Just to clear some stuff up - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Just to clear some stuff up

I get a lot of emails everyday that ask a lot of the same questions, so i'm going to try to address them here.  :) 

1- Before the Dreams (the follow up to In Dreams)
This book was SUPPOSED to be released in the Fall of 2012.  I think you can all guess WHAT book I actually released in the Fall of '12. ha! BTD got put on the back burner to The Perfect Game. It's halfway written and I will attempt to finish it and release it by the end of this year. I know, I know, I totally suck and I know y'all have been waiting FOREVER for me to write it and I apologize. I can only write one book at a time and I'm really sorry for the wait. I will of course update everyone on any and all new releases as they're written!  At least I didn't leave you on a cliffhanger, right?!  This is just another example of a book I wrote that I had no intention of writing another-  I am sensing a theme here.  lol 

2- The Game Changer
No matter how many times I seem to post about this, I still get tons of emails, posts, etc asking the same question. :)  I DO NOT have a firm release date for TGC right now. I am literally in the middle of writing and working on it as we speak. It's nowhere near done.  Sorry, but that's the truth.  I will post a release date as soon as I feel comfortable that it's a date I can make! The last thing I want to do is post a date and then push it back and push it back again.  I know how much that sucks (ahem, see post #1).

3- Goodreads
I need to address something about goodreads so that i've said it... I don't go there much. I think it's because I had such a rough time when I released my debut novel that I ended up with nothing but hurt feelings and icky emotions. So I try to avoid Goodreads for my sanity and keep in mind that it truly is an awesome place for readers, and not really for authors (unless all the readers love you then it's freaking amazing). So if you need a timely response to something, I wouldn't email me there. Honestly, I rarely (if ever) check my goodreads emails. I do click through the friend requests, but then I hop right back off in order to avoid reading something about how much I suck that will make me want to cry.  lol  :)

4- You want to write a book
I'm really excited that so many of you want to write your own books. I think that's great!!! fantastic!!! and wonderful!!! Truly, I do!  But I can't even begin to tell you the sheer number of emails I get in regards to helping you write your books, give you advice, answer questions, how do you go about doing it, how do I do it, how do you self publish, will I read your book, etc. I'm happy to help anyone when I can, but my time is extremely limited at this point and it's very hard to answer all these questions when I need to write my own book.  (does that sound horrible and shitty?!  i hate sounding horrible and shitty)  But that's why I created the FAQ page on this website-  I put a lot of advice and help for all you debut writers out there.  So if you want to write a book and you have lots of questions, go there first!  :) 

5- Will I be in Las Vegas, or Boston, or Florida?
I've recently added an APPEARANCES page on my website so that you can see all the scheduled appearances I have coming up!  If i'm going to be there, it will be on that page!  And if you live anywhere near, you better come see me.  :)

I think that's it for now. I hope this has helped clear up some of the confusion...  I love y'all and am so thankful for you!  :)


  1. Very well put! I agree Jenn about Goodreads, love it because I discover so many different books of different genres, but I don't appreciate the author bashing that I have read. I don't think it's cool for others to tell people not to read a book because the author sucks or whatever. Review the book but don't bash anyone. That's not cool in my book. Can't wait to see you in Vegas!!!

  2. boooo haters! Ms Jenn ROCKS! :)

  3. Thanks for being honest gal! Sometimes (although my predictive text just put submarines which is way cooler and I really wanted to leave it but that would be nuts) I wonder if people forget you're only human and ONE person at that! Keep doing what you're doing ... You're fantastic regardless.

  4. Anonymous8:09 PM

    NOW you are going to FL??? JC

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Thanks for the information Jenn.

    I'm new to reading your books...TPG is my first book. The Game Changer cover is beautiful and sad. I love the background of NYC. I live in NY :o)