March 2013 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

You Can Pre Order The Game Changer

Amazon has the pre order link live for THE GAME CHANGER.  Please remember that this book is a follow up story to The Perfect Game.  :)

So basically, it's MORE Jack F'n Carter!  And Cassie!  And Dean!  And Melissa! 

And it comes out on JUNE 25th!!!!

I'm really freaking excited. And nervous.  It's true. 

Alright, the pre order link.  Here it is for the US!  :)

In the UK:

On all other Amazon sites, please search "The Game Changer J. Sterling" to pull up the correct book and pre-order link. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support and all around general awesomeness. 

YES i'm Rewriting In Dreams (again)


This is not the first time I've edited, or messed with, this book. But it will be the last. I promise.

Why am I doing this (A-G-A-I-N), you ask?


That's not a good enough answer, is it?  :) 

Because the story isn't done. There is another book that goes along with this one. It takes place in a past life where we learn more about how the characters are connected and how our lives intertwine with certain other people's lives.

And if I expect people to read that follow up book, they have to read this book first.

And since In Dreams was my debut novel, it's simply not written that well. Don't get me wrong... I ADORE THE STORY!  That story is my freaking heart and soul right there. But I've learned so much since I started writing- I've grown in such a short amount of time- that I'd like to go through and polish it up.

I want to feel really good about all the books I have out there. Since The Perfect Game has gotten so much recognition, people are scooping up my backlist (In Dreams and Chance Encounters) and I want them to enjoy what I've written.

I simply don't think you guys can love In Dreams the way I do until I give it a thorough once last time.  :)

So that's what i'm doing.  Going through it, adding details and descriptions, tightening up the writing, the points of view, EVERYTHING, to make it a more cohesive and better story that's more enjoyable to read.  Phew, that was one long run-on sentence. lol

I hope you understand that I simply want the best for you, my readers. Thank you for being so patient, understanding and encouraging. I'll let you know as soon as it's ready to go!  And then i'll get to work on finishing up Before the Dreams since i'll already be in the character's heads. 

In the meantime, we can all countdown to more JACK F'N CARTER!!!!

JUNE 25th, KITTENS!!!!!! 


Boston 2013 Recap With Photos!

So.. I'm back from Boston and well...

I'm exhausted!!!!

Boston was great! 
Really, mother f'n COLD! 

And I was INSIDE!  lol

First of all, I need to THANK all of you who stood outside for literally hours on end to wait your turn to come inside and meet us. I can only hope that you maybe made new friends with the people in front and behind you and made the outdoor experience fun in some way. Maybe you took pictures of guys abs?! Maybe you yelled "VAGINA" at strangers driving by in their cars?! Or maybe that only happened on Saturday night? lol

Have you seen the video of the line? It's pretty amazing. You're all pretty freaking amazing.!/photo.php?v=10200820626068141

Also, I heard that people were turned away from standing in line and didn't get to come in at all, but I haven't seen that online anywhere. Did that really happen? Because I'm telling you that all the other authors and myself were fully willing and prepared to head outside in the cold with y'all and sign your books. Personally, it hurts my heart to think that people planned to come and didn't get in. Maybe it was all a rumor. I'm sincerely hoping so.

So, while in Boston a group of us decided it would be a good idea to take a talking historical tour of the city. Um, first mistake...trying to keep a group of rowdy authors and their friends quiet during a TALKING tour.  Apparently we're a bunch of "dicks." At least that's what we were told.

Dicks in action:

Me and Tara Sivec aren't dicks. We're just silly. Although in Tara's books, those two words sorta go hand in hand. Maybe once we were called dicks, we all should have started talking in Pirate speak?! Arrrr matey, we're a buncha dicks arrrr! (read seduction & snacks people) Ps- tara, what the hell are you cupping in this pic?!  My ribs?

Do you read C&C book blog?!  Well it's run by this here gorgeous and amazing person, Christina. She's crazy, which only makes me love her more honestly.

I got to meet so many of you on Saturday that I knew from facebook, instagram and twitter. That was super fun for me!  I freaking love you guys!  And really, y'all give me the COOLEST dang gifts!!!  Thank you so much to Pushy Girl Paintings for bringing me this one of a kind painted baseball!  I adore it.

And I also got this awesome mug filled with chocolate quarters and chocololate baseballs. It was so rad!  Thank you Candice for doing that!  I love it.  :)

How are your favorite authors in real life?
Pretty damn cool, I must admit.

I mean, I've always been in love with Tarryn Fisher (my angsty little nymph):

And Rebecca Donovan (my real life fairy- she just hides her wings):

But this time I got to meet and fall in love with people like Kyla Linde (I sort of want to turn this picture of her into a christmas ornament and hang her on my tree)! 

And Jessica Park!

And Katie Ashley!

And so many other people who were simply awesome!!  It's so cool when an amazingly talented and creative group of women can be in one room together and all get along.

I have some crazy story to tell y'all about the drunk guy named Soup who almost got his ass kicked by Sterling, but i'm tired. Maybe tomorrow (definitely not tomorrow).  lol 

I'll leave you with the shirt I wore in Boston.  Loving some Jack F'n Carter.  :)  <3

Thank you again to everyone who came out! You made the whole day worth it. You're the best group of freaking readers I could ever ask for. Thanks for always making me feel so good about what I do (and WHO I do it for).  Love y'all.  Hard.  :)

Ps- if you were in boston and you posted a recap, link it in the comments! I'd love to read them all if I can!!  :)

The Game Changer Release Date Official Announcement!

You have been waiting for sooooooooooooo long to hear this, right?!  I am sorry that it's taken me forever to announce this, but as these things tend to go, publishing deals take time and there are contracts and points and things to go over and deadlines to meet, etc. 

Did I say publishing deal?




The Perfect Game and The Game Changer will be published by Amazon Publishing in New York!  I am SUPER excited (and super scared).  lol Okay, i'm not really super scared.  I'm way more excited!!!!

As long as we meet all of our production deadlines, etc...

THE GAME CHANGER will be released on

JUNE 25, 2013

Which means that it will be released in time for Book Bash in Orlando and I WILL have paperback copies there for sale!!!!

So to celebrate this awesome announcement, The Perfect Game is on sale for .99 !

Go meet Jack and Cassie and get ready for the next installment of their relationship (which I truly hope you'll LOVE)!

Questions and answers:
Does this mean that TGC and TPG will no longer be available as an e-book on Itunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc?
Yes. Unfortunately at this time, once June 25th hits, TPG and TGC will only be available as an e-book on Amazon.

So how will I be able to read it then?
You can either order a paperback copy (which should be available on all sites), or you can download the kindle app on your Ipad, PC, phone, etc and purchase the kindle version to read. I really am sorry about that.

Will your other books be amazon exclusive?
No. My other two books will remain available on all sites and on all platforms.