was born and raised in Southern California and I hate the fact that I don't currently live there. I can't wait to move back. CANT. WAIT. 

5- Pretty much every job i've had in my adult life has been in the entertainment industry. Disney, Lucasfilm, Casting Agencies, Talent Agencies, Radio Stations, etc. 

 6- I love the rain. Absolutely freaking love it. I especially love it when i'm at the beach. There's something about water falling on water...it soothes me. 

 7- I prefer odd numbers. I don't know why, I just don't really like even numbers. I'm all about the odds. 

 8- I got my very first tattoo last New Years Eve. By myself. That was sort of sad. I want a couple more, but I haven't decided exactly WHAT or WHERE yet.  

 9- I totally believe in past lives, soulmates, and that we can talk to the dead. And sometimes my dreams come true. Like the ones I have when i'm sleeping. (I love that by the way). I also love astrology. I'm a Virgo. Classic Virgo.

Gift Card Winners!

First of all, I have to say a big fat WOW! to each and every one of you who wrote about the charity you would start and shared so many personal and amazing stories. You blow my mind daily and this was no exception.


I am humbled to be surrounded by such beautiful, giving and open hearted people. You are all so incredible in your thoughts of others and what you would like to do (not to mention the hardships, loss and trauma that some of you have been through. Hugs to each of you).

You also helped open my eyes to ALL the people in need out there- in so many different ways. We're only exposed to what we see in and around us, or by what we know or have been through ourselves... and there is so much more out there. SO MUCH.

So, thank you for that. 

It was really, really difficult to choose the "winners" because every single post was so incredible and kind. But I had to choose 10, so here they are.

If you see your name and your post on here, please make sure you send me an email at jenn (at) jennster (dot) com so I can mail out your gift card.

Thank you again for being such beautiful spirits and for sharing that energy with all of us. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I hope that together we can make a difference.

Laura Gadbois
If I could start a charity, I would start one to help people like my husband that are suffering for severe memory loss, hearing loss, and mood swings. He was deployed for the third time this last year to Afghanistan and was his vehicle was hit by an RPG and while no one had severe physical injuries the blast caused most of the to come back with TBI (traumatic brain injury). These soldiers are not getting the help they need to deal with this, they usually also suffer from PTSD as well and are just tucked away. It takes forever to get appointments, and vets wait months to see anyone for evaluation, it's unfair. I would like to see soldiers have more places they can go without having pay and get prompt service and assistance.
as a rape survivor and a cosmetologist, I would start a charity that shows women who have been through sexual assault, that its ok to still want to be feminine and feel attractive. They can't take that too. After my rape, as many women do, I took to wearing clothes that were way to big for me, never did my hair anymore or my makeup. I tried to be invisible. I randomly met a woman who changed my life. She made me realize that just because I was a victim of sexual assault didn't mean that I had to hide my femininty. I think it is very important for women to know this
I would start a charity for single parent women like me. Women who are disabled and cannot work, and for some reason, they find themselves without medical insurance or an income. It is is so hard to stay healthy enough to take care of your children when you have no medical insurance, but to not be able to afford the basic things in life one needs to survive and keep your children healthy--things people take for granted like toilet paper, laundry detergent, bathroom supplies, personal care items, dish detergent, sock and underwear which are all things food stamps do NOT buy. I have food stamps, but no monetary income what-so-ever. People do not realize food stamps funds do not allow you to buy anything but food. There are a lot of women like me that need help, not just during the holidays, but all year round. Than goodness I don't have a vehicle, because I could not put gas in it or afford insurance. I don't even have a license anymore because I had no money to renew it. Women like me need some to help them get back on their feet again. I have given clothes that do not fit our family anymore that are in excellent condition to many families like mine. I know where they are and what they are going through, because I am there, too.
Tiffani H
I would want to start a charity that helped people pay for health care for their animals. My charity would assist families with a financial need when faced with emergency vet bills. Having worked as a veterinary technician for 10 years, I saw many cases in which an animal was put to sleep simply because the owners had to choose between feeding their family or taking care of the family pet. Most pets are like family members. They help reduce stress and lessen some of the symptoms of depression. Yes, the price of vet care is high, but most vets are not in the profession for the money. They want to help these animals, but can't offer free services to everyone or they will go under. I have seen it happen to veterinarians who's hearts were in the right place. Every animal deserves a chance
If I started one I think it would be one for children dealing with parents who have a terminal illness.
My mom passed away from cancer when I was 10, and I really had no way of dealing with it, aside from my family or seeing the school counselor. If there was a program (which I do know of now), when I was young, where I could maybe be around other kids who were dealing with the same issues as myself - that would have been great.
Like some kind of camp - where the kids can spend the week just being 'normal' kids... and forget about all the real world problems in their lives. But it could also be a place to talk about their loved ones and hopefully start to heal.
Also - the charity could help these families at Christmas time. I cannot tell you how many years we had nothing at Christmas time, due to the medical bills. It definitely made me realize the importance of family during the holiday season and not the commercial aspect of it all, which I'm so grateful for!
One year the hospital adopted our family for Christmas and we got loads and loads of gifts, it was such an unexpected treat (especially since Santa brought them all to us Christmas morning). It's the one Christmas that I will never forget (especially since my mom was able to come home for it, if only for a few days).
My charity would to carry on a family tradition and hopefully bring smiles to everyone young and old. It would be called "Blow Out Your Candles...Wish big". Birthdays are a BIG deal in our family as everyone deserves to be celebrated and not a birthday goes by without a cake. Everyone deserves a cake. My charity would be to supply birthday cakes for those young and old that either don't have family to celebrate with them or for those families that cant afford it a cake. Cakes would be decorated for all ages, and special requests (Minnie mouse, Minion, Elmo, etc) would be welcomed. I know cakes for a birthday doesn't seem like a big deal but cakes go hand in hand with birthdays and everyone deserves to feel special on their day and hopefully their big wishes come true and a smile is put on their face :)
I would start a charity to help anyone who finds themselves homeless or in a permanent 'lay off' situation. Living in an area that is ranked in the top 10 poorest areas in the country - I have seen first hand what job loss can do to families. The 'middle class' usually is overlooked when trying to find an agency to get help from. Helping these families with the cost of medications, clothing, food....anything that could help during their hardship.
If I could start a charity it would be to build playgrounds specifically for kids with disabilities. Our city alone has several playgrounds but only one is handicap accessible. I know we (our city) is lucky to even have that. There are many cities and towns out there that are lucky to even have one regular playground.

