My Heart is Made of... - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

My Heart is Made of...

My <3 is not made up of $$'s.

If you were to take my heart out of my chest and hold it to your ear, you would not hear the sound of coins jingling around the sides. Nor would you hear the crumpled sound of paper dollar bills brushing up against the edges.


If you held my heart up to your ear, you would hear the sound of my Love, my Joy, my Pain, my Heartache, my Heartbreak, my Success, my Failure, my Triumphs, my Laughter, my Tears, my Hurt, my Losses, my Past, my Future, my Words, my Hopes, my Dreams...

My heart is missing pieces of itself that I've lost along the way. Some i've given freely. Some i've wanted back. But it's my heart, my journey and I wouldn't change a thing.

Every story I write is a piece of myself that I choose to share with anyone who chooses to read it.  I write FROM the heart, WITH my heart.

It's just who I am.

And dear readers, I can promise you this:  I will never write for the money. I wouldn't even know where to start. 


I love and appreciate it every single one of you. Thank you for being the raddest freaking readers on earth.  :)


  1. Love this. Love you. :)

    1. when are we meeting in real life so i can be mad at how pretty you are, but want to take 10010021920 pictures with you anyway?! :) xoxo

  2. YOU are welcome.. THANK YOU for being so damn AWESOME to read ;)

  3. And that is why we love you so much Jenn! <3 Writing from the heart is the best way to write and you do is perfectly! ;)

  4. Love you Jenn! Don't let anyone try to get you down. We know who you are and won't let anybody tell us any different! You are awesome!

  5. I just want to say...You are my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with all of us. :)

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I <3 you!! Great post!!! In light of everything, I really appreciated it =)

  7. Thanks for sharing everything with your reader. I'm not aure what's going on in the litetary world but it just seems like a lot of jealous people. Keep writing and i will keep reading. Thanks again for sharing stories i tell everyone i know they should read them.

  8. Anonymous12:05 PM

    So kind and thoughtful of you to take time out and write a nice note to yoru fans. Can't wait to read "The Game Changer"--publishing this anonymously as I forgot my google account :)

  9. Jenn, I heart your heart! I hope all authors are as awesome as you!

  10. have to be honest, I cried a little!

  11. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I love your true heart! I am so glad I stumbled on such a great author and am looking forward to many more books!! Keep on keepin' on!!

  12. Celeste11:34 AM

    You my friend are all heart. That is why I love and cherish you so VERY much. Continue being as genuine and true as you already are.

  13. Melodie12:09 PM

    You're such a sweetheart ! I really wish I could live in the US ! And I can't wait to read the game changer ! I need more of Jack and Kitten !