Giveaways and Surprises- Oh My! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Giveaways and Surprises- Oh My!

I'm the featured author over at Brandee's Book Endings for the whole week!!!!  I'm late in telling you.  LOL

You can win one of two SIGNED paperback's of The Perfect Game RIGHT NOW!  Head on over to her website or her facebook page for details on how to enter!  I'd tell you, but I have NO CLUE what she's making my kittens do for this stuff!  lol  :)

There will be interviews.

There might be more GAME CHANGER teasers.

There might be other cool stuff in the works, but I can't tell you. Because you have to follow along all week! 



So head on over to Brandee's... show her some love by "liking" her facebook page.  And don't forget to enter to win a paperback of TPG!!!  WEEEEEEEEEE!  :)


back to the writing cave.  it's coming along everyone...   :)

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