I would start a transportation program for patients that need to get to their doctor and hospital appointments. I work for a physician and it saddens me when our elderly patients (or any patient) has to cancel because they don't have a ride. A lot of our patients have major health conditions, and it breaks my heart knowing that they want to take care of themselves, but are restricted due to not being able to drive or not having a vehicle.

I've always had one dream and it would be called "Housing for Wheelchair-Bound Families" and the rent would go according to their income.
Ever since I broke my neck and became disabled myself with a nine-month-old daughter it has always been so hard to find housing that would accept my daughter, also there wasn't enough room for her and my caregiver.
We need housing that is large enough for the person in the wheelchair and their families. Usually they have apartments that are only one bedroom and sometimes two bedrooms. And then most of them aren't totally equipped for people in wheelchairs that aren't able to get to the sink, stove, cabinets and bathroom facilities large enough that have showers large enough for wheelchairs, toilets that are put in for lower or higher wheelchairs so that the people are able to be able to use them easily. You would be amazed at how many accidents happen just because they are too low or too high. Doorways and hallways that are wide enough for any size wheelchair and rounded corners for us to be able to get through them without banging our wheelchairs into the sides of the corners without moving back and forth a few times just to be able to get into the doorways to the bedrooms or bathrooms without banging the feet of the wheelchair or scraping your arms or hands on them. Spacious rooms because they are never large enough with the apartments here. Washers and dryers so that they don't have to go out in the snow to use a community laundry room. It's their home. They need to feel at home with their families with them.
I would love to have a playground for children in wheelchairs and for children who are not. Children need to learn at an early age about other people with disabilities and this would be a perfect introduction. I would have barbecues twice a month for the spring, summer and early fall months for everyone who lives there so that they can meet the other families, friends and extended family members.
There would be one community room divided into two parts. One half would be for people with disabilities meetings/parties and any other functions where families can attend even with the extended family members and friends. We all need our families and friends to help us through our good and bad times and to be included in our lives. The other half be a recreational area with exercise equipment, pool table, foosball table, a couple pinball machines and other games for adults and kids. Just some place for them to go to relax and have fun.
From one disabled person in a wheelchair with family to share my dream with other people in wheelchairs.

