April 2013 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

I'm coming... to your city!


Only if you live in the cities i'm coming to that is. Cause if you don't, then I guess i'm not coming there. Which means this whole post is like false advertising in a way, right?  I suck. :/

Alright.. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE'RE ALREADY HALFWAY THROUGH APRIL?!?!!  Good lord people... Time. Simple. Flies. 

I want you all to know how much fun I've been having at all of our book signings lately. 
Look!  It's Molly McAdams, Jillian Dodd, Me and Cora Carmack!  It was my first time meeting Molly and Cora-and let me tell you.. they are just as awesome as you think they are!!!  :)

Jillian is always my partner in crime during these events, so this picture really shouldn't shock you. What should shock you is the SIZE OF THIS FREAKING COTTON CANDY!  I MEAN, RIGHT?!?!?!?!

As much as I love my fellow authors (and believe me when I tell you that I DO), you readers are the whole reason why we do this in the first place. Why we set up these meet and greets and fly across the country to see you. I, for one, appreciate you so much.  And I flipping LOVE meeting you all! You're amazing.  Thank you for always coming out, waiting in long lines and then being so excited to meet us. I swear i'm just as excited as you are!!  :) 

You let me work out my thigh muscles so that I can be the same height as you in all our pics together!

And  you let me throw your head into my non existent boobs just for funsies!

You also bring flat people for me to molest!  Which is fun for the whole family folks!  *swoon* Flat Fred *swoon*

Truth is, I really enjoy meeting you guys. I love hearing how much you love the stories I write, how in love with Jack F'n Carter y'all are, how you are dying for the next book, etc etc.  You make me feel SO GOOD about what I do! 

SO THANK YOU!!!!  :)

And to everyone else- here's what's coming up for the rest of the year!  So if you can get there, COME! 

June 29th- ORLANDO
August 17th- LAS VEGAS
September 14th- PHOENIX
Also in September, i'm trying to decide between Seattle and Dallas- HELP!!!!
November 9th- LONDON

And in 2014 i'm hoping to get to:
San Diego
Chicago (again)
New York
and we'll see where else we end up!  OOOH, suggestions in the comments might be a good idea!  Could help me plan where you all are?!

Yeah, let's do that!  Comment where you want us to come next year (I say us because um.. I don't travel alone. I bring my friends. lol)


Countdown to The Game Changer and a Giveaway!

The Game Changer is coming out in two months people!  TWO! MONTHS! I know you all hate waiting, but it will fly by and be here before you know it and then we'll all be sad that we aren't looking forward to it anymore. Right?!  That's how I felt about Reckless by S.C. Stephens!  Counting down like crazy... waiting, waiting, waiting.. and then BOOM!
It was here.
And now it's gone.
And it's sad. 
(I love you Shannon)

Anyway, I've started celebrating!  Why?  Because i'm really freaking excited! :) And I also want to showcase some talent I've come across since writing The Perfect Game (I love supporting people who are working hard to create their own businesses and become their own boss! You go girls)!  :) 

The first rule of business? I've put TPG on sale for .99 cents for this weekend only (April 12-14)!  Let's get some hype going for the next book!!!!  WOO HOO!!!  See? I told you I was excited.  lol

To share in all the fun, I've decided to have a giveaway. There is a rafflecopter thingy - mabob at the end of this post where you can tweet, facebook, gift a copy of TPG to your friend, pre-order the game changer, like Bzbisdakbiz (that's who made the prizes) on Facebook,  etc. 

And then you'll be entered to win 1 of 4 prizes!  There are FOUR winners total (maybe more if I go crazy by Monday morning).  You can win:

A Perfect Game Inspired Keychain!  I have this on my keys and I freaking LOVE it!  And everyone who sees it thinks it's the cutest thing ever!!!
A Perfect Game Inspired Charm Bracelet. It's so cool, with all sorts of charms to represent Jack & Cassie individually, as well as together.  <3 this!

A "Kitten" Necklace inspired by Cassie's nickname given to her by Jack F'n Carter.  :)  Too cute!

And This one is new!!!!  This is the first time i'm seeing it and I love it!  It's so cool!!  Pandora bracelet inspired by The Perfect Game!  This is awesome.  :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Links to TPG:


Links to TGC Pre-Order:


Per usual- thank you so much everyone for your support and general, all around awesomeness!  I freaking adore you!  :)

I am nominated!

So apparently i'm nominated and yeah, i'm posting about it!  Why? 

#1- Because I think it's pretty freaking cool to be nominated for any category, let alone THREE of them!  :) 

And #2- Do you see the company i'm in?  Um, AMAZING!

So you should all go here.

And then you should vote for your favorites!

I'm nominated in the following categories:
Best Friend to Readers

Best Indie Author of the Year (seriously?!!!  HUMBLED!!!)

And Best Indie Contemporary Romance for The Perfect Game
(Personally, i'm voting for The Mighty Storm in that category... wouldn't blame you if you did the same. lol)

Make sure you read the other categories and vote in there as well... Like your favorite blog, Best Indie Paranormal, Best Indie Book Cover (Wander Dust by Michelle Warren anyone? I think yes!), etc.

So, thank you to everyone who nominated me...you're freaking amazing. Even if I get my ass kicked, I don't care.  I'm having fun!  :)