The Sweetest Game Teaser

Alright y'all... here's a fun teaser that I KNOW you'll all enjoy. I literally CAN.NOT.WAIT. to share this book with you guys. I truly hope you love it as much as I do.  :)

This is from Jack's point of view.  :)

I tangled my fingers through the strands of her long hair, surprised at how soft it always felt. She stirred against me. “Morning, babe,” she said against my chest.

“Morning, Kitten.”

Her head shot up from my skin, leaving it cold and empty. “Oh my God. Do you remember what we heard last night?” She covered her mouth to stop from laughing too loudly.

I had forgotten. “We don’t know what we heard.”

“Oh, bullshit! You know as well as I do they were totally having sex in our guest room!”

“Maybe they were just playing Monopoly. With their mouths,” I suggested with a smile.

She snorted. “Remind me to ask Melissa how Dean plays Monopoly because it sounded like she was really enjoying it.”

“That’s ‘cause he’s a Carter,” I said matter-of-factly.

“You guys are good at board games?”


“I’m good at everything. Who knows what Dean’s good at.” I rolled on top of her, pressing my hard-on against her.

“No way! I need to shower.”

“Let me get you dirty first,” I whispered against her ear, taking the lobe into my mouth and sucking.
“How about you come clean me off instead?”

PS- the winner's of the gift cards will be posted on Monday. Thank you all so much for commenting and opening up the way you did. You're all so amazing.

Tis the season of giving

Happy holiday's everyone.  :)

In the spirit of giving, giving back and Paul Walker's charitable memory, I wanted to do something for YOU this holiday season.

You have all given me so much joy, light and hope throughout this last year that I wanted to give some of that back to you. I can never say thank you enough, so today I wanted to show you just how much I appreciate you.

I'm going to give away (10) $25 dollar gift cards to Target. I know it's not much in the grand scheme of things, but I hope that it helps your family in some way. Maybe you're struggling this Christmas, like I did not too long ago? Maybe $25 dollars to Target would make a small difference for your family this year?  I truly hope that those of you who need this little bit of help, are the ones who get it.  :)

I want you to comment here on the blog and tell me:
If you could start your own charity, what kind of charity would it be and who would it help?  Talk to me about being charitable... in memory of one another as human beings, and in memory of Paul Walker- who was one of the most unique and chill guys ever, let's talk about others.

My best friend Cat and myself will read through all the comments and choose the winners. But for now, please share this blog post, share the facebook post and get to commenting.

Paul Walker's charity is ROWW in case you would like to go there to learn more about how Paul wanted (and did) help those across the world with relief efforts after natural disasters. What an amazing spirit.  He will be missed.

Kindle Daily Deal 11/26

IF you haven't met Jack F'n Carter or his adorable brother Dean yet... NOW IS THE TIME! 
They are the Kindle Daily Deal for TODAY only (US only)!
The Perfect Game and The Game Changer are ONLY $1.99 !!!!
GO... GO GO! 

The Perfect Game - Book #1
tell your friends! tell your enemies. WOOT WOOT! 

Back from London!


I'm back from my first ever overseas book signing! First of all, just the fact that i'm able to write and say that sentence is mind blowing to me. So, thank you all for wanting me there and making my life so extremely satisfying.  :)

It's different in London. But not too different. I mean, it's a big city filled with hustle and bustle and tiny streets and too many cars. I found myself looking around at all the buildings and the bars and the restaurants and I could literally SEE where parts of New York and Boston came from. The signs, the ironwork, the design of the building... It was as if the inspiration for our country was surrounding me on all sides. I'm sure some of you are sitting there saying "no shit Jenn," but you have to understand how weird that is for me... a girl from Southern California who always thought that Boston and New York had really old shit (especially considering how little California truly has). To me, those states were super old and had beautiful things i'd never seen before.

And then I came to England.

I've never, in my entire life, seen anything that looks like this.
I mean, aside from in pictures online or in history books. And trust me when I tell you that it's NOT the same. (that's the house of parliament by the way)

Or what about this?
The only castle's I've ever seen have been made out of sand. lol  (that's warwick castle) And the grounds surrounding the castle were stunning.

I don't know how to word this all properly, but I guess the best way to say it is that my mind is blown. Walking around things that were made in the 1600's is almost something I cannot comprehend. I mean, HOW THE HECK DID THEY MAKE THESE THINGS?! 




See? I'm freaking out. I'm realizing how little I truly know about the world that we live in. Don't get me wrong, I love America and think it's amazing, but holy cow- it's so small in the grand scheme of things... our history is so short... there's so much more out there. SO MUCH MORE I WANT TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE!!! I know you're thinking I've been bit with the travel bug, but it's not that. It's deeper than that. I feel like I've been hit with the life experience bug... I want to have more of it. I want to see what else is out there, who else is out there, what else there is to see, etc.

It's one thing to read about places and hear about their history, but it's another to walk through it and see it with your own eyes. I feel so small. I feel so naïve. But I also feel excited... because my eyes have been opened, my heart has swelled and my mind has expanded. I can't wait to experience more.

That's all. But it's sort of everything, don't you think.  :)


Bad News, Good News and even MORE Gooder News

HAHAHAHAHA.. I said "gooder."  LOL

Okay, so I don't want the title of this blog post to scare you, but we need to talk, you and I. Get comfortable... sometimes I tend to ramble.  :)

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. And hopefully by the time this is over, you won't feel like it was so bad at all (and honestly, most of you know this already, but I felt the need to clarify).
*dun dun dun* That was my attempt at a sad drumroll.

I know how badly you all wanted Dean's story. And I tried. You have to believe me when I tell you that I tried. I wrote it six ways to Sunday from Melissa's point of view and I couldn't find her voice. I literally have four (at least) different drafts from Melissa that I absolutely hate. 

But most of you know that already.

Because you know that I scrapped all of those and started fresh from Dean's point of view and I was happy about that! And I was having a lot of fun.... at first.  But it was mostly because JACK was there.  Any scene Jack was in, I was happy. Once he left, I got sad. And bored.




I spent almost 2 months trying desperately to pound out this story. To pound out ANY story, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what needed to be told. 


Here's a little side note for you about me. When I write my secondary characters, I never have any intention of writing a spin off story for them. Like- where they are the main characters.
I mean, EVER.

They are secondary characters for a reason. I'm not in their head in the same way that i'm in my main characters heads.
And honestly? 
I don't WANT to be.

So that's where my problem surfaced when I tried to write this damn novella. I finally realized that I didn't want to be in Dean's head. No matter how much you all wanted me too- I didn't care about Dean & Melissa the same way I cared about Jack & Cassie.

I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

So the bad news- there will NOT be a Dean book, novella, short story, sample chapter, etc. 
No Dean Book. 
And i'm sorry to each and every one of you who was looking forward to it and was excited. I hope I haven't let you down too much.

But that brings me to the GOOD news! Well at least I hope you consider it good news cause I sure do.

I have written (note that it doesn't say AM WRITING) the third and final book in Jack & Cassie's story!!!!!!!!  I needed more from them.. I needed to go further into their lives, to see them in the future. And I needed to be able to tell them goodbye (although I'll admit, I'm not sure I can ever truly say goodbye to them- they hold such a strong place in my heart).

Anyway, The Game Changer wasn't good enough for me. I NEEDED more from Jack and Cassie. And let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!!!!  Of course i'll be terrified the second if comes out and you all can actually read it. But honestly, at this point, I freaking love it. So much happens!!!! And all the characters you care about make an appearance.

The even GOODER news?! 

I have a release date. Not only are you getting a new book, you're getting it before the end of the year!  THIS YEAR!  :)

DECEMBER 25th, 2013 will be the release date for when Jack & Cassie's epic love story comes to a close, titled, THE SWEETEST GAME!
Yep!  Christmas freaking day!!!!!! 
Let's all have a CARTER CHRISTMAS (put a lil' Jack under your tree!)!!!
And it will be released on ALL platforms (not kindle exclusive) so I hope we rock the hell out of this!!!!!! 

I am so excited to share the final chapters of J & C's story with you all. And I cannot thank you enough for all the blessings you've given me. The way you've fallen for Jack F'n Carter and these books have blown my mind on a daily basis-  I am surprised by the emails, the pictures, the drawings, the sweetness, the kind words, the word of mouth and the sheer passion you have for these characters. Thank you.

Let's recap, shall we:

NO more Dean & Melissa Book, Novella, Short Story, Etc.
YES! We will have one last book for Jack and Cassie! 
YES! Dean and Melissa's story will unfold in the pages of this book (I promise you won't want their story after this)!
YES! Familiar friends and family will also make appearances! 

The Sweetest Game will be available on ALL platforms! 
YES! That means it will be on your NOOK!
YES! It will also be on IBOOKS and your IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE, IBATHROOM, IETC.
And YES! It will available on your KOBO!  And your SONY reader!

I hope you're excited because I sure am!  Let's all countdown to a Very Merry Carter Christmas, okay?  :)

THANK YOU again. From the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful.

The Perfect Game 1 Year Celebration WINNERS!

WOOHOO!  We did it!  We made it through the first year of Jack F'n Carter with a bang!!!  :)  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who took the time to tell me what your favorite part of The Perfect Game was... or what you loved, what reminds you of the book, etc.  There were almost 400 comments to read through on Facebook and over 60 on Instagram!!!

You all amaze me! Thank you!!!!  :)

So, I had no idea how I was honestly going to choose the winners this time around. I read through every single comment and realized that I couldn't possibly play favorites! I could always do randomizer, but I was tired of doing that for every giveaway... especially when I'd asked y'all to get personal (which was the first time i'd done that).

So what did I do, you ask? I enlisted help! But before you get mad and think I just ditched y'all for some stranger, you need to know that I recruited one of my best friends, Cat for the job. Some of you probably know her from Facebook and from our private TPGC group online. I knew she was the perfect person for the job!

I told Cat, "you have to read all the comments and pick me 10 winners from fb and 5 from ig. GO!" 

She was all, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, BITCH!" and she went to work!  Now this is why I love Cat... because she's not the type of person who would skim your comments.
She actually read them.
Every single one.
And she chose winners based on reasons and emotions.

I knew she'd do that, which is why I asked for her help. She's amazing and thoughtful and a great friend. SO!  Who won?  Well, the list is below!  With her reasons, no less. HA HA HA 

Don't kill me Cat.  :)

PS- if your name is on this list, please email me at jsterling@jennster.com with your mailing address so I can get the SIGNED PAPERBACK out to you!  :) Thank you so much for entering, for being passionate about these characters and for always wanting more. You all make my freaking life!  :) xox


Shelby Ferry---I loved the fact that this reader loved that Jack cheated. She felt that was real and honest.
Brandy Alford Brazzel— her favorite line was #23 on the field, #1 in your heart.
Tabitha Ann Wilbanks--- she, like most of the readers, and myself, loved everything about the quarters.
Rhonda Craft ---- everytime she puts a quarter in the meter at Busch Stadium she smiles thinking about Jack.
Chelle Richards Lagoski Northcutt----she actually threw TPG across the room and is still pissed off and holds a grudge against Jack. HOW CAN SHE NOT GET A PRIZE lmao
Tara Pelfrey Clegg---  She “gets” it. People are human and can change and she loves that you made her change her mind and end up rooting for a cheater.
Heather Fitzgerald Frank---  loved how you wrote the relationship he had with his family members.
Jessica Deleo Brunaker--- She loved the line “ you’re both so screwed up alone that together you’re like the perfect mess”.
Jackie Jason Garcia--- she was emotional throughout the book because you wrote with so much emotion that she still has a TPG book hangover.
Sarah Wilson---  She loved how Jack was kind enough to replace Cassie's camera that was stolen.
Gina21078--- loved that Jack wold break his pitching arm to keep Cassie safe
Cath102892---how Jack has enough quarters for 20 years of touches  to start
Jcarlos--- she had at least 7 comments of her faves. She loved it all because you wrote beautifully and it moved her.
Perpolrawr—quoted things from Gran and Gramps that she loved
Emma_leerose ---- you love him and want to have 10,000 of his little baseball babies.

Happy ONE YEAR anniversary to The Perfect Game!

I can't believe it's been ONE YEAR since I released The Perfect Game. Only one year ago... time's a funny thing-  sometimes feeling like it's been forever and other times feeling like it was only yesterday...

When I think about TPG and Jack F'n Carter, I can't help but be thankful. This book has literally changed my life.
And it wasn't my first book.
Or even my second.
But it was the first one i'd written that really spoke to you guys. The first one that took a hold of your heart and forced you to tell all your friends about it the moment you finished- THEY HAD TO READ IT! HAD TOO! YOU WOULDN'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Was it going to hurt them? Yes! You didn't care- they NEEDED to go through the pain the same way you did. They NEEDED to meet Jack F'n Carter!

And I can never, ever, ever thank you enough for that.
I can never properly express what your word of mouth has done for my life.

I feel like I owe everything to this book- to these characters- and to all of YOU.

I knew that if this book flopped, or "failed" that it wasn't going to stop me, but I really, really, really, wanted it to succeed. And I will tell you that while I wrote it, I had a feeling that it was different, but I wasn't sure what that would mean for me. Different how? I didn't know.

Because last year at this time- I basically had no income (we're talking zero), i'd just lost my house to foreclosure, and all I knew for sure was that I wanted to keep writing. I wanted to continue doing something that was contributing NOTHING to my household income. I'd fallen in love with story-telling and it filled my soul in a way that nothing ever had (even if it didn't fill my wallet! lol).

What it did at the time was completely exceed all my expectations! YOU'VE all completely exceeded my expectations!!

And I hope you know how thankful and appreciative I am for it.

Over on my facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/TheRealJSterling  and on my Instagram (name = RealJennster) I'm having separate giveaways. You can win Signed Paperback's of The Perfect Game! And also The Perfect Game doodles by Dooodles by Christina (starting on Friday, the actual anniversary date!!! so make sure you check into each site tomorrow)  :)

It's the least I can do thank all of you for being life changers. The contests are open internationally.

I love you guys!  Thank you so much for your continued love, support, encouragement and general excitement around everything i'm working on. I have THE BEST READERS EVER!  :) 

I'd love to hear any comments you want to share with me. I'm all choked up over this anniversary and I don't want to be the only one emotional here. lol 

Updated Appearances!

Hey all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've updated the APPEARANCES tab with my 2014 travel schedule!  Please note that it is subject to change, but I always keep it updated as accurately as possible. (FYI- Houston month/day may move to a later date)

You might notice that the New Orleans signing is now missing from my dates. Unfortunately, I had to pull out of that signing simply due to edit deadlines and conflicts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting you guys, but with all the travel I did so far this year, I've realized that my writing suffers. And I can't have that. So I had to pull out and I'm really sorry. If you were planning on attending, I hope that we can meet some other time. Hug yourself from me. That was cheesy, but I meant it.  lol  :)

As far as the rest of this year is concerned, I have LONDON in November and then i'm done for the year!  I also have some really exciting news coming up, so stay tuned!!!!! 

Thanks again for everything you do. I f'n love you. More than you love jack f'n carter.  and that's A LOT.  :)


Chance Encounters SALE on all platforms! 2 days only!

With each book signing I attend, I'm reminded that you all don't really realize that I wrote anything before The Perfect Game. Trust me. I get it. It's hard to imagine anyone other than JACK F'N CARTER!   :)

But I did.  I wrote TWO books before I wrote TPG.

And I barely ever (not even a handful of times) have put Chance Encounters on sale. But today I did. And it will be .99 cents for the next 48 hours ONLY! 

This is a story about following your heart...especially when it's the hardest thing to do. It's a story about a girl who has to make those tough choices after a chance meeting... a girl who thought she was perfectly happy and content with the path her life was heading down.  Until she met Jackson Parks. He screwed it all up-  her head, her heart, her soul.  It's a story about finding yourself and of doing what's best for you, even when it may not be best for others. Sometimes other hearts have to break in order to keep yours intact. 

I hope you'll go read Caroline's story and fall in love a little.

If you share the post on my author page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheRealJSterling) you'll be automatically entered to win a signed paperback copy of the book! 

Here are the links!

Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/k5a2zop

Nook: http://tinyurl.com/mdnfbmu

IBooks: http://tinyurl.com/mxemgty

Happy Birthday Leah

The other day I posted one of my original blog posts about Sal Calabro. Today I want to introduce you to Leah Oliver, my birthday twin.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her just as much as I did.  xo

**Originally Posted in 2010**

Two years ago when I originally posted this, I was blessed to have Leah's dad Walter stop by the blog and comment on it. *waves hi to Walter*  Walter, your comment touched me. The fact that you found this blog about your daughter and took the time to talk to me, a stranger.... I can't tell you how much it meant to me.  Thank you for having the strength.

He also alerted me to a couple newer articles about Leah. They're quite beautiful, so I'm sharing them here.


Happy Birthday Leah. I wish you were still here to celebrate, my birthday twin. xo  and Walter, if you find this blog again this year-  give yourself a hug from me. A big one.


When I first participated in dc roe's 2996 challenge, I got to learn about a brave firefighter named Sal calabro. it was truly my pleasure to honor him, get to know him, and write about him. i was grateful for the project because it introduced me to someone I wouldn't have known otherwise. on that day when so many of our lives were changed forever, he was a hero. and he paid the ultimate price. i can't believe his family has had to live these past 8 years without him. it breaks my heart.

When dc sent out the email that he was doing the project again, I signed up without hesitation. and this time, I got Leah E. Oliver.

The first thing I noticed about Leah was that we shared the same birthday. September 12th... the day after "the day." I stopped for a moment before I read any further about her to just kind of appreciate the randomness (and not so randomness) of it all. What was the likelihood that the person I would get to write about would share the same birthday as me?

The more I read about Leah, the more I found myself smiling and thinking that we would have totally been friends. Everyone said the same things about her. How warm she was... her amazing smile.. she made everyone feel welcome.. she was always positive and smiling and happy. Everyone who knew her talked about how much they loved her and her laugh. What a great way to be remembered.... always happy. I can only hope to be so lucky.

Leah Oliver

I don't think you'd guess by this gorgeous picture of her, but she loved to go on motorcycle rides with her dad. A passion that they shared with one another. There is a memorial page up for Leah where her father has written the sweetest most heartbreaking letter to his only daughter. the following is part of what he wrote:

"Life is about not knowing. Surely the last few weeks have proved that to all of us. But bringing Leah into this world is one thing I know for certain I’ve done absolutely right in my life. I love all my children equally, and I’m equally proud of each of them. Leah was just that little bit special because she was my first. As oldest children often do, Leah marched through life with a sense of purpose, determined to be successful. And she exceeded my expectations all along the way."

Leah grew up in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and went to college at Columbia university. it seems like Leah's life was just getting started. She had a new boyfriend (in an old friend) and had recently started working at Marsh & McLennan in the world trade center. She couldn't wait to show her mom the view from the 96th floor.
The 96th floor.
I guess you can only imagine how and why she didn't make it out that day. She loved her co-workers and felt like she had the job of her dreams. Things were falling into place for this 24 year old.


Never to turn 25 because the following day would not come for her.

She left behind so many family members who miss her. A boyfriend who has had to move on without her when he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. It's hard for me to write about someone who was so young and whose life was just getting started. Because you read about the person they were and you want so much more for them. You know how much they could have had and then you get angry that all of that was taken away. Imagine how I'd feel if I had the pleasure to actually know Leah in real life??

September 11th still hurts. Sometimes I think I'm ready to deal with certain aspects of it. Like a TV special about 9/11 will be on and I'll record it so that I can watch it later at my own pace. But then I'll go to turn it on, and within the first 30 seconds, I'm already in tears and I can't take it. I'm not ready. It's still too raw. And it's been 8 years. and I didn't even know anyone who lost their life that day personally. (i know people who knew people) It wasn't right. It wasn't fair. And it breaks my heart to know how much my life has changed since that day, and I wasn't even directly affected. So many other people have had to live each day since without their loved ones in their life. And all I can say is that I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that Sal's boys have had to grow up with only a memory for a father. I'm so sorry that Leah's family has to go on without her. I'm sorry she never got to have her 25th birthday. but I can promise you that I will forever think of her on our day from here on out.

there is a scholarship set up in her name... there are tributes to her where you can read more about her. I wish I could have known her.. but I'm glad this project introduced me to her. And now to